Date: 11.16.1963 Title: Seamans, von Braun and President Kennedy at Cape Canaveral Description: Dr. Wernher von Braun explains the Saturn Launch System to President John F. Kennedy.
Date: 11.16.1963
Title: Seamans, von Braun and President Kennedy at Cape Canaveral
Description: Dr. Wernher von Braun explains the Saturn Launch System to President John F. Kennedy.

Are Flying Saucers Connected to the Assassination of JFK?

The intelligence connection to the UFO controversy plunge us ever deeper into mystery and intrigue.

Throughout Power Quest Book 2 (PQ,B2), I explore the intelligence angle on almost all the topics taken up.  Consequently (and undeniably), the possibility of disinformation looms large on almost every one of my chosen subjects.  Nevertheless, as the scope and depth of the study  conveys, the stunning linkages between the many astonishing issues seems, on their own account, to lend credibility to the conclusions offered.  For how can the coincidences be accidental when there are so many to mention and they reinforce one another?

Nowhere is this more evident than the links between the alleged conspirators portrayed in Oliver Stone’s award-winning movie, JFK (1991) [i] and America’s ‘first episode in its ongoing UFO adventure series’.  To pick up on this story line, we turn to author Alex Constantine’s discussion on CIA intelligence operations surrounding UFOs and their connection to John F. Kennedy’s destiny in Dallas.

Clay Shaw, a confirmed CIA operative by Congress, was indicted by James Garrison for the JFK Assassination
Clay Shaw, a confirmed CIA operative by Congress, was indicted by James Garrison for the JFK Assassination

Moviegoers will remember the odd and sometimes reprehensible characters portrayed in Stone’s telling of the story.  There was Clay Shaw, played by Tommy Lee Jones, who was indicted by New Orleans District Attorney James Garrison, played by Kevin Costner.  Shaw was the focus of Garrison’s ‘conspiracy to commit murder’ case.  There was also the ‘former FBI agent’ Guy Banister portrayed by Ed Asner, who supervised Lee Harvey Oswald during his New Orleans’ anti-communist activist days, the summer before the assassination. And of course, Oscar-nominated actor Gary Oldman’s Oswald captured that ‘deer-in-the-headlights’ moment when Oswald realized that he, at least in Stone’s account, was set up to be the fall guy in the assassination plot.

According to another researcher Constantine cites (author Paris Flammonde), a fateful meeting transpired years before Dallas, during World War II between this same Clay Shaw (who had been the wartime aide de camp to General Charles Thrasher) and two prominent Nazi-cum-American scientists.  After his service to Thrasher, Shaw became deputy chief of staff at a Nazi prisoner-of-war camp.  It was there Shaw met Werner von Braun and Walter Dornberger (who led the German V-2 program working with von Braun) along with 150 other Germany scientists who would soon be ushered out of Germany in the Nazi scientist migration scheme known as ‘Operation Paperclip’ (discussed in more detail in Power Quest Book 2, chapter 6).

Walter Dornberger, Project Director for the V2.
Walter Dornberger, Project Director for the V2.

Shaw maintained this relationship over the years “through their mutual connection with the Defense Industrial Security Command, or D.I.S.C., an operational arm of the counterespionage division of the FBI.”[ii]  And then we learn of the UFO connection when we least expect it. 

When Shaw was arrested by District Attorney Garrison years later in New Orleans, who should Shaw call but one infamous fellow named Fred Crisman? For those readers who don’t recognize the name, it is Crisman who is associated with the UFO sightings barely predating the Roswell incident of 1947 in the so-called ‘Maurey Island affair’ near Tacoma, Washington (Crimson would later be subpoenaed by the 1979 Congressional Committee investigating the Kennedy Assassination).  So we must ask, “Why was Shaw calling Crisman?  What relationship could they possibly have?  Is it just coincidental Shaw knew von Braun, Dornberger, the details of Operation Paperclip, and regarded Crisman (the UFO observer) as a friend who could help when a federal prosecutor was hot on his trail?”

The story surrounding the Maurey Island UFO affair alleges that Crisman found ‘slag fragments’ of supposed downed saucers which he handed off to two intelligence officers from Wright Patterson Air Force Base, the Ohio military base at the heart of the Air Force’s investigation of the entire UFO episode.  Unfortunately, these officers were killed when their plane crashed; giving rise to speculation the aircraft had been sabotaged.  Additionally, please note: the speculation never culminated in any satisfactory resolution to the story.

According to Constantine, quoting Anthony Kimery an investigative reporter from Washington D.C., Crisman “knew a lot more about the aircraft ‘witnesses’ saw than he acknowledged—aircraft some intelligence sources believe were hybrids of those designed early that decade by Nazi engineers who were brought to the U.S. under Project Paperclip.”[iii]  Nazis and UFOs — like peas in a pod?

Then there is the appearance of Guy Bannister in the same storyline. Constantine comments:

In 1947, Banister reported the discovery of a ‘flying disk’ in Twin Falls, Idaho, according to a July 11, 1947 Associated Press report.  The saucer measured roughly 30.5’ across, and “appeared to have been turned out by a machine,” possibly as a prototype [according to Banister].

Suspects in the John Kennedy assassination had a pronounced knack for stumbling onto the “unexplained” flying disks.

It is a commentary on the UFO/mind control/intelligence connection that the counterterrorist unit of the FBI already tied to Shaw and Crisman, Division Five—the Nazi division—also employed Guy Banister, and has been largely responsible for the development of a form of remote brain manipulation known as Ultrasonic Intra-Cerebral Control. [iii]

So once again, the plot thickens. Now the subject of mind control surfaces.  This author imagines the reader grumbling about how we’ve jumped from the frying pan into the fire:  UFOs.  The JFK assassination.  Mind control.  Should we put on our tin-foil hats? There seems to be no obvious correlation amongst these amazing stories and their surprising facts.  But can we connect the dots?  Or is this just another fantasy offered up by hyper-active minds fond of conspiracy theories?  On the other hand, could these astounding connections be better explained as evidence of ‘disinformation’ spun by master intelligence officers with a checkered past?

Roswell and the Reich

If the reader will allow me to connect the timing of Bannister’s story to the Roswell incident—the seminal UFO incident raging in the press commenced a mere three days earlier—it seems extraordinary to contemplate that the only connection between these incidents is purely an ‘alien UFO encounter’.   As Farrell points out convincingly in his book Roswell and the Reich, when the facts are painstakingly evaluated, the evidence for a ‘spacecraft’ manned by extraterrestrials is choosing the least likely explanation.  This may be the story officials want us to believe.  However, it remains unwedded to almost all of the best-known facts.

Even Nick Redfern, a noted UFologist (and author I turn to later in PQ,B2) recommends Farrell’s carefully written work by citing the ‘publishers blurb’ in his blog on February 10, 2010.

In Roswell and the Reich alternative science and history researcher Joseph P. Farrell presents a very different scenario of what crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947, and why the U.S. military has continued its cover-up to this day. By means of a meticulous review of the best-known Roswell research from both UFO-ET advocates and skeptics alike, as well as some not-so-well known Roswell research, Farrell presents a fascinating case sure to disturb both ET believer and skeptic alike, namely, that what crashed may have been representative of an independent postwar Nazi power, an extraterritorial Reich monitoring its old enemy, America, and its continuing developments of the very technologies it confiscated from Germany at the end of the war.[iv]

Joseph P. Farrell's Roswell and the Reich
Joseph P. Farrell’s Roswell and the Reich

Farrell’s book is not bed-time reading (his books seldom are).  This one is particularly difficult because it reads like a detailed legal brief, examining the testimony meticulously, invalidating witnesses, and ruling out evidence with the precision of a scalpel.  Nevertheless, after one has plodded through it, the conclusion is compelling.  There are no reasons to postulate an extraterrestrial event at all.  There were no bodies—and even if there were, there are no logical arguments to suppose them extraterrestrial.  While there were undeniable sightings and even extraordinary artifacts (various metals with no similitude to anything experimental in western laboratories, let alone in use), there was no solid rationale to suppose anything other than a terrestrial explanation.  Furthermore, the probability of infiltration by military intelligence personnel into the Roswell research community was undeniable.  The most significant and credible authors all had intelligence backgrounds!  Was this a case of the foxes being left to guard the hen house?  If so, perhaps they knew where the bodies were buried—except the alien bodies so it seems.

There are consequently two datasets that any theory of the Roswell Incident must seek to rationalize:  (1) the debris, the description of which is consistent across time and various witnesses as has been seen in the previous pages, and (2) the bodies, the description of which is not consistent over time nor over several witnesses in spite of claims to the contrary, and moreover whose witnesses have in turn either been impeached, or shown to be based upon second-hand-and-dead man’s testimony in many instances, or whom other data has revealed were unlikely to have been in the area in order actually to see such bodies. [v]

In summary, any theory that seeks to explain Roswell must answer two incontrovertible facts:  There were extraordinary, unknown metals with mysterious properties discovered on July 8th, 1947 at Roswell that absolutely originate from a source outside of America. Secondly, the evidence Farrell recounts argues that no bodies were found at the crash site.  If intelligent beings were flying these crafts, they were guiding them remotely.  (Not exactly outlandish given that all of the V1 and V2 rockets that hit London suburbs were un-piloted aircraft.)

Farrell progresses toward concluding the matter with this statement:

By July of 1947, there were abundant clues that were beginning to be pieced together by American intelligence that Nazism had survived not only in isolated enclaves, but that it was an organized international force.  And by the mid-1950s, it was abundantly clear to the U.S. Air Force that those Nazis had continued to research independently their most extraordinary projects and sciences, and that they were making penetrations into the most sensitive areas of the American military-industrial-intelligence complex.[vi] [Emphasis added]

Likewise, from the first reactions of Roswell in 1947 to the Robertson Panel in 1953, not only Farrell but Constantine assures us that the experts had an agenda to keep these military secrets ‘under wraps’.  It was their concerted opinion to educate the public in what the experts wanted it to believe—for the sake of national interests.  Keeping the public calm was best achieved by distributing the disinformation of outer space visitations—a position beginning in 1960 the government would reverse.  Meanwhile, better to keep the whole possibility of Nazis buried and control the masses however it could.  At the time, inventing an alien religion for the kooks was not a bad option.  Therefore, The Robertson Panel concluded:

“This education could be accomplished by mass media, [especially] television, motion pictures and popular articles.”  The panel advised that mental health professionals familiar with mob psychology should design the “education” program. It also recommended that UFO organizations should be surveilled “because of their potentially great influence on mass thinking if widespread sightings should occur.  The apparent irresponsibility and the possible use of such groups for subversive purposes should be kept in mind.” [Comment and emphasis in original][vii]

As a result of these recommendations UFO enthusiasts would be watched carefully.  Who knew how much trouble they might stir up?  After all, the Panel concluded that the so-called Foo-fighters experienced by Allied pilots toward the end of World War II were probably nothing more than an exotic form of technology developed by the Nazis and/or Japanese with no real risk to national security.  No less an authority than the famous combat pilot Jimmy Doolittle (known for the 1942 Tokyo raid) cited this conclusion in his report requested by the Panel.[viii]

So it was agreed then:  it’s best to keep the public in the dark while we play catch up with the Nazis—whoever they are and wherever they might be.

The Possible Base of Operations

So the obvious question arises, “Where were these operations conducted, if they really were the result of rogue Nazi activity after World War II?  That is, apart from captured Nazis post-World War II now working within the military programs of the U.S. or Soviet Union (which some have suggested was a game of ‘OUR Nazis are better than YOUR Nazis!), is there any evidence that points to the location accommodating this potentially threatening activity?

There are two alternatives frequently discussed:  One location is barely possible while the other location is firmly accepted with a mountain of historical data proving it a safe haven for Nazis.  We will consider them both in order.

First up, we examine the fantastic possibility that at the end of the War, a German flotilla of U-boats headed to Antarctica and set up shop in an acknowledged German naval base there.

Henry Stevens, a notable researcher and author of ‘what happened to Nazi technological inventions’, ‘secret German naval bases’ and German flying saucers, addresses this question regarding ‘the where’ with some compelling details in his book, Hitler’s Suppressed and Still-Secret Weapons, Science and Technology. 

According to Stevens, the Allies believed many Nazi scientists survived the war and established themselves in one or both Polar Regions, residing under the ice to remain covert.  It seems evidence soon arose inferring Nazis were alive and operating with total latitude.  This possibility led the U.S. military to take action.  Stevens comments:

The U.S. military spent huge amounts of time, money and manpower in the years following the war in secret missions, flying over the Arctic.  This is no secret now since we have the testimony of Col. Wendele Stevens who took part in these operations while serving in the USAF.  In these operations, B-29 bombers were outfitted with the latest electromagnetic sensing gear and flown all over the American and [apparently Stevens is speaking generally of ‘North American’ and specifically] Canadian Arctic allegedly looking for “flying saucers.”  According to Wendele, when they were sighted, they were filmed and the film and recorded measurements were spirited way to Washington D.C.  Nothing was ever heard of them afterward.[ix]  [Comment mine]

However, the most intriguing location is at the opposite side of the earth—the South Pole where many Nazis may have been holed up for over five decades, creating their own subterranean ice society.  Stevens provides this recap:

UFologists are always describing UFOs as originating in Antarctica.  Certainly, the theme is familiar to everyone through science fiction movies.  Some think Atlantis may be buried deep under the ice.  Many nations currently have research bases in Antarctica.  Their German base at Neuschwabenland was active, at least on some level, during the Second World War and may have served as a last refuge for Nazi die-hards after the conflict.

Not only do these theories exist but there are all sorts of combinations of the theories mentioned above.  Did the Germans locate their base in Antarctica because the Ahnenerbe, the SS racial-archeological organization, found evidence of a lost civilization?  Or did the Germans or any of the other nationalities involved in Antarctica make contact with an extraterrestrial presence located on that continent, a theory recently revamped by Dr. Michael E. Salla?[x]

To unpack this passage, we should point out there is a geological rationale suggesting how humans could survive, albeit a Spartan existence, at the South Pole.  Stevens explains there rests a very deep warm water lake, heated geothermically, and named Lake Vostok with a depth of over 2,000 feet, 300 miles from the exact spot of the South Pole.  The lake maintains hospitable temperatures in the 60s despite being covered in places by an ice dome reaching 2,500 feet in height.  Volcanic activity heats up the water continuously and provides a natural means to generate energy.

Lake Vostok at the South Pole, 3D Image
Lake Vostok at the South Pole, 3D Image

The lake is unique for another very distinct reason:  it is the only lake known to be overseen by the National Security Agency.[xi] Why would a U.S. security agency, namely the NSA, care about what is going on at the South Pole?  Isn’t it a bit south of our border?  Some researchers suggest the reason lies in the fact this area contains far more than ice, snow, and unexpectedly warm water.  The intrigue dates back to the famed but short-lived expedition of Admiral Byrd in 1946 where a dramatic magnetic anomaly was discovered measuring “1,000 nanoteslas of variance with the surrounding vicinity.  One scientist jumped on this publicly and began to debunk its significance but the fact remains that the best and most probably [sic] answer as to the origin of this vast magnetic disturbance is the presence of a massive amount of metal.  Metal as in a buried city.”[xii]

Then Stevens draws out the enigma associated with this discovery (which happens to be a favorite Nazi myth, the so-called ‘Secret Doctrine’):  “This brings us right back to the mystery-school of Antarctica.  Is this metal the remains of Atlantis?  Is it the underground city said by some to have been built by the Germans, Neu-Berlin?  Is this an extraterrestrial base?  With the NSA involved, the only thing for certain is that we learn the answer to this mystery anytime soon…”[xiii]  And since the NSA is still there, another thing that is equally certain: we will continue to speculate about it.

To top off the fantastic story, another researcher cited by Stevens suggests that the U.S. finally had had enough trouble from the location and used a new type of atomic weapon, a ‘boring atomic weapon’ at the very time of the Iraq invasion (March 19-20, 2003) serving as a perfect cover for such a covert operation at Earth’s ‘bottom’.  While Stevens doesn’t endorse the view of researcher Christian Saal, he does agree the seismological data from this site, coinciding as it did with the opening salvo in Iraq (aka ‘Shock and Awe’), begs the question of what was then happening at the South Pole, especially given its mysterious history and ongoing scrutiny of the NSA.  However, because we aren’t planning to explicate this theory further nor do we intend to observe the ‘march of the penguins’, we will head north a ways, but remain steadfastly within the southern hemisphere.

Argentina and the Escape of the German Reich

So much for the extraordinary answer to the question of ‘where’ the flying saucer ‘base’ may have been.  Now we turn to the much more conventional, and certain location of post-war Nazi activity operating independent of U.S. or Soviet control:  South America.  With its many German newspapers, German street names, and ‘Teutonic’ influence over the past one hundred years, there are few if any skeptics alive today who continue arguing Nazis never made it there.

Indeed, in the Introduction to PQ,B2 we recited a number of news accounts from major ‘news outlets’ confirming the ‘advance planning’ of Martin Bormann facilitating the placement of Nazi industrialists into dozens of countries at the end of the War.  Beginning in 1944, Broman ordered experts from the various key German corporations dispersed along with hundreds of millions in financing.  Remember:  Bormann was no small lieutenant.  He was head of the party, the Reichsleiter (second in command to Hitler), who all but took over for the Führer days before Hitler’s alleged (and much debated) suicide in ‘the Bunker’ on April 30, 1945.

The Odessa File by Frederick Forsyth
The Odessa File by Frederick Forsyth

Readers are no doubt familiar with the musical and subsequent movie Evita (1996) starring Madonna as Eva Perón, wife of the Argentinian dictator Juan Perón.  Readers may be less aware that Perón was strongly fascist in orientation and was cozy with the Nazis before being forced, under political pressure by the Americans only two months before the end of the war, to declare war on Germany (March, 1945).  Later Perón asserted the declaration of war was a lie with an ulterior motive.  Once identified as an official ‘Ally’, Argentinian planes would be allowed into Europe and could serve as ‘useful purpose’; namely, flying Nazis out of Europe and to Argentina where they could continue the geopolitical fight for Fascism.

Joseph P. Farrell, in his book Nazi International cites Argentinian author Uki Goña who interviewed Perón extensively and provides lengthy quotations in his book about ‘The Real ODESSA’—the term used to describe the ‘ratlines’ that moved thousands of Nazis out of Germany and into various South American countries, most notably Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Paraguay, and Bolivia.  Argentina was the most frequent destination for the Nazis—since the government was so friendly toward fascists, it was a natural hideout.

This false declaration of war had a clear purpose: “We hadn’t lost contact with Germany, despite the break in diplomatic relations,” Perón would say in 1967.  Continuing with his assertion:

“Things being so we received an ususual [sic] request. Even though it may seem contradictory at first, Germany benefits from our declaration of war: if Argentina becomes a belligerent country, it has the right to enter Germany when the end arrives; this means that our planes and ships would be in a position to render a great service. At that point we had the commercial planes of the FAMA line (Argentine Merchant Air Fleet) and the ships we had bought from Italy during the war. That is how a great number of people were able to come to Argentina.”[xiv]

‘Air Argentina’ was not the only means by which the Nazis got to Buenos Aires.  The accounts of daring U-boat excursions abound; and indeed, constitute some of the most intriguing stories of escape at the end of the war.  However, the assistance of the Argentine Merchant Air Fleet is by far the most feasible method to transport the thousands of persons, documents, and perhaps, advanced technological ‘devices’ to South America. The stories of fantastic tunnels running beneath the towering peaks of Chile are equaled only by the tales of remote cities cut out of the jungles of Argentina, Bolivia, and Paraguay to conceal the secret weapons of the Reich.  Apparently, if bank robbers Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid could hide out in South America, Nazi war criminals could too.

The Escape of Martin Bormann

How Martin Bormann, the mastermind of the Nazi escape, made his way to South America from Hitler’s bunker sometime after April 21-30, 1945 remains a highly contentious subject today—a controversy which began over 30 years ago with a book entitled Aftermath: The Final Search for Martin Bormann, by Hungarian Ladislas Farago.  Most authorities regard Farago an excellent author and historian.  Indeed, Farago’s book on General George Patton was much acclaimed and became the basis for the movie, Patton (1970).  His book, The Broken Seal, was one of the background books for the movie, Tora Tora Tora (1970).  However, a few scholars dispute his storytelling when it comes to where Bormann wound up after the War.[xv] And yet, his version of the facts may have been doubted simply because ‘truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.’

Ladislas Farago, Aftermath
Ladislas Farago, Aftermath

We know that Farago conducted many well interviews as documented in his book on Bormann.  He also included Argentinian intelligence documents in his account.  Despite this, a British ‘historian’ Stephen Dorril, in his book, MI6: Inside the Covert World of Her Majesty’s Secret Intelligence Service (2000) called Farago “the most successful disinformer or dupe” concerning the presence of Nazis in South America.[xvi]  To him it seemed the notion thousands of Germans riddled with the reprehensible Nazi political philosophy had migrated to South America was just too incredible to accept. Throw in the accusations against the Catholic Church for playing a pivotal role in the escape and many academics contend we have descended into the realm of insanity.  Then again we should remember that with Dorril we have yet another intelligence agent writing ‘history’.  Was he telling the truth or just contributing more disinformation to the already heaping pile of incongruous truths?

Regardless, as time goes by, the evidence mounts that Bormann was a distinct presence in Argentina and later on, in Bolivia.  Joseph Farrell even provides a bank statement facsimile for the joint bank account held by Bormann and Perón cleared by David Rockefeller’s Chase Manhattan Bank.

Another colorful and noted historian (majoring on the occult) is Peter Levenda who offers this summation of the Catholic connection and Ladislas’ account in his book, Unholy Alliance.

What does seem fantastic, however, is the assistance given to many of these men by what was always believed to be their sworn enemy:  the Roman Catholic Church.  While Ladislas Farago—mentioned in the Introduction to this [Levenda’s] book—must be credited with bringing this story to worldwide attention, it is useful to know that, since then, it has been corroborated many times over by other authors.

Why would the Catholic Church help the very men who had vowed to eradicate it, who had participated in pagan rituals designed to replace those of Christianity, who worshipped Baldur and Thor and Freya in candlelit ceremonies in the forests and castles of Bavaria, Thuringia, Westphalia, and the other German Länder? Men who had caught and imprisoned thousands of Catholic and Protestant clergymen, sent them to the camps, and executed them in cold blood?[xvii]

Levenda supposes that the quid pro quo was the expected future alliance between the two (Fascism and Catholicism) to fight ‘godless communism’.  Others, like evangelical author Dave Hunt, argued a more intriguing case.[xviii]  Hunt contends (arguing from both historical and biblical rationales) the Catholic Church and Fascism shared the view humankind should not be permitted the liberal system of self-government known as democracy—for this system inevitably leads to chaos!  To Hunt, the Catholic Church is ‘Mystery Babylon’—the whore of Babylon, who is drunk with the blood of the Saints.[xix]  To the Roman Catholic mind, says Hunt, Fascism was merely an evil means to a necessary end.  It was a convenient albeit evil way to return political government back to Theocracy where it originated and place authoritarian rule back in the hands of the Church.  Just as the priesthood of Catholicism had devised an uneasy governing alliance with authoritarian monarchists for over a thousand years, it seemed that teaming with another authoritarian form of government—Fascism in this case—might be the mandated toll reseating the Roman Church back in the political driver’s seat.

Levenda hints the same motive was in play when discussing Hitler’s courtship of the German Church:

Hitler very carefully sought to cultivate Christian (and especially Catholic) support for the Party as they remained a substantial voting bloc within the country.  Indeed, the Catholic Center Party played a pivotal role in Reichstag, elections that catapulted Hitler to power.  And just as he wooed the financial support of leading industrialists in contradiction to his personal beliefs concerning the evils of that “Jewish invention,” Capitalism, he also courted the powerful Catholic and other Christian lobbies in the country.  He knew he could not afford to alienate them entirely from his program, at least not until after he had won the war, for this reason he occasionally found it valuable to attack occultism and völkisch paganism in his speeches, even while encouraging it among his entourage and condoning its manifestation in the SS.

Perhaps we will never really know why the Vatican felt it was in their best interests to provide an escape path for the Nazis.  But one thing is certain:  the power quest makes for some strange bedfellows.  (The next chapter in PQ,B2, chapter 2, goes into the ratlines and the ‘great escape’ of the Nazis after WWII.  See also my recent video available on YouTube, Hitler’s Great Escape.)

Conclusion—Nazi Show-offs or Just Show and Tell?

POWER QUEST, BOOK TWO: The Ascendancy of Antichrist in America
POWER QUEST, BOOK TWO: The Ascendancy of Antichrist in America

So it is that thousands of Nazis and their technologies escaped Europe and made their way to the Americas.  The argument that rogue German scientists found it advantageous to demonstrate their extraordinary new flying machines to frighten their American adversaries surely seems far-fetched.  But the depth of analysis provided by numerous researchers, only a few of which are mentioned here, hints strongly otherwise.  Something was clearly afoot, or more accurately, in the skies overhead indicating that we hadn’t heard the last of the Nazis, their magnificent if not ardently mischievous and misdirected scientists, and their amazing flying machines.

However, while the source of flying saucers in the U.S. may be debated—whether they were truly German in origin, came from beyond the stars, or didn’t exist at all—there is no doubt that dozens of the worst war criminals came to the United States as the special guests of the American government.  As a result, America would never be the same again.

The author’s book, POWER QUEST, BOOK TWO, recounts the story of how the Nazi’s influenced America, infecting our technology, politics, and social sciences.  It is available on Amazon in both paperback and eBook formats.  It is also available on eBook formats with iBook, Nook, and LuLu.  See the author’s page on for more details on this and the author’s other books.


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[xv] The actual escape of Bormann as told by Farrell (citing several sources) involved a German U-Boat carrying Uranium 235, a necessary isotope for the atomic bomb.  Ironically, it was carried on U-Boat 234.  The argument is as follows:  The Americans were struggling to gather enough of the necessary ingredients for the atomic bomb through their Manhattan project.  The Nazis had created enough of the isotope to build several such bombs but missed by a few months of being able to mount it on a V10 rocket (under development) to send it to New York as a deadly greeting card.  Consequently, one explanation is that Bormann made a deal to trade the Uranium, surrendering it to the Americans in exchange for his freedom.  Another suggests that the Americans and British were most certainly going to protect the U-234 on its mission to help America’s bomb building efforts.  Bormann was well aware of this precious cargo and hitched a ride on the ‘protected’ submarine to Spain, where he holed up for a year, before he moved on to Argentina.

To add insult to injury, according to Farago, when Bormann arrived in Argentina he was in full regalia—as a Catholic priest.  To stretch the facts practically to the point of incredulity, it is stated that he even performed sacred church rites when in Bolivia, after Argentina had become ‘too hot’.  Just how absurd is this idea?  As it turns out, using the priesthood as a cover was a frequent alias for the fugitive Germans.  Another Nazi war criminal found the priestly frock hospitable.  It was in Bolivia where Klaus Barbie was discovered living with a Croatian war criminal  who had murdered hundreds of thousands of Orthodox (Eastern Orthodox) Serbs.  This murderer was also posing as a priest. Therefore, we can be assured that Bormann posing as a Priest would not be the first time a wolf donned sheep’s clothing.

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