Dr. Douglas Hamp joins me to discuss how ancient artifacts and ancient languages amplify the truths taught in Revelation 9-13 (and many other verses in the Bible).  Dr. Hamp holds a PhD from Louisiana Baptist and a Masters in Theology from Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He will be releasing a fascinating book on April 8th, CORRUPTING THE IMAGE, PART 2.  We dig into the book and the incredible discoveries he has made concerning the names of Satan, references to NIMROD, and the connections to the images of John the Revelator in the Book of Revelation.

This episode of the Hot Seat from March 25, digs into the evolution of the name of Satan, from Enlil to Marqart to Marduk to Ninurta to Nergal, etc. Each name expands what we understand about Satan. And Lucifer, it turns out, is not a valid explanation for the Adversary of Yahweh. However, the images of Satan, the Great Red Dragon, from Revelation 9-13, are consistent with the ancient testimony from the paganism in the Sumerian, Akkadian, and Aramaic languages (their respective lands being Sumer, Assyria, and Babylon).

Even the classic image of the seven-headed dragon with one of the heads (of the Beast) being mortally wounded, is a part of most ancient records, recorded from Sumer and Assyria.

Dr. Hamp also takes us on his fascinating linguistic discovery of the oath taken by the fallen angels on Mount Hermon (Genesis 6:4), and specifically who commanded the oath be taken (something not mentioned in the Book of Enoch.  This is surprising and is a distinctive discovery he makes that other scholars have missed. Tied to this is a mysterious (indeed secret) name of the devil found on the stone recording the oath found on Mount Hermon.

But was Nimrod the source of these many names for Satan?  Hamp provides a sound argument for why he believes this to be so. Furthermore, he lays out his thinking regarding Satan’s “overshadowing” of Nimrod to transform his DNA to that of “the Beast.” This takes us into the discussion of “the Seed” (of the woman, of Satan, of the Holy Spirit in the womb of Mary).

The video is chock full of the related images (as illustrated above) and dozens of scriptures that we analyze (in some cases in Greek and Hebrew). If you are fascinated by the notion of the Nephilim, you will certainly want to watch every minute of this video. You will find the video here and on YouTube on my Doug Woodward channel (please subscribe to the channel to help me build an audience).

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