We are most pleased with the tremendous support we continue to experience at Prophecy in the News, from Bob Ulrich and Gary Stearman.  The October Magazine featured The Final Babylon, both in advertising for the book and especially Bob’s fine book review.  Bob often expresses unfounded doubts to me (Woodward) about his writing skill.  Balderdash!  He is a superb communicator.  Please enjoy his review.  [Click on the Magazine cover to view a portion of the October Magazine (i.e., the digital version).]PitN Oct 2013

The Final Babylon 

By S. Douglas Woodward, Douglas Krieger & Dene McGriff

Book review by Bob Ulrich

READER BEWARE!  Doug Woodward’s new book, The Final Babylon, could seriously alter your traditional interpretation of some long-held prophetic traditions! As we wait impatiently for Europe to rise to power and produce the long-awaited Antichrist, the EU flounders in debt, restructurings, and the threat of total insolvency. Nations like Greece, Portugal, Italy and Spain are sinking into the Mediterranean with no hope in sight, while the rest of the EU isn’t far behind. Europe’s chances of birthing the Antichrist get slimmer every day.

The nation that continues to rule the world with a giant sledgehammer is the good old U.S.A. America is the world’s richest and most powerful nation and we have a military that dwarfs the rest of the world in every imaginable way. Financially, thanks to new fracking technology, we may soon tell Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Arab states to keep their oil as we pay off our massive national debt! According to Woodward and friends, America could soon become a financial boomtown! But here’s Doug’s flip side—America could also easily be identified as the Babylon of the Bible and may very well produce the Antichrist and be destined for complete destruction! And boy does he paint a convincing picture.

The collective efforts of authors Woodward, Douglas Krieger and Dene McGriff have The Final Babylon: America and the Coming of Antichrist on its way to the best-seller list. It challenges the old prophetic guard, a dangerous undertaking if it’s done in the wrong spirit. It would be worth your time to consider their observations and draw your own conclusions.

I see pieces of Gary Stearman’s work on Mystery Babylon scattered throughout the book. J. R. Church was obviously a great influence on Doug’s work through Guardians of the Grail and Daniel Reveals the Bloodline of the Antichrist. Then there’s Tom Horn’s Apollyon 2012 book; the ground-breaking genius of David Flynn; and Chris Pinto’s studious research on the occult roots of America—all a part of Doug’s startling conclusions. America has not always been, nor is it at present the shining city on a hill, lighting the way for the rest of the world. The inside story of our Founding Fathers, and the esoteric plans of Francis Bacon to make America the “new Atlantis” shed a dark light on our country’s jaded and deceitful past.

As you might imagine, The Final Babylon is stirring up controversy.  Is America Babylon or perhaps the Daughter of Babylon? Will America provide the Antichrist with his platform of power? Is a financial collapse imminent, or is America too powerful to ride off into the Chinese sunset? Will we be destroyed in a nuclear confrontation with Russia or Iran? And is New York City the ultimate target—that great financial powerhouse that sits on many waters and reigns over the kings of the Earth?

Doug’s book is drawing rave reviews from some of the old-time Bible scholars who are looking at it and saying, “You know Doug, you might just be on to something here.” Woodward’s book took me down some forgotten paths previously traveled, jogging my memory banks to recall that J. R. Church made a suggestion 24 years ago in his book, Guardians of the Grail, that AMERICA fit the description of the biblical Babylon. J. R. was not alone in that thinking. Noah Hutchings of Southwest Radio Church wrote a book some years ago, The U. S. in Prophecy, where he detailed sixteen characteristics of the nation that fits the profile of Babylon, described in detail in Jeremiah 50 and 51, Isaiah 47, and Revelation 17-19. Woodward examines these attributes that all seem to chant USA!

Woodward  takes us back into his well-researched Power Quest: Book One and Power Quest: Book Two for some background information. After the fall of the Nazi regime, there was a desperate scramble for the mad scientists behind Hitler’s war machine. Who would get access to their advanced, forbidden technology first—Russia or America? Secret UFOs? The Hollow Earth? Genetic experiments? The creation of Superman? Why is Hitler’s Germany important anyway? Woodward lays out Hitler’s meteoric rise to power with the help of the evangelical church and asks the question, “Will Americans recognize the Antichrist when he arrives” or will they be lulled to sleep by his empty promises of peace and prosperity?

Then there’s the financial quagmire. According to the “experts” America is on the brink of insolvency, printing money as fast as the ink can dry. They say we’re manipulating the financial markets, borrowing heavily from China, sinking deeper and deeper into debt, welcoming even more debt through Obamacare and seeking new conflicts with Syria and Iran. So are we on the verge of great wealth and prosperity? Or total collapse? Woodward & friends have some surprising answers.

Along the way, the ex-Microsoft executive gives us some amazing lessons on world economics; the deceiving World Bank bailouts; the bizarre reasons for the collapse of Europe; the unspoken reason we removed Saddam Hussein from power; and the fascinating fight for the survival of the US Dollar. Woodward asks some strange questions. If America is insolvent and buried in debt, why does China keep lending us money? And if the whole world is a quadrillion dollars in debt how can anyone recover if no one can pay? Do the secret insiders have a plan? Restructuring?  Hyperinflation? Bankruptcy?  Anarchy? Does anyone have a recovery plan? One man likely will. After all, who can make war with the beast? And who will take his mark? That day draws closer.

The good news? The Final Babylon, Satan’s idea of a great Kingdom, will soon be destroyed by the King of Kings. It will be replaced by the Lord’s eternal Kingdom, the New Jerusalem, where we will spend our forever and ever!


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