My new book, Lying Wonders of the Red Planet:  Exposing the Lie of Ancient Aliens, will be available on Amazon Saturday, January 17th. Here is a little preview:  the foreword by L.A. Marzulli.  Hope you enjoy it and alert your friends that might be interested.  I will post the link as will first be ONLY available in the CreateSpace store. 

by L.A. Marzulli

S. Douglas Woodward’s new book, Lying Wonders of the Red Planet, is a must read and here’s why.  Woodward manages to cram an incredible amount of vital information between the covers of this book. He hits key aspects of most every important topic regarding the burgeoning UFO phenomena in what may become a researcher’s go-to guide for UFOs, ET and whether intelligent life ever existed (or exists today!) on Mars.

You’ll be intrigued and informed as Woodward weaves a spellbinding web touching subjects like Wernher von Braun’s link to Walk Disney, the connection between the great pyramids of Giza and the pyramids on Mars, an ongoing cover-up by NASA regarding ET, and how Darwinian evolution jumps to hyper-space in an atheistic, naturalistic attempt to explain life’s origin! Woodward posits that if ET travelled millions of miles to get here, “Why doesn’t he give us the cure to cancer instead of telling us Jesus really wasn’t God?”  His arguments stand out in the same ballpark with famed UFO researcher Jacques Vallée, that these entities—wherever they are from and whoever they are—seem to be aligned more closely with demonic entities we encounter throughout the Bible than anything from outer space.

Lying Wonders will also take you into the dark world of the occult workings of Jack Parsons and the satanic rituals he performed in order to open a gateway or portal for the people of earth into what I call the second heaven (the dwelling place of the Fallen Angels).  Did “opening” this demonic gateway act as a springboard for UFO phenomena?  Likewise, are people entering into altered states of consciousness to make contact with so-called ET entities?  If so, then does this shatter the myth that these entities are from somewhere else in the universe?  Or does it just reinforce the concept that they are, in fact, inter-dimensional and not really from the stars and planets nearby?

Lying Wonders reveals the fascination of our forebears with the possibility of life on Mars, going back to before the twentieth century, and how this captured the public’s imagination, even though the so-called “canals” (first discovered by Pietro Secchi in the 1870s) were barely more than lines on a sketchpad. He reintroduces us to astronomers Percival Lowell and Camille Flammarion and their penchant for the paranormal. Woodward reminds us of the forgotten radio chatter between Tesla, Marconi and “the Martians” in 1901 leading up to the irrational panic of listeners to Orson Welles’ broadcast of War of the Worlds in 1938.

He then leaps forward to present day and reveals what Vatican astronomers like Jose Funes have been up to as they seemingly embrace ET as “our space brother!”  Next, he updates the ongoing fight between the experts concerning what NASA’s Mars photographs tell us about supposed “artifacts” on the Red Planet. He explores the meaning of ancient megalithic structures from across the globe like Peru’s Puma Punku, and Turkey’s Göbekli Tepe questioning whether they bespeak advanced technologies in the same vein as what researcher Richard C. Hoagland conjectures exist with the “monuments of Mars” at Cydonia.  And then he recaps the amazing biblical assessment of the late David Flynn.

So what lies at the bottom of this dark well of Orwellian drama? The idea that ET created intelligent life on this planet—that the human race was genetically manipulated by extraterrestrials for their purposes, and that we owe civilization itself to ET’s initiative.  And now, at this critical juncture, they stand ready to return, to usher in a time of peace, prosperity and enlightenment—a new golden age for humankind—what Woodward and I unashamedly declare constitutes The Coming Great Deception!

You’re in for quite a ride, so dig in. And after you’ve finished the final page, I’m sure you’ll want to keep your night light on!

L. A. Marzulli

Author, Lecturer, and Host of The Watchers!







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