To build a stronger base of supporters, I need to expand my ministry to one or more online programs.  Video has not been an emphasis although I have logged over 100 interviews and presentations on my web site,  But I miss the live interaction with students, followers, and friends.  The common usage of tools like ZOOM have made the online community a valuable method to reach out.

The three ideas I have are the following:

1.  Online live Bible Study focused on prophetic topics, such as a study on key Prophetic passages of the Bible.

2.  Online discussion walking members through one of my books.  Teaching, but live interaction for questions and comments.  My books aren’t accessible for many believers because they deal with deep and sometimes controversial subjects.

3.  A one-hour interview show, called THE HOT SEAT. I’m obtained the domain,  My idea is to interview in depth an interesting person in the Christian (sometimes fringe Christian arena).  I would call it, THE HOT SEAT because I want the questions to have an edge to them.  Guests would understand I might ask tough questions that might get us into a polite but somewhat heated exchange.  Most shows have “softball questions” and are done to promote the guests books.  Been there, done that.  Sometimes the guest is on the hot seat and sometimes they put me on the hot seat!

Could you respond and let me know if these ideas are interesting?   If you would rank them in terms of interest (i.e., 1, 2, 3 as 2,3,1 in interest level), that would be helpful to signal where I should start.
Now, the tough question:  I’m thinking about setting up a Patreon account or something similar.  Asking members to subscribe for $10.00 a month.  The value would be:
(1) interacting with me; (2) interacting with each other; developing a deeper understanding of the Bible and current issues, and finally (4) building relationships with other like-minded persons.  It would be creating a community on line.  And doing it on a friendly platform that doesn’t get censored. 
SOOOO, would you be willing to pay $10.00/month to participate in one or more of these programs? ($10.00 for only 1 or all programs, same price).  To finance my living salary, I would shoot for between 300-400 subscribers.  Content would be new each week (almost every week).  I can also put shows behind a pay wall and price them at say, $2.00 or free to members.  And provide a 20% discount on books and DVDs from my store ( 
Thanks so much for your feedback.
Please email me at   DOUG@FAITH-HAPPENS.COM   with your thoughts.
 I am at a critical point in my ministry and life where my secular pursuits seem to be winding down, and my level of interest is heightened to do much more in active ministry on an ongoing basis.
Blessings to all of you, my friends, followers, and fans.
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