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American Requiem: Why the USA Falls in the Last Days

Here is the FOREWORD by my new friend and partner in a ministry we will be announcing soon, BATTLE READY MINISTRIES.  My friend is Col. David J. Giammona, US ARMY, Ret.  The Colonel was the head of all chaplains worldwide for the US ARMY – a very big assignment.  Also included is the Table of Contents so you can get a good idea what is covered in the new book.  In short, it is an argument for why the United States is the mysterious character, THE DAUGHTER OF BABYLON, presented in several notable Old Testament prophecies, but more notably in Jeremiah 50-51. As such, I discuss why and how the USA falls in the last days – which may be very soon now.


Col. David J. Giammona, US Army, Ret.

There are few books today that are as relevant and as timely as S. Douglas Woodward’s American Requiem: Why the US Falls in the Last Days. This book takes a hard and realistic biblical look at the conditions that lead up to the US’collapse in the end times, making way for the coming Antichrist and his one-world government.

Nobody knows all the nuances of the end times and what is really going to happen; however, Doug makes a great case through his rigorous scholarship and in-depth analysis. Clearly, we need to be about what our Lord commanded us in Matthew 26:41: “Watch and pray.” This book will make that mandate ring in your ears.

Douglas Woodward is a man I personally admire and a man we need to listen to with rapt attention. He has that unique gifting in all the right areas that few today possess. He has decades of experience in researching, writing, and teaching on many relevant biblical subjects with a particular emphasis upon America’s place in Bible prophecy. His credentials are many: Doug is a frequent guest on radio and television programs addressing current issues from a biblical perspective. He has authored twenty books, has over forty years under his belt as an entrepreneur and executive in the business world with Fortune 100 companies, and possesses the unique ability to put all those experiences and lessons learned together in this, his latest work. Given the insightful thoughts and incisive quotes all through the book, you will learn much. Even more—you will be challenged.

A couple of examples come to mind:  First, Woodward includes a quotation of Lord Byron, who said, “Civilization goes like this: First freedom, and then glory, and then wealth, and then vice, and then corruption, and then barbarism, and then collapse.” Given Bryon’s lifecycle of civilizations, it seems evident where the US lies in this lifecycle. No doubt, Americans—especially believers—need to keep this warning utmost in our minds.

Secondly, near the end of the book, Woodward summarizes our predicament in a concise but authoritative way:

The Kingdom of God stands is the only hope for our world. This does not mean that there is no hope for change until Christ returns. Substantial change can occur, but only with dramatic differences in what should rightly motivate most people, those in key positions that have the power to force real change in society. Believing in a purely humanist ideal—whether it be described as ‘the audacity of hope,’ ‘hope we can believe in,’ or realizing the ‘divinity of human beings’ (e.g., the new-age gospel)—these are all destined to fail. Secular Humanism, based upon an unrealistic view of goodness in people, has never worked before and it never will.

His assertion underscores the crux of the matter. For me, it constitutes the book’s centerpiece. No nation in history, except perhaps Israel, stood the test of time without succumbing to the inevitable cultural decline of humanity’s Kingdom. Man, after the fall, never recovered his dominion and leadership over this planet.

As great as she has been for the proclamation of the Gospel and bringing the idea of liberty and freedom to the world, America was never sufficient to be the world’s savior. There is only one Savior, and He is returning soon to set up His kingdom that shall never end. American Requiem puts this reality in perspective for me. I trust it will for you too. Enjoy the book.

Col. David J. Giammona

 Col. David Giammona is an author, writer, and speaker, Chaplain (COL) Giammona retired in June 2018 after 32 years of military service in the Army. His last assignment was the Installation Management Command (IMCOM) Chaplain, San Antonio, TX, where he was responsible for religious support on all 75 Army installations around the world. Giammona is an ordained Assembly of God minister since 1988. He is a native of Sacramento, CA. His education includes a Master of Divinity, Golden Gate Baptist Seminary; Master of Science in Counseling – Marriage/Family Therapy, Columbus State University, and a Master of Strategic Studies (MSS), Army War College. Learn more at




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