AFTER THE RAPTURE: Does the Church Still Have a Mission on the Earth?

The following article co-authored by Gary Huffman and myself was published in the August 2017 edition of The Prophecy in the News Magazine.  It is drawn from our new bestselling book, THE REVEALING:  UNLOCKING THE HIDDEN SECRETS ON THE GLORIFICATION OF GOD’S CHILDREN.  

In the book, we propose a very different scenario for what happens AFTER the Rapture.  Instead of just “going to heaven” to be with the “Lord” and with loved ones that have gone before us, we still have an assignment.  Our brothers and sisters from Judah, from Israel, and the remnant living around the world are still at great risk.  And they do not know the savior.

Armed with ideas originating from a series of great teachers who stood in the pulpit for the last 120 years, especially from a book by the late Pastor Ray Stedman (What on Earth is Happening?), Gary and I ask our readers (and the prophecy community) to consider a different take on what happens AFTER the Rapture.  This article provides a summary of our position in this respect.

Page 1 “After the Rapture”
Page 2 “After the Rapture”
Page 3 “After the Rapture”

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