How the United States Government Helped Nazis Infiltrate America – Part 1

The book, THE FINAL BABYLON, which I was privileged to write with my co-authors Douglas W. Krieger and Dene McGriff, focused on why the Bible discloses (in many different respects) that the United States of America comprises Mystery Babylon. It has been, by most measures of independent books, a grand success. A SEQUEL IS IN THE WORKS. However, the topic of the ‘sins of America’ are not discussed in much detail in that book. That was covered in detail in the previous books I had written, POWER QUEST, BOOK ONE, and POWER QUEST BOOK TWO. These volumes are ‘heavy’ books (and not thin either!) Consequently, they have NOT received as much coverage as The Final Babylon. Additionally, POWER QUEST, BOOK TWO was never covered by Prophecy in the News on their TV broadcast. This hurt sales of course and kept that book under the radar. That was an unfortunate and unintentional circumstance. Publishing schedules just didn’t align. I would like to encourage my followers and readers to be aware of why that book is vitally important to the story of THE FINAL BABYLON.

To help promote a more widespread reading of that book, this week I have marked down the pricing of these two books on Kindle and in the Amazon Store (great for Prime Members with free shipping) and discounted them IN MY STORE on Amazon, creatively entitled, S DOUGLAS WOODWARD STORE at the Amazon Marketplace. The Kindle prices are only $5.95, almost half price (regularly priced at $9.95), during this promotion.

I have culled out one of the opening chapters of POWER QUEST, BOOK TWO, which I would encourage everyone to study, especially those who have read THE FINAL BABYLON and seek more related information right now. Additionally, I felt compelled to make this information available now as we prepare for our national Independence Day celebration. I continue to be amazed how little the general public, even students of Bible Prophecy know about the support the USA provided the Nazis and the evil influences in America that began to hold sway right after World War II. It is America’s best kept secret, and is one of the principal reasons God is preparing to judge America in the coming days. This judgment is due us because not only are our actions as a nation an incalculable unrepented sin, the principle of excessive government control, clandestine harm to many of our citizens, and fiscal manipulation of world markets, continues to underlie key aspects of US domestic and foreign policy.

I encourage everyone that reads this posting (and Part 2 that will follow in the next day or so) to share this with everyone you can. This information needs to be put in front of every American. The call for National Repentance on July 7, 2014 underscores this matter even more. For despite the painful nature of these facts, we all should be informed of these dark and disconcerting topics. America has a Christian heritage and built its republic and society on the affirmations of the Judeo-Christian worldview. This has changed. Even evangelicals are oblivious to the implications of these horrible realities—living in ignorance or denial. The truth must be told.


How the United States Government Helped Nazis Infiltrate America – Part 1

[Imperiled Civilization’s] “United efforts have ground the German war machine to fragments. But the struggle has left Europe a liberated yet prostrate land where a demoralized society struggles to survive. These are the fruits of the sinister forces that sit with these defendants in the prisoner’s dock… What makes this inquest significant is that these prisoners represent sinister influences that will lurk in the world long after their bodies have returned to dust.”

Robert Jackson’s “Opening Statement” at the Nuremburg Trial

“We knew what we did. It was absolutely necessary that we used every son of a b—- as long as he was an anti-communist.”

Harry Rositzke, CIA-Russia expert

[Speaking of German intelligence officer, Reinhard Gehlen]

“There are few archbishops in espionage. He’s on our side and that’s all that matters. Besides, one needn’t ask him to one’s club”.

Allen Dulles, CIA Director under President Eisenhower

The Paranoia of Post-War America

Looking back fifty years, it is hard to imagine the paranoia America felt regarding the Soviet Union. The records of the conflict, including key witnesses that lived through these tense moments, tell us we were within hours of an all-out nuclear war. Jacque Kennedy related her conversation with husband and President John Kennedy during those horrific October days in 1962: “Don’t send me anywhere. I want to be with you at the White House. We will die together with the children.”[1]

The Cold War has now been over for twenty-three years (dating from the fall of the Berlin Wall, November 9, 1989) with America the clear victor. But at the end of World War II, American leadership believed that we would soon be at war again – this time, with those revolutionary Marxists.[2] This air of suspicion and mindset of mistrust motivated outrageously irrational and sometimes illegal behaviors. Unfortunately, these actions were so horrific that the perpetrators of these activities ensured the cover-up continued for decades afterward. Indeed, what transpired was so contemptible and far-reaching that its legacy and secrecy linger even today. It isn’t a question of whether the actions of our governmental leaders were unconstitutional; they were unconscionable. As we delve into the details, the reader will be shocked and horrified. But the truthfulness of these facts now appears no longer open to serious debate.

Why Did We Want the Nazis in America?

In the aftermath of War in Europe, beginning in 1945 and continuing for several years thereafter, certain American leaders determined that the only way to keep our population safe from the threat of Soviet Communism was to employ the intelligence expertise and engineering genius of thousands of Nazis who nearly defeated the Allies. It is generally perceived today that if the war had continued six months longer, the tide would have turned. The Germans had a series of secret weapons that were nearly ready to launch. It has been well documented that the Nazi government had tested the flight of its largest bomber, loaded with what would likely be an atomic weapon bound for New York City. New, more powerful rockets were almost ready to deploy against England. A jet-powered Messerschmitt (the Me-262) was already in service.[3] And as we explored in Chapter One [of POWER QUEST BOOK TWO] it was conceivable the Germans had a completely new order of flying machine not far from its deployment; namely, the flying saucer. At the very least, the so-called ‘Foo-fighters’ (little glowing balls of light, full of electro-magnetic energy) were already terrorizing Allied pilots. However, it wasn’t only technology we wanted from the surviving Nazis. We wanted leadership and expertise which shared our fear and loathing for the Communists.

The most famous ‘cooption’ of German agents was the spy network of Reinhard Gehlen (1902-1979). Gehlen’s Nazi organization spied on the Soviets during World War II; aka the ‘Eastern front’. Once he was cleared of war crimes (mostly by ‘looking the other way’), Gehlen was established in his position by Allen Dulles (1893-1969); his usefulness to U.S. national security was viewed paramount. Dulles, the namesake of the Washington DC International Airport, was the dominating head of the CIA during the 1950s until fired by President Kennedy early in his administration in 1961. Dulles’ removal was ostensibly based on the failed ‘Bay of Pigs’ action against Fidel Castro and the CIA’s hidden agenda of forcing Kennedy’s hand to supply U.S. Air Force ‘air cover’ for the Cuban invasion (manned by Cuban nationals). This operation was actually planned during the Eisenhower administration. Upon Dulles’ removal, Kennedy vehemently told him he would “smash the CIA into a thousand pieces.”

POWER QUEST, BOOK TWO:  The Ascendancy of Antichrist in America
POWER QUEST, BOOK TWO: The Ascendancy of Antichrist in America

Gehlen brought nearly all of his Nazi spy team intact into American intelligence. Given his previous loyalties, Dulles and Gehlen worked out what most would consider an amazing deal for Gehlen: he would provide intelligence on the Soviets to America as long as it was in the mutual interest of the United States AND the ‘new Germany’. Once ‘West’ Germany (as it would later be known) had been properly established and was stable, Gehlen’s organization would return to German sovereign control. This was an astonishing concession on Dulles’ part since Gehlen was intimately tied to the Nazi Hierarchy and had relationships reaching to the highest level.[4]

Dr. Richard Breitman, Professor of History American University and IWG Director of Historical Research, documents the now well-known facts about the amazing employment of Gehlen’s spy network after he chronicled the many notorious leaders of the German Reich, some of which had committed numerous nefarious activities and were nonetheless protected from prosecution by the Allies:

The Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act of 1998 initiated a search for information in classified American government records about the Holocaust and other war crimes committed by Nazi Germany or its allies. A second target of this law was information about any individuals with Nazi pasts who may have been used as intelligence sources and protected against prosecution after World War II. The Central Intelligence Agency has now [Breitman’s article was written in 2000] located and declassified files on a substantial number of individuals suspected of involvement in criminal activity for the Nazi regime or its allies and satellites. In other cases a CIA file on an individual contains evidence about criminal activity by others.

Nineteen CIA “name files” being opened today represent the first significant products of this search within CIA records. One additional CIA file discussed here (the Hitler file) was opened in December 2000… Whose Files Are Now Declassified? The CIA and the IWG have tackled the most prominent individuals first: Adolf Hitler, Klaus Barbie, Adolf Eichmann, Josef Mengele, Heinrich Müller, and Kurt Waldheim. Another fourteen CIA name files involve individuals who served Nazi Germany, survived the war, were suspected of involvement in criminal Nazi or Nazi intelligence activities or had evidence of such activity by others, and came to the attention of American intelligence agencies after May 1945. Nine of the fourteen persons in this second tier had some contact with the West German intelligence organization established by General Reinhard Gehlen, which was initially under the control of the U. S. Army and was taken over in 1949 by the CIA. Later Gehlen’s organization became the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), West Germany’s foreign intelligence agency.[5]

Because he was the master-mind and the most powerful of all U.S. officials driving these decisions, Allen Dulles was the responsible party for this Nazi-American connection. Furthermore, his legacy extends to the obfuscation of the Warren Commission and perhaps, to the heart of the plot to assassinate President Kennedy. This point will be made several times in our study. Whether directly involved in the crime (he had both the means through his spy network and the motive after being fired from his position), he clearly participated in efforts to hide the truth after the fact. But what was his true culpability? As they say, it’s not just the crime – it’s the cover-up.

Joseph Farrell adds these details about the Gehlen organization in his book, Nazi International:

Gehlen was, of course, the German general who was the head of all German military intelligence during the Nazi era for eastern Europe and the Soviet Union, the Fremde Heere Ost or “Foreign Armies East”, and he was also, of course, the General who secretly negotiated with American OSS station chief in Zurich, Switzerland, Allen Dulles, to turn over to the Americans his entire network so long as the network remained in the day-today operational control of Gehlen himself!

As I have noted in my previous book The SS Brotherhood of the Bell, this meant that before President Truman’s signature was even dry on the National Security Act of 1947 which created the CIA, its civilian character and charter had already been severely compromised, since almost its entire operational and analytical “Soviet desk” was staffed by a bunch of “former” Nazis![6]

Most everyone now knows the story of Reinhard Gehlen; it’s beyond dispute. But the details are still subject to debate. Some authors like Farrell propose the key to Gehlen’s success was to overstate the Soviet threat flowing additional intelligence funding his direction giving him far greater power. As a result, Gehlen’s team of former Nazi spies made the Cold War even more frigid.

America’s Nazi Secret

As mentioned in the Introduction, attorney and author John Loftus worked for the Justice Department’s Office of Special Investigations (OSI) in the 1970s. After leaving his post utterly frustrated, in 1982 he published America’s Nazi Secret initially as The Belarus Secret.

John Loftus, author of AMERICAS NAZI SECRET on Alex Jones' Infowars
John Loftus, author of AMERICAS NAZI SECRET on Alex Jones’ Infowars

The primary story of the book deals with the horrible tale of how over one million Jews, citizens of Belarus (also known as Byelorussia and ‘White Russia’) were annihilated by their fellow countrymen. The horrors of their killing were so unspeakable that Adolf Eichmann (1906-1962), the infamous father of ‘the final solution’ devised a different method for killing Jews. He reasoned that poison gas was far more humane.[7] Based on the murderous methods he witnessed in Belarus to eradicate Jews, he constructed gas chambers. The story of the Belarus monsters which killed over a million Jews constitutes the original crime. However, the primary thrust of Loftus’ book relates to the cover-up by Americans who determined the Belarus killers would be useful in our fight against the Soviet Union. It is this cover-up, particularly those facts recently declassified during the last few years, we will study here.

A Highly Credible Source

We should note just how credible Loftus’ account is. At that time of the first book’s publishing, it was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Mike Wallace, the famous and well-regarded investigative reporter for CBS (who just passed away – in April 2012 at the time of this writing), won an Emmy Award for his television presentation based of Loftus’ research. Loftus’ original book went through five printings and was held as “a seminal work on Holocaust history and on corruption within the American intelligence community.” However, his re-release of the book in early 2011 (fattened by myriad documents now declassified by the Departments of State, Justice, Central Intelligence, and military intelligence), is “invisible” according to Loftus. The author laments no one in the press is eager to review the book, much less wants to take up the subject anymore. It appears that the sleeping dog of U.S. sponsored Nazi incursion into America should continue to enjoy its rest. Loftus doesn’t directly clarify whether this reticence is an intentional avoidance of the issue (because the Media has been ‘bought’ as most authors on this subject assert) – or simply because marketing decisions have been made which presume the American public couldn’t care less about our shocking and sordid past.[8] Goodness knows either alternative is equally disturbing.

As a helpful overview and to quickly get the gist of his book, a particular passage concluding his new 2011 edition stands out:

Over the years, however, the emphasis of the cover-up switched from protecting ongoing operations and agents to protecting the men who had smuggled the Nazis into the United States. [Frank] Wisner [one of Allen Dulles’ Deputies at the Department of Justice] and his associates had violated several laws, including the Trading with the Enemy Act, and some statutes of limitations [that] did not run out until 1961, but there were other reasons for the persistence of the cover-up. The major one was the change in the international climate. The Belarus conspiracy was a product of the Cold War and confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union. Rightly or wrongly, the American people and American policymakers were convinced that Stalin was determined to dominate the world and tailored their actions to meet the perceived threat. Anything that made trouble for the Russians was permissible, including the enlistment of Nazi collaborators. Critics were isolated as appeasers, enemies of the state, or, in the heyday of McCarthyism, “soft on communism.”[9]

Loftus measures the extent of America having ‘turned a blind eye’ to our government’s Nazi smuggling, by the fact that Eric Holder, currently Attorney General for President Obama, eulogized a former Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Mark Richard, in May 2009 at Richard’s funeral. Loftus says, “Richard was a despicably evil little man, and one who perpetrated a fraud on Congress, the CIA, Holocaust survivors and WWII veterans. It was he, more than any other, who protected Nazi war criminals living in America and obstructed justice for the victims of the Third Reich.” [10] Loftus provides his own post-mortem of Richards:

Before his death in 2009, Mark Richard commissioned a 600-page classified report in which the Justice Department defended Richard’s role in the failed “hunt” for Nazi war criminals in America. Of the 15,000 Nazi war criminals officially estimated to have lived in America, fewer than one hundred received any form of mild sanction from the Justice Department, and that at a staggering cost of more than a half-million dollars per case. Congress had delivered the money, but Justice never delivered the goods. Nazi hunting may have been the least effective program in Justice Department history. Mark Richard edited the Justice Department document to exonerate himself and to shift the blame to a lower-ranking bureaucrat, Allan Ryan, whom Richard accused of perjury and dishonesty. He devoted an entire chapter of the report to me, claiming that I was an amateur historian who “exaggerated” things about Nazis working for American intelligence. And then Richard made a fatal mistake. He told the truth, just a bit, but enough to sink his reputation.[11]

Richard had been saying for 30 years that there never was any evidence America had helped smuggle Nazis into America. But in the end he finally admitted, “Well, maybe we did help just a little.” This admission opened the door for investigators and researches to peer into the actual documents and see how many Nazis came to America – and how thoroughly the Immigration Service, as well as Departments of Justice and State covered-up the process. We read:

Nazi Secrets was released, without any advance notice to the government, in November 2010 on Veteran’s Day (although advance copies were sent to the New York Times, which may have provided an early warning to the Justice Department). That same week, someone took a copy of Richard’s classified report out of the Justice Department safe and leaked it to the Times, which broke the story three days later. Now, instead of praising Mark Richard, the Times [finally and reluctantly] reported primarily that the Justice Department acknowledged that the U.S. government helped Nazis immigrate and then lied about it. That was the headline that ran all over the country.[12] [Clarification mine]

The New York Times and Its Role in the Cover-up

Loftus indicates not only was the American Government responsible for the Nazi smuggling, but today’s bastion of liberal reporting, the New York Times, was on the payroll of the Government and had been ever since the 1930s, helping to shape public opinion; eventually downplaying the Nazi infestation during and after it occurred. The Times gladly played this role in exchange for ‘scoops’ from time-to-time on stories U.S. leadership elected to make public. For instance, before World War II, The Times frequently published favorable stories on Bolshevism and how well it was faring in bringing new hope to the people of Russia:

There is no famine or actual starvation nor is there likely to be.

New York Times, Nov. 15, 1931, page 1

There is no actual starvation or deaths from starvation but there is widespread mortality from diseases due to malnutrition.

New York Times, March 31, 1933, page 13

You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.

New York Times, May 14, 1933, page 18

Any report of a famine in Russia is today an exaggeration or malignant propaganda.

New York Times, August 23, 1933 [13]

One of Loftus’ most stupendous revelations: how much our Government knew about the holocaust and that the U.S. (and Britain) had such information at the outset of the War. He claims the Americans and the Brits received weekly reports on how many Jews were being killed – but decided that Jewish deaths were acceptable loses in the war effort. In other words, it was a conscious and calculated decision by the Allies that millions of Jewish lives were expendable.

Why would Americans make such a decision? As shocking as it seems to us today, the simple fact is that America’s leaders no longer wanted the European Jews to come here. Jews had migrated safely to America for over 100 years. But by the 1920s, Congress wouldn’t alter the immigration quotas to accommodate them. Furthermore, this wasn’t purely an economic decision. The anti-Semitic feelings of American leadership were to blame.[14] Additionally, it wasn’t just the government that sat on this information. The NY Times chose to omit the fact countless Jews were perishing in Europe under Hitler’s policies. Loftus asserts:

The New York Times has a long history of deception by omission. During WWII, the Times omitted numerous reports of Nazi atrocities against Jews, and buried even the smallest mention of what we now call the Holocaust in its back pages. The Times has since acknowledged this as a major journalistic failure. During the post-war struggles that lead to the creation of the State of Israel, Times’ reporting can best be described as neutral or in favor of the Arabs, perhaps because the owner of the paper had publicly declared that if Israel ever became a nation, he would “resign from the Jewish race.”[15]

Not only did The Times fail to publish the truth about Bolshevism and the Holocaust, according to Loftus, it was a tool for the overthrow of the Allende government in Chile (1973) and the Mossadegh Democracy in Iran earlier (1953) – not to mention (which they didn’t) the depth of the clandestine hiring of Nazi intelligence into our intelligence services[16] as described earlier in regards to the Gehlen organization.

Additionally, this artifact of the twentieth century continues to impact our country to this day. Loftus writes of the ongoing collusion between the Times and parties within our government which protect The Muslim Brotherhood – which is currently the ‘organizing principle’ in the so-called Arab Spring of 2011. Both Justice and The Times are unwilling to reveal to the American public that ‘The Brotherhood’ was originally established by the Nazis and employed soon after the war by the British in an attempt to eliminate Israel early in its history! Our British brethren chose this terrorist organization in order to protect England’s oil interests, aligned as they were with the oil-producing Arab states:

Someone has shredded the bulk of the CIA’s entire file collection on the Muslim Brotherhood. There are only a few press clippings in the file. The New York Times continues to publish puff pieces about the wonderful Muslim Brotherhood as an old fashioned anti-colonial political group that may play a modern role in a future Egyptian government. The truth, as this [Loftus’] book reveals, is that the Muslim Brotherhood was the original Arab Nazi movement, working for British intelligence to crush the infant State of Israel. In the 1980s it was hired by American intelligence to recruit the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan, and it is now the parent organization of every Sunni terrorist group in the Middle East. A rather significant omission in the Times’ coverage of the Muslim Brotherhood, wouldn’t you say? [17] [Comment mine – In light of what is happening with ISIS in the Middle East today, who might be behind its training and financing?  Saudi Arabia?  The CIA?  Maybe both?]

Loftus adds further details about how the Muslim Brotherhood was engaged to attack the State of Israel:

Arab Nazis remain the only segment of the Third Reich that was never punished or even dismantled. After the war, the British Secret Service hired the Ikwahn terrorists, and used them as a fifth column in an attempt to destroy the infant state of Israel in 1948. When Gamal Nasser and the leftists took over Egypt, they banned this huge army of Arab Nazis now numbering nearly three quarters of a million strong. In the 1950s the same Robber Barons who helped fund and create the original Saudi Ikwahn, convinced their Saudi partners to take them back. The Saudis gladly accepted the Nazi refugees from the Egyptian Ikwahn and gave them citizenship.[18]

As Loftus documents in America’s Nazi Secret (and in his book, The Secret War Against the Jews) the anti-Semitic war launched by the Nazis was aided and abetted all told for almost 80 years by the wealthiest British and American elite. Therefore, we can’t rightly conclude Anti-Semitism constitutes an exclusive trait of only select racist (and deceased) Germans. It is a despicable hatred shared by humanity ‘at large’. “History records the Muslim Brotherhood as the parent organization of every subsequent Sunni terrorist group from Hamas to the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Mohammed Qutb, the brother of the chief Nazi propagandist, was the personal tutor of young Osama bin Laden. Although Congress and the CIA did not know it, the roots of the 9/11 tragedy began in the Eisenhower administration.” [19]

Roosevelt’s Fight within His Own Administration

When it comes to which political party is to blame for these crimes, Loftus is an equal-opportunity documenter of unlawful activities. He indicates Democrats as well as Republicans are both guilty of importing Nazi war criminals and hiding the truth from public view. “Robber Barons were both Republican and Democrats. In truth they only believed in profit. They were comprised of some of America’s wealthiest families, including the Harrimans, Bushes, Rockefellers, DuPonts, and of course, the Dulleses. It is not an exaggeration to say that they funded both Hitler and Stalin.”[20]


In his book, Nazi International Farrell asserts the Anglo-American elite decided to test which form of socialism would work best by experimenting with three different types of socialism in the geo-political world: There was FDR’s ‘New Deal’ socialism, Joseph Stalin’s extreme form of central-government planning (Marxism or Leninism), and German National Socialism (the Nazi Party). Capitalism had become passé.

Having put Bolshevism into power, the internationalist corporate elite soon found itself faced with a problem, namely, that the Soviet Union and its Communist International was serious about expanding communist power – under Soviet auspices – around the world, and particularly into central Europe and Germany. Faced with the possibility of a power bloc centered on Russia and Germany under Communist control, the ability to manipulate and control that bloc – much less oppose it if the need arose – became quite problematical, if not downright impossible. In short, the balance of power, upon which the larger scheme depended, would have been threatened. Having created the Communist monster, the elite then decided to finance another monster – Nazism – to oppose it. This plan was indeed realistic, since Germany was the only power conceivably in a position to oppose Russia economically and militarily. France and Great Britain simply had neither the muscle nor the geopolitical position to do it, and the United States was ill-disposed to become involved in European affairs. As a result of these considerations, the pattern of international corporate cartel and licensing arrangements between the Western Powers – particularly the United States – and Germany emerged.[21]

Furthermore, to hide their political experiment, wealthy American businessmen (see the introduction to this book) bought influence in the U.S. and British Government before and after the War. “The money that funded the banks and corporations of the Third Reich came from Wall Street and ‘the City,’ London, England’s financial district and Wall Street equivalent. President Roosevelt knew about it, and so did his Secretary of the Treasury, Henry Morgenthau.” [22] But Roosevelt apparently failed to convey to Truman that the real motive for the trial of German bankers at Nuremberg was to finger American and British bankers who were pulling the strings. These actions were buried through the influence of the very wealthy and their attorneys, eventually involving executives within the Department of Justice to assure the truth never came out. Loftus adds:

Special Assistant Attorney General of the United States closed all of the treason cases in Occupied Germany. Not a single corporate officer ever went to jail for doing business with the Nazis, either in America or the United Kingdom. The Justice Department covered it all up. More than a hundred American traitors were returned home after many profitable years of serving Hitler… Allen Dulles used his position in the OSS to protect himself and his clients from investigation for laundering Nazi funds back to America. [23]

President Roosevelt didn’t even trust his own Department of Justice. He kept his Attorney General as well as Vice-President under surveillance for protecting American businessmen who had commercial ties with Hitler’s Germany.[24] Additionally, Roosevelt and Churchill worked out a deal where they each would allow the others’ intelligence services to spy on their own citizenry so they could both affirm to any future investigators that they weren’t using their country’s clandestine services for spying on their respective citizenries! Today, we call this technique ‘plausible deniability’.

Loftus indicates this eventually led Roosevelt to replace his then Vice-President Henry Wallace with Harry Truman who was regarded to be bi-partisan and sensitive to American corporate corruption. What is even more amazing: Roosevelt allowed British Intelligence (the infamous MI6) to assassinate several pro-Nazi American businessmen in New York City! This astounding revelation is now become fully public with newly declassified documents.Loftus states:

President Roosevelt did not brief Truman on the investigations into Dulles and the Attorney General, both of whom were retained by Truman after Roosevelt’s death. What President Truman also did not know was that FDR permitted British assassination teams to murder pro-Nazi American businessmen in New York. Mention of the American-Nazi collaboration and the British assassination teams were censored from the original edition of this book, along with any mention of the Vatican’s role in laundering Nazi money back to the American corporate investors.[25]


* * * * * *

In PART 2, we will discuss the role of the Vatican, working with the United States, to move Nazi war criminals to the Americas


[1] This is a slight paraphrase from an NBC Rock-Center documentary on John F. Kennedy’s affair with Mimi Alford, aired in February 2012.

[2] Even at the level of the lower ranking military officers, it was the strong opinion that American soldiers should get home quick, because they would be in another war with the Soviets before too many months had gone by. This was showcased in the movie Patton (1970). My father, a lieutenant in Patton’s 3rd Army, related this same perspective to me when I was still very young and reaffirmed it again after viewing the movie about old “Blood and Guts.”

[3] Hitler determined the fate of the Me 262 himself. He demanded Messerschmitt make it a blitzbomber although it had been designed as a fighter. Ulrich Brunzel comments that this choice was, “a decision of serious consequences, because the plane had not been designed as a bomber.” Continuing on, we read:

The bomb load alone would make it some 200 kilometers per hour slower and reduce its radius of action accordingly. Both features would make the fighter plane inferior to those of the enemy. Besides, the bomb suspension mechanism had yet to be designed, which meant another delay of at least six months. General Adolf Galland and other experienced flying officers tried to change Hitler’s mind, even if, for the time being, in vain. The aircraft was to be redesigned as a blitzbomber. (Brunzel, Hitler’s Treasures and Wonder Weapons, Heinrich Jung Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, Zella-Mehlis/Meiningen, 1997, pp. 153-155.)

[4] “During the Kennedy Administration, Dulles faced increasing criticism. The pro-American but unpopular regimes in Iran and Guatemala that Dulles had helped put in place were widely regarded as brutal and corrupt.

Several failed assassination plots utilizing CIA-recruited operatives from the Mafia and anti-Castro Cubans directly against Castro undermined the CIA’s credibility. The reputation of the agency and its director declined drastically after the Bay of Pigs Invasion fiasco, and Dulles and his staff (including Deputy Director for Plans Richard M. Bissell, Jr. and Deputy Director Charles Cabell) were forced to resign in September 1961. President Kennedy reportedly said he wanted to “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds” (reference from a 1966 NY Times article). See

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[7] Another key reason to build the gas chambers was that the German Military who were at the forefront of murdering Jews were guilt ridden and becoming ineffective in the process. Poison gas wasn’t only to make murdering Jews more humane – it was also about ‘efficiency’ and sheltering the consciences of German soldiers assigned to the macabre task.

[8] Since the recent covers of Time Magazine, as showcased in February 2012 by John Stewart on the Daily Show, picture international issues dealing with political topics while the U.S. cover for the same editions deals with personal health and entertainment, it is easy to decry American lackadaisical attitudes.

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[24] Loftus comments:

Roosevelt did not trust either his State Department or Justice Department, he entrusted the post-war probe of American financial collaboration with the Nazis to Henry Morgenthau, his Secretary of the Treasury. Morgenthau initiated Operation Safehaven, a program to trace Nazi flight-capital back to the western investors. After Roosevelt’s death, Morgenthau was discredited for an anti-German bias at a time when America allegedly needed to rebuild Germany as a bulwark against Russian encroachment. Dulles took over Operation Safehaven, and used it as a cover for OPC’s Nazi recruitment. Although Dulles destroyed the Safehaven index, a few of Morgenthau’s original files escaped Dulles’s shredder, and can be found in the wartime State Department Post Files. For example, in the Switzerland Post files I discovered the Operation Safehaven investigation of Dulles himself, where he was accused of laundering money for the Nazis. My historical novel, The Witness Tree, goes into this episode in some detail. The dialogue is fiction, but the story is fact. The Safehaven files were stolen by Eleanor Dulles and given to the Zionist intelligence service. They then blackmailed Nelson Rockefeller into pressuring the Latin American nations to supply the extra votes in the UN to create the State of Israel.” [Emphasis mine]

Kindle Locations 890-899. America’s support for Israel becoming a sovereign state appears to be less enthusiastic than most American’s realize.

[25] Loftus, Kindle Locations 386-389.

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