If you feel like you have been punched in the gut, you are not alone.

Most conservatives theologically are conservative politically too.  No surprise there. And most conservatives have been strongly influenced by Donald Trump and his populist positions. Most of us who aren’t in the elite camp, have had hope that the movement to change the direction of American politics would make a big impact. In some ways it has. But what’s occurred in the last four weeks or so, has caused this impact to be reduced, perhaps dramatically so. Time will tell whether the barometer of real change, the complexion of the Republican Party, returns to its tired and true demeanor (yes, I said ‘tired’ and not ‘tried – we know its been tried but its totally tired and not so true anymore). Historically the Republican stance prior to Trump was, “Reduce regulation and cut taxes… spend more on defense and less on social welfare.” If that is all the Republican Party stands for POST-TRUMP, then Trumpism had no meaningful long-term impact. Today’s made-over inclusive Republican Party that drew a huge number of minorities and despondent workers, will revert to half-hearted Democrat promises of only pennies in relief. The RINOs have no appeal to the working class, and generally speaking, they will have no appeal to anyone other than the gainfully employed. RINOs deserted Trump, so Trump’s supporters will judge, rightfully so, they can’t be trusted.

Democrats are offering the 75 million who voted for Trump “reconciliation” on the one hand and “reviling” on the other. We don’t know whether they want us to rejoin them in the public marketplace of ideas, or re-educate us in FEMA camps. Their “Trump Derangement Syndrome” certainly appears to have morphed into revenge rather than reconciliation. Sheesh. You would have thought that the party of progressivism wouldn’t default back to recrimination for anyone failing to stay in sync with their pseudo establishment position, and if I may say, left-wing radical ideology.  Indeed, the rhetoric is heated. We can only hope that saner heads will prevail. However, unfortunately, at the present time those leaders aren’t purveying saner heads, only hot heads. Calm the hell down Pelosi and Schumer!

And Joe Biden, please, show some graciousness in your victory however inauthentic it may be. Tell you team to go back to the bench and stop scuffling and threatening conservatives in the field of play. If you are the opposite of Trump, show the dignity that you demanded of your adversary. Be a unifier, not a divider. Stop the impeachment. Plead for domestic tranquility.

Now, some words of advice for my fellow downtrodden colleagues. Perhaps we are too quick to believe that the communists are taking over our country, notwithstanding that China probably did help the Dems “steal the vote.”  No doubt, today’s Red Scare has amped up us Trumpites and worked us into a lather, encouraging many of us to clamor for military action to stop the steal and arrest the evildoers in our midst. We are fed-up with the non-accountability for the incredible alledged indiscretions of Hillary, Wienner, and most recently, Hunter Biden. Obviously, they are permanently immune to prosecution. No justice is coming for those in the upper political class – we best just accept that fact and stop planning for their removal to Guantanamo.  Accept the fact that The Department of Justice is the Department for “Just us” (us being the elite). Lady Justice no longer wears blinders. We shouldn’t either. If we seek to do violence to set things right, we will find out that the DOJ still has fangs for the little people like us. Look what is happening to those who took a free tour of the Capitol Building on January 6. They will be paying a heavy price for that tour for months and some, for years.

Furthermore, in the best, most reasonable analysis, a military solution will likely make matters worse. Violence begets violence. A military action will likely set off a true civil war. And, as for communism becoming the new political ideology of America, it is not at all likely that Joe Biden will stomach communist sympathizers or socialist policies.  Biden is historically a centrist and a hater of the socialist wing of the Democratic Party like Bernie Sanders. He is a Corporatist, just like Hillary.  Big business comes first. The Fortune 100 have the lobbyists. They make the huge contributions. They run the Super PACs. And when push comes to shove, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are Second-Teamers, while the only place for “the Squad” is the Practice Squad.  With the election behind them, the AOCs of the House can expect to be put back in their place – far from the podium of the House Speaker. If Pelosi doesn’t have a heart attack, she will put some significant distance between herself and the marxists in her midst.

American Requiem: Why the USA Falls in the Last Days

And please understand that today’s corporatists are globalists. Does that mean the first order of business is a One-World Government headquartered at the United Nations?  Not really.  Today’s Globalists are business leaders not ideologues. For them, it’s about making money NOT about solving the problems of the poor.  Don’t let their polemics persuade you otherwise. They talk a good game about social justice and being good citizens. But the real score is driving up the price of their stock. America’s real business is Big Business. It always has been… at least in our lifetime. That won’t change. Small businesses have been laid to waste by COVID-19. Small businesses are dead. Long live International Corporations!

Expect Biden to be like Obama.  He will be a neocon. He will want war. He will support Defense contractors. He will only supply tacit subsidies for those in need. Now that he appears to have rid the USA of Trump, Biden will declare its time to open businesses again, balance concern about COVID with the need to stimulate the Economy. Make note: We are already hearing New York Governor Cuomo spout this formula for getting us back on track as if he just invented it. And oh, yes, Biden will be in favor of reopening the spigots to China and making nice with Beijing – not because he is a believer in their autocratic ways, but because America’s corporations want to exploit the Chinese market and its cheap labor.  Sorry America’s workers: Biden is not your friend.  Outsourcing jobs and free markets (reversing sanctions and eschewing protectionism) will once again become the economic policy of our great land. Whether he is on the take from the CCP or not, Joe Biden will restore the old ways. If America is to be great again, for Joe Biden it will be great because we have an open door to China and they can do more than steal our vote. They can continue to steal our intellectual property.

Finally, all is not lost.  When Obama was voted President, most conservatives predicted the same outcome.  Here comes socialism and the USA might as well declare itself a protectorate of Moscow or Beijing.  But when things calm down and we pick up the pieces, there will be ways to alter the future for the better.  The vote in 2022 might swing the House and the Senate back to the right if Biden and Harris screw things up. And if that happens, Biden will be a one-term President. The key will be doing work at the State level to fix the problems with voting procedures to eliminate the possibility that electric voting and manufactured marked ballots will steal the election again.  That change can be accomplished. Most state legislatures are Republican. Even many democrats will want a fair and honest vote – in the future.  Yes, they may wish to flood us with more non-citizen voters (and even voters that may have died 50 years ago), along with loosely monitored mail-in ballots. But the type of steal we saw in 2020 isn’t likely to happen again, unless conservatives across the nation lose they minds, or the Democrats do lock us all up.

But do you think it likely that 75 million Americans will be relocated to FEMA camps?  It’s the working folk that pay the salaries of the Congress, not to mention its the same folk that have most of the guns.  Those are big hurdles to clear before America chooses to follow a path so foreign to our history and everyday practice. So whether Trump rises to save the day (which I doubt), its time to take a deep breath and get back to living life as we did before November 3, 2020.





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