Day: January 31, 2019

Price Dropping for Print Book Already — $2.30 off regular price

Amazon drops the price of books that are selling well to encourage even greater sales. Rebooting the Bible has already moved up to #12 in Historical Theology and #52 in Apologetics. You can now buy Rebooting the Bible for $20.66 instead of the regular price of $22.95. The Kindle Version is $9.99.  For Kindle Unlimited […]

Is Military Action in Venezuela Likely?

Is Military Action in Venezuela Likely?

THE U.S. APPOINTED A NEW PRESIDENT FOR VENEZUELA, OVERRIDING DEMOCRATIC ELECTIONS. Was this action essential for U.S. national security interests? The stunning move last week of President Trump directly interfering in the sovereign state affairs of Venezuela (VZ) struck many as a typical U.S. tradition of dominating “banana republics” south of our border.  Why did […]