Summary: After the release of Special  Prosecutor Mueller’s report anticipated for so long, Patriots saw the first real glimpse of hope that the bad guys were going to get theirs. Other reports are coming on its heels.  This summer could be when the pivotal change of direction occurs in America.  Will it come in time?

The outcome was surprising for many of us who wondered if our worst fears were inevitably going to come true — that President Trump was either going to be fingered for collusion with the Russians or for obstruction of justice through hindering the investigation (like firing former FBI Director James Comey), by something occurring behind the scenes. We could easily believe that some stupid infraction could have taken place that none of us knew about.  So, when none of that materialized, the stunning verdict of Trump’s innocence and virtual exoneration  was just too good to be true.

With this unexpected result, Congressional Democrats were served a hefty slice of humble pie. Likewise, the Mainstream Media came away with two black eyes and a bloody nose. Trump supporters had grown tired of hearing the endless broadcast of how “the walls are closing in on Trump” (literally using that line every other week for one-year solid). However, Trump has wound up having the last laugh as the only wall that is about to close in on anybody is the wall on the southern border closing out illegal immigrants.

Nevertheless, Adam Schiff and Chuck Schumer are hardly going to learn any lesson from their defeat. Democrats have already shown themselves unwilling to cry “uncle” and admit their bad behavior. Thus, they seem destined to inevitably turn a really bad mistake into a calamitous error of biblical proportions. It’s no surprise to anyone with any savvy that the political opportunity for Democrats in 2020 just took an enormous hit in the shorts. Aw shucks.

But the possibility clearly exists that the outcome for the Media in our country could be far worse.  The ratings for Cable News plummeted immediately after Mueller’s report, primarily for

MSNBC Cable News Host Rachel Maddow

MSNBC (Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews) and for CNN (Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon). Given that 90% of their news coverage has been on “Russia Gate” and 95% of that coverage had found Trump guilty already, no one should be the least bit surprised that the public’s confidence in the value of the top news outlets like these television properties (along with the Washington Post and the New York Times), has fallen through the floor.  No wonder that these institutions have shown no interest in talking about their colossal blunder, let alone apologizing to the country and to the President of the United States because of their unflinching condemnation of Trump’s treasonous “Russian Connection” that never existed.

Fusion GPS and the Steele Dossier

Continually bucking the trend of the other cable news shows, Fox News’ unwavering support for the President enabled it to ride the crest of the wave (i.e., middle America’s populism), for the past two years.  Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, and Laura Ingram nightly pleaded the innocence of Donald Trump while at the same time recounted the seditious deeds of Hillary Clinton and her projects via Fusion GPS, Uranium One, and the $500,000 honorariums garnered by Bill Clinton in Moscow for a 20-minute speech.  While the guilt of the Clintons has yet to be proven, for all intents and purposes, the innocence of Trump has been. Consequently, FOX’s Nighttime Op-Ed crew has taken several victory laps over the past week.  Who could blame them? Their unfavorable estimation of Mueller’s motives throughout the nearly two years of investigation has now made the innocence verdict all the more delicious since the suspiciously unsavory Mueller somehow came to “see the light” adopting what Hannity et al had been asserting all along.

But the imminent release of two other sets of reports could be utterly catastrophic for the mainstream (i.e., corporate and progressive) media while spelling the end of the Democratic Party.

Former Head of Counter-Intelligence Peter Strzok and Legal Counsel for the FBI, Lisa Page.

First comes the investigative report from the DOJ’s IG, Michael Horowitz, on the entire Department of Justice (including the FBI) who has been looking at the mammoth matter of FISA abuse, the Steele Dossier, and the soft coup attempt to unseat a legitimately elected President. Of course, this was made public through the voluminous text messaging of the real-life D.C. scandal actors, Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, staged under the less-than-illustrious light of fired Acting FBI Director, Andrew McCabe. Given that we now have post-Mueller some reason for optimism, it is highly unlikely that Horowitz will give his own DOJ a clean bill of health.  It has already become crystal clear that the FISA courts were made weapons of mass destruction in a Presidential Election, the incumbent party used the powerful means of government at their disposal (like CIA counter-intelligence and illegal NSA surveillance) for blackmail purposes, as well as failing to look into the White House’s egregiously illegal unmasking of innocent U.S. civilians. When new Attorney General, Bill Barr used the word “spying” before Congress this past week, even the most jaded viewer began to believe that something really big may be about to happen.

John W Huber, District Attorney for Utah

Then you have Utah District Attorney John Huber, who was tasked by the former Attorney General Jess Sessions, to investigate the Clinton Email Scandal, the allegations of “pay-to-play” through soliciting donations to the Clinton Foundation in exchange for preferential treatment when Hillary was Secretary of State, and, finally, the issue of selling 20% of the country’s uranium to Russia (the “Uranium One Scandal”). It is not clear whether Huber’s work will produce substance or not.  It had been hoped that appointing a DA outside the Southern District of New York (tongue-in-cheek) might get a fair, unbiased hearing on what the Clinton’s alleged misdeeds amounted to. But if Huber was just a distraction, which is possible, then Clinton is off the hook for the foreseeable future.  On the other hand, if he does seat a Grand Jury and start unsealing indictments, then his efforts might deal the death blow to the Democrats and their media accomplices.

Should all of these hens come home to roost, the Mainstream Media might just be out of a job.  When you combine their not-so-hidden socialist agendas with the growing preference Americans are showing for “citizen journalists” or “alternate media” via the Internet (who are independent of corporate checkbooks), the environment for continuing “business as usual” in the news media seems unsupportable.  If at least half of America believes it is getting yet more lies just like it has been fed for the past several years, the erosion of ratings for cable news will surely get far worse.  Indeed, if there is a sudden jolt of reality served up this summer with massive numbers of indictments and stupendous disclosures of sedition by major names in politics, the status of cable news will crash.

The failure of Journalism to sniff out these stories will make its inability to uncover the false claims of weapons of mass destruction prompting the Iraq War look like a trivial oversight. What’s worse, given past the evidence that journalists have been bribed with CIA money and that corporations absolutely control the messages delivered by our media (while that media all the while intentionally  ignores the truth), will verify to almost everyone’s satisfaction the overt sickness of the profession and the dismal lack of integrity at its core. That is why this series of damning reports and possible indictments of many high-level Democrat leaders and other members of the  “Deep State” spells a drastic shift in direction for the U.S. government and our traditional media. Can our democracy survive such a blow to its confidence?  Some may say it cannot.  But the real question is, “How much longer can the democracy of the U.S. stand with so little confidence among its citizens in the government’s failure to serve the needs of the people rather than the people existing to serve the government?  For the most part, alert Patriots sense that our democracy has already morphed  into fascism where corporations and the government conspire to enslave the people.  However, sadly most US citizens either don’t want to admit it or we simply don’t realize it — yet.

Could the next two cycles of reports arising from Horowitz and Huber spell the end of Mainstream Media and its “Fake News”? Time will tell.  But the time it takes to learn the outcome of this question has now grown shorter.  Indeed, the summer of 2019 may be the much needed pivotal point in our political history.  Fingers crossed.

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