An Update on My Wife Donna

It has been a long and difficult time over the past six months. But Donna is doing well, all in all. The health issues have played havoc with my ability to churn out materials for my audience.  I am sorry I have been offline and out of touch.  That is soon to change.

(The picture is from a few of years ago with my wife Donna and our daughter Corinne. Can you see any resemblance?)

So that you know, Donna has not fully recovered the vision in her right eye. It may require a full cornea transplant – a partial one was done in July. Until it completely heals, we can’t proceed to the next step. So, Donna is being very patient, living with blurry sight in one eye.  A few months ago, she had no sight in the eye, so this is encouraging.

And now, the reports from the doctors are good, so we are quite optimistic that things will work out well in the end.

Donna and I appreciate everyone’s prayers and kind words. There is no doubt that these were beneficial to us, and the LORD was moved in response to them.

Many new things are ready to come out in the next few days regarding my ministry: a new website, new DVDs, key interviews with the team at Prophecy Watchers, and a commitment on my part to begin once again to blog consistently, several times during the week.  Shorter blogs, but more of them. I’m also hopeful to kick off interviews and other videos at my YouTube site, although I need to diversity those and place them on Rumble too.  YouTube is too subject to censorship. I’m planning on speaking my mind on things and so my Facebook account may disappear along with my YouTube account. Facebook is not what it used to be.  I have over 5,000 followers, but I have next to no way to reach them through ‘push’ means. The investment I’ve made to build up the audience hasn’t paid off to any meaningful extent.

Youtube subscriptions have grown despite next to no activity on my part.  I’m up to almost 2,700 subscribers.

The new website will supply more opportunities for me to communicate directly with my subscribers and customers. I’m very excited to share this with you after a few more features are added and tested.  It is a giant step forward, as you will soon see.

Blessings to you all. We will stay in touch moving forward.

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