How the United States Government Helped Nazis Infiltrate America – Part 2

How the United States Government Helped Nazis Infiltrate America – Part 2

 President Roosevelt did not brief Truman on the investigations into Dulles and the Attorney General, both of whom were retained by Truman after Roosevelt’s death. What President Truman also did not know was that FDR permitted British assassination teams to murder pro-Nazi American businessmen in New York. Mention of the American-Nazi collaboration and the British assassination teams were censored from the original edition of this book, along with any mention of the Vatican’s role in laundering Nazi money back to the American corporate investors.

John Loftus, America’s Nazi Secret

Did the Vatican Help Hitler Escape to the Americas?

The Vatican’s role in forming and managing the so-called ‘Ratlines’ moving Nazis to the Americas from Germany broached in the passage above, comprises another intricate and diabolical story. We return to it here to highlight the Vatican’s possible role enabling the escape of the most famous of all Nazi fugitives – the Führer himself!

According to Loftus, the Vatican management of the ‘ratlines’ was headed by the man who would eventually become Pope Paul VI (Giovanni Maria Montini, 1897-1978). Thus, this effort was hardly behind the Pope’s back; the ‘Pope-to-be’ ran the program himself.

Peter Levenda's Ratline
Peter Levenda’s Ratline

As this author was completing this chapter [some two years ago], Peter Levenda released a new book entitled, Ratline: Soviet Spies, Nazi Priests and the Disappearance of Adolf Hitler (2012). Levenda’s research on the extensiveness of the ratlines, with new proof that they extended all the way to Indonesia, is mesmerizing – mostly because it provides an account of how Hitler may have escaped with his then new wife Eva Braun, first to Salzburg, Austria; then two years later to Argentina, then Brazil, and ultimately to Asia in the early 1950s. The story is much, much too long for inclusion here (and not thoroughly convincing to this author), but the now proven escape route underscores how many important Nazis left Europe due to the Vatican’s help.

One particular villain central to the story is a Croatian priest, Monsignor Krunoslav Draganovic.

Draganovic was a Croatian priest of the Catholic Church, and a devoted Nazi. His segment of the Ratline was known as the “monastery route” because it used Vatican credentials, Red Cross passports, and monasteries and churches as safe houses along the escape routes. It was a Ratline used by many of the most infamous Nazi war criminals including members of the dreaded SS. [1]

Levenda traces the route of one Georg Anton Pöch to the faraway island of Sumbawa, east of Bali. There he ran a clinic for ten years. His wife was another white foreigner with a German accent. The couple lived together until 1964 when she traveled one-way to Germany never to return again. This trip commenced at the time when the father of Eva Braun was dying. Not long afterwards, the abandoned Pöch remarried an Asian woman in Sumbawa, converted to Islam, and took a Muslim name. He died a few years later in 1970 and was buried in a grave that is reputed by locals to be the grave of Adolf Hitler, mysteriously placed beneath a headstone without birth or death dates engraved. Born in 1889, Hitler would have been 81.

Early in the story, Levenda does a thorough job dispensing with the generally accepted account of Hugh Trevor-Roper and his depiction of Hitler’s suicide in the Bunker, April 30, 1945. Levenda points out how little research was in fact done by Trevor-Roper, how few interviews were conducted, how the ones that were smacked of deceit, and how he was hired by British intelligence to write down the account to settle the matter of Hitler’s death. In the absence of a body that could be firmly identified (the body was charred beyond recognition) and with a set of ‘dental records’ which were at best forged, forensic evidence seems especially unconvincing. Add to this situation that Trevor-Roper was also an intelligence agent and doubt intensifies. Indeed, if one conclusion seems certain from our study: anytime an intelligence agent records history, there is little chance the truth will find its way into the account. Last but not least: Joseph Stalin emphatically maintained Hitler escaped the Allies and lived on in parts unknown.

Adding fuel to the fire: the skull of Hitler, famously in the possession of Russia for decades, was recently proven not to be that of Hitler – that is, unless Hitler was a woman! An American researcher in 2009 did the DNA tests to prove it wasn’t Hitler’s head. From The Daily Mail, 9-28-09 we read this account:

Adolf Hitler may not have shot himself dead and perhaps did not even die in his bunker, it emerged yesterday. A skull fragment believed for decades to be the Nazi leader’s has turned out to be that of a woman under 40 after DNA analysis.

Scientists and historians had long thought it to be conclusive proof that Hitler shot himself in the head after taking a cyanide pill on 30 April 1945 rather than face the ignominy of capture. The piece of skull – complete with bullet hole – had been taken from outside the Fuhrer’s bunker by the Russian Army and preserved by Soviet intelligence.

Now the story of Hitler’s death will have to rewritten as a mystery – and conspiracy theorists are likely to latch on to the possibility that he may not have died in the bunker at all. The traditional story is that Hitler committed suicide with Eva Braun as the Russians bombarded Berlin.

Although some historians doubted he shot himself and suggested it was Nazi propaganda to make him a hero, the hole in the skull fragment seemed to settle the argument when it was put on display in Moscow in 2000.

But DNA analysis has now been performed on the bone by American researchers.

Where is he? The skull the Soviets found in 1946 is not Adolf Hitler’s, tests show. ‘We know the skull corresponds to a woman between the ages of 20 and 40,’ said University of Connecticut archeologist Nick Bellantoni. ‘The bone seemed very thin; male bone tends to be more robust. And the sutures where the skull plates come together seemed to correspond to someone under 40.’ Hitler was 56 in April 1945.Mr. Bellantoni flew to Moscow to take DNA swabs at the State Archive and was also shown the bloodstained remains of the bunker sofa on which Hitler and Braun were believed to have killed themselves.

‘I had the reference photos the Soviets took of the sofa in 1945 and I was seeing the exact same stains on the fragments of wood and fabric in front of me, so I knew I was working with the real thing,’ he said.

His astonishing results have been broadcast in the U.S. in a History Channel documentary titled Hitler’s Escape.[2]

In essence, Levenda’s colorful theory builds upon this assumption: Hitler was doing his best to present evidence of weakness and frailty, sitting in a wheelchair, and showing signs of Parkinson’s Disease – a state secret unknown to the public concerning Hitler’s actual condition by War’s end. Levenda surmises:

Such a stateless person, with no identity documents, would have been an ideal candidate for the International Red Cross passport as well: a travel document that was being issued with somewhat reckless abandon and with little or no supporting identification documentation required… except, in certain cases, identification provided courtesy of the Roman Catholic Church. Such a stateless person would have been able to find another home, anywhere on the planet, particularly if they had the blessing of the Vatican itself. [3]

Levenda cites a lengthy memo from American military sources, dated July 1946, documenting the ‘monastery route’, identifying the major players in this scandal and associating them with the Croats. The memo was declassified in 1985 and was entitled, “Alleged Vatican Protection of Jugoslav [Yugoslav] War Criminals.”

The Croats were largely Catholic, and the idea of a Catholic bulwark against Communism was something that had wide appeal. This concept was mirrored in Argentine fascism, which saw itself and its role in the world in identical terms. Thus it should come as no surprise that there was a natural alliance between the Croats and the Argentines, through the intermediary of churchmen like Draganovic and [Bishop Alois] Hudal. They saw their enemy as Communism, and their natural allies in the fight against the Communists were the Nazis. [4]

Pope Paul XII, Eugenio Pacelli, signed the Reichsconcordat (1933) with Germany to guarantee the rights of the Catholics Church there. Many third parties criticize the Pope for doing a deal with the devil.[5] Others suggest that it might have been the best that the Church could have hoped for in the circumstances. However, given that Pope Paul XII was a staunch anti-communist, it isn’t a foregone conclusion that the Holy See was simply placating a fascist regime or forced into an ‘offer he couldn’t refuse’. The Concordat appeared to be a favored course of action. The German Cardinal Faulhaber offered this comment in March, 1933: “After my recent experience in Rome in the highest circles, which I cannot reveal here, I must say that I found, despite everything, a greater tolerance with regard to the new government… Let us meditate on the words of the Holy Father, who in a consistory, without mentioning his name, indicated before the whole world in Adolf Hitler the statesman who first, after the Pope himself, has raised his voice against Bolshevism.” [6]

Reischskondordat July 20, 1933
Reischskondordat July 20, 1933

Levenda comments:

The Catholic Church has been criticized for this by any number of historians and observers, and the Vatican has usually fought back, insisting that the allegations are without merit. The fact remains, however, that the Nazi war criminals most famous, most wanted, most notorious were protected and aided in their escape by a series of Catholic priests, bishops, and cardinals throughout Europe and North and South America. Whether or not this was “official” policy, it most definitely took place and there was no policy – official or otherwise – to stop it… Photographs of Roman Catholic priests, bishops and cardinals standing shoulder to shoulder with men in the uniforms of the SS or the Ustashe (the fascist Croatian revolutionary movement), giving the “Heil Hitler” salute, could only be construed as evidence of tacit approval.[7]

In a memo dated July 12, 1948 from Paul E. Lyon and Charles Crawford, Special Agents of the CIC (Counter-Intelligence Command) 430th Detachment in Vienna, Subject: “Rat Line from Austria to South America,” we see unequivocal proof the U.S. military participated in Draganovic’s operation. Levenda cites an extensive portion of the memorandum. I highlight paragraphs 2 and 3 of it below:

2. Through the Vatican connections of Father Draganovic, Croat, DP Resettlement Chief of the Vatican circle, a tentative agreement was reached to assist in this operation. The agreement consists of simply mutual assistance, i.e., these agents assist persons of interest to Father Draganovic to leave Germany and, in turn, Father Draganovic will assist these agents in obtaining the necessary visas to Argentina, South America, for persons of interest to this Command [the Americans].

3. It may be stated that some of the persons of interest to Father Draganovic may be of interest to the Denazification policy of the Allies; however, the persons assisted by Father Draganovic are also of interest to our Russian ally. Therefore, this operation cannot receive any official approval and must be handled with minimum amount of delay and with a minimum amount of general knowledge.[8] [Comment mine]

Clearly, it was seen in America’s self-interest to grab the Nazis to from the hands of the Communists and place them in America. As we will see from the remainder of the book, this was the very least U.S. leadership hoped would result from helping Nazis westward.

Still, we continue to be puzzled regarding why the Vatican would take this course of action and why it, along with our own government, would adopt such a dangerous and deleterious policy. Herein rests one of history’s most profound demonstrations of realpolitik.

Returning to the words of John Loftus, he suggests we should realize the Vatican’s motive was two-fold: first, it was due to a legacy of anti-Semitism (hatred to ‘the Christ killers’); and more perfidiously, because the British and Americans promised the Vatican rights to the life-insurance benefits paid for Jewish deaths due to the Holocaust! Loftus makes this final judgment:

The financial rot inside the Justice Department that began before WWII has never been cleansed. It has given corporate America a continuing source of blackmail against the career bureaucrats at DOJ who participated in the original Nazi cover-up… DOJ continues to be involved in the modern sequels, the Arab Nazi recruitment of the 9/11 terrorist groups, an inadvertent result of American oil company manipulation of DOJ and State. The Old Nazis are the New Nazis, their old evil still bottled in the same old barrels of oil.[9]

The English Royals and Their Support for Nazism

In Book One, this author went into detail documenting the fascinating story of Rudolf Hess and his ill-fated ‘peace mission’ to England. As related there, this extravagant excursion was part of a conspiracy between Hitler and at least a portion of the British Battenberg family[10] hoping to reinstate King George VI and the Royalty into total control of the country – ending the current republican form of British government. From the standpoint of King George (father of Queen Elizabeth II), Prime Minister Winston Churchill had to go.

Loftus brings additional information to the story adding substantial support to the theory of Hess’ trip and the monarchical conspiracy at its root.

One prominent royal, Edward, Duke of Windsor, had actually served as King before he was forced to abdicate. He claimed that he left the throne “to marry the woman I love” [the American Wallace Simpson]. The truth, however, is that SIS [MI6] wire tappers had made phonograph recordings of the Duke of Windsor making pre-war deals with Hitler’s Ambassador to the Court of Saint James. Even after his abdication, Windsor was regarded by J. Edgar Hoover as “such a dangerous Nazi agent” that he was kept under Allied surveillance throughout the war.

Forced to abdicate in December 1936, Edward and his American wife, Wallace Simpson, toured Germany in 1937. During his visit with Hitler, the dictator promised to restore him to the throne of England as its first fascist King. As his part of the bargain, it was said, Edward successfully betrayed the entire plan of the Maginot line to the Third Reich. British intelligence interceded just as Edward and Wallace were preparing to flee neutral Spain for Germany. They were seized and interned in the Bahamas for the duration of the war. At Churchill’s request to President Eisenhower, the Justice Department covered up the Windsor secret until I stumbled across the files in the Attorney General’s Top Secret vault [Emphasis mine] [11]

King George VI, i.e., of The King's Speech
King George VI, i.e., of The King’s Speech

But not only did the long-departed British royals (the father and uncle of Queen Elizabeth) deserved to be flayed for their treason, so did many American bankers. Loftus’ boss, another true hero, one Walter J. Rockler, discovered a German document during his Nazi war criminal investigations (Rockler and Loftus were the ‘good guys’ at the Justice Department) that listed thirteen American banks who were actively working with the Third Reich during the War! After Rockler’s investigative unit was shut down, Rockler kept the list safely hidden so it wouldn’t be shredded by those at Justice who were paid to cover the tracks of the duplicitous American bankers they served.[12]

Loftus informs his readers that one of the most important government officials who was responsible for hiding the truth and overseeing ‘dossier shredding’ was Henry Kissinger. His role, which has been documented convincingly in Loftus’ book, will no doubt never be broadcast by the media. This disclosure would surely upset the apple cart! Kissinger remains something of an American hero and a frequent guest analyst on most media ‘Sunday-morning’ talk shows.

As to the details: we learn Kissinger, a staunch anti-communist whose reputation included a willingness to consider the use of the atomic bomb against the Soviets (implying a strong resemblance to the featured character in the 1964 movie, Dr. Strangelove),[13] was mentored by Allen Dulles while Dulles was still running one of the (mere!) twenty-two American intelligence groups active immediately following World War II (and before the CIA was officially instituted into law through the National Security Act of 1947). Dulles headed the Office of Policy Coordination (OPC), a cover for an intelligence operation resident within the State Department, where:

Kissinger was recruited as a professional spy for Dulles shortly after the end of the war in Europe. Although there is no evidence that he personally recruited Nazis, Kissinger ran the intelligence file room where records of Nazi recruitment were kept. He then transferred to Harvard where he specialized in recruiting foreign students for espionage. Later he worked for Dulles during the glory days of Office of Policy Coordination (OPC). He was hired as a consultant for a private group known as Operations Research Office, which planned to use former Nazis as agents behind Russian lines in the event of World War III. Mention of Kissinger’s classified work was censored from the original manuscript of this book [The Belarus Secret].[14]

 The Politics of Profit

To reiterate, while the primary story in Loftus’ book concerns the atrocities and the cover-up of perhaps the worst Nazi collaborators of all – community and political leaders of Belarus aka Byelorussia – the real story regards the Americans and the British elite who set patriotism aside for profit. As noted, Loftus claims the Department of Justice was in the pocket of the wealthy American elite even as early as at the end of World War I. He indicates the then Attorney General was a ‘bagman’ for the Robber Barons during the Versailles Treaty (1919), agreeing to finance the war reparations saddled on Germany, while putting the next generation of Germans into such deep debt there would be no earthly method to repay – except, of course, by gaining control of German patents and retaining pledged corporate stock controlled by the Swiss. “The German currency might have been almost worthless, but German stock was priceless. By the 1930s, Germany had achieved a near-monopoly on high-tech industries, particularly in chemical processes.”[15] Hitler’s finance minister, Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht, was born in Brooklyn and understood the financing gambits of Wall Street having himself been a ‘player’ on Wall Street. Although Hitler banned foreign ownership of German companies at the outset of his first achieving political authority:

In response, the Robber Barons used their influence to pass the Swiss Bank Secrecy Act of 1933. The Wall Street crowd secretly owned the stocks of the Swiss Banks, which owned the stocks of the German banks, which owned the stocks of the German companies. Hitler never knew how the Thyssens and their Wall Street investors kept their financial control intact, at least not until after war broke out, and the Wall Street ties to a third group of terrorists was finally exposed [the Bolsheviks].[16]

To protect their earlier Russian investments (which originated in a scheme to harvest the market opportunity in post-Czarist Russia), the Robber Barons created an industrial park in eastern Poland, near the Russian border, near vast fields of coal. Canals were also built to facilitate Russian materials barging from this park to the Vistula River. The Polish province was known as Silesia and the coal company became known as the Silesian American Coal Company. Who may we ask was at the helm? As mentioned earlier, it included the Harrimans (Democrats) with Prescott Bush (Republican) sitting on the Board of Directors. As Loftus chides, “Funding Hitler was a bi-partisan event.” And as this author has asserted previously, when it comes to understanding what happens in the world, political parties are far less important than most Americans realize. Had Hitler not taken over Poland, the industrial park would have become a “profit center for Wall Street.” As it turns out, Hitler had a far more despicable purpose for the convenient shipping of massive loads of railcars and barges to the area. The Polish know the town as Oswiecim; the Germans called it, Auschwitz. So it is that American industrialists literally laid the tracks facilitating the Holocaust.

Loftus passes this summary judgment:

The bottom line is that for nearly a century, segments of the U.S. Justice Department and the State Department have been running a foreign policy directly at odds with orders of the Presidents and contrary to the knowledge and consent of Congress and the American people. This ongoing bureaucratic mutiny has nothing to do with ideology – they funded the Nazis and the Bolsheviks alike. There was no conspiracy, just a large number of separate Wall Street sharks swimming in parallel lines towards their bleeding victims. It was all about the money.[17]

Joseph Farrell provides a similar assessment:

Between 1927, only two years after the founding of the cartel, and the outbreak of the war in 1939, I.G. Farben had more than doubled in size. The Wall Street financiers who made the loans to Hermann Schmitz [head of I.G. Farben] to form this cartel had indeed created a monster, and that monster, in turn, was not proving to be as cooperative or pliable as they might have wished: [Quoting Anthony Sutton, Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler] “By 1939 I.G. acquired a participation and managerial influence in some 380 other German firms and over 500 foreign firms. The Farben Empire owned its own coal mines, its own electric power plants, iron and steel units, banks, research units, and numerous commercial enterprises. There were over 2,000 cartel agreements between I.G. and foreign firms – including Standard Oil of New Jersey, DuPont, Alcoa, Dow Chemical, and others in the United States. The full story of I.G. Farben and its world-wide activities before World War II can never be known, as key German records were destroyed in 1945 in anticipation of Allied victory.” [18]

In fact, as Farrell later points out, the liquidation of I.G. Farben as a result of its involvement in World War II was finally concluded only relatively recently, in 2003 to be precise, almost 60 years after the war ended. The wheels of justice do grind slowly indeed.

Conclusion – The Cover-up Continues

Although many years have passed, secrets of Nazi infiltration into America have been carefully protected despite numerous congressional investigations (all of which were sabotaged, cut short due to controversy, or abandoned when Rockler and Loftus got too close to the truth). Loftus provides considerable detail to document how resolute our government remains to this day, stubbornly refusing to admit the truth. Unfortunately for Loftus, this sad story has essentially become his biography:

For the next several decades, I all but abandoned my legal career to collect and declassify the hidden files that should have been made public before the 1985 Congressional Hearings. Like Rockler, I wanted to protect as much as I could from the Justice Department shredder. Nearly thirty years later, almost two thirds of the Nazi files have been legally declassified by the U.S. Government. The remaining one third, of course, awaits British permission before the CIA can release them to Congress. Many Americans, particularly veterans and victims of the Holocaust, will be astounded to learn that the Justice Department itself was directly behind the Nazi cover-up, betraying the sacrifice and suffering of both. Although the CIA does not realize it (they never do), their own newly declassified records released to the National Archives in 2009 make a very convincing case that it is the Justice Department which has been lying through its teeth to Congress. Included in these newly declassified files is the CIA’s account of how my superiors at the Justice Department, lobbied Congress to cancel the 1985 hearings… [Hearings which would have exposed much of the truth’s suppression about the Nazi infestation of America – comment mine] [19]

For the interested reader, in the bulk of his book Loftus provides the horrid story of the Belarus atrocities. Moreover, he articulates the intricate details demonstrating the full extent of the political machinations of the Justice and State Department bureaucrats up to the present day. Neither story is encouraging reading.

However, our primary interest wasn’t only to establish the facts surrounding Nazi political intrigue which still impacts American bureaucracy and other governments of our world today, but about how Nazi occult spirituality (which I demonstrated in Power Quest, Book One) and technical know-how (the focus of Power Quest, Book Two), transformed (to its moral detriment) other crucial segments of the United States government and our society.

 * * * * * * *

This article is drawn from Power Quest, Book Two:  The Ascendancy of Antichrist in America.  It is on sale this week in the Kindle Store for $5.95 and in the S DOUGLAS WOODWARD STORE for $12.95 plus shipping.  Both prices are approximately 40% off.


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And later, Paris quotes a Michael Schmaus, professor at the Faculty of Theology in Munich, who wrote:

“’Empire and church is a series of writings which should help the building up of the third Reich as it unites a national-socialist State to Catholic-Christianity…The national-socialist movement is the most vigorous and massive protest against the spirit of the 19th and 20th centuries… The idea of a people of one blood is the focal point of its teachings and all Catholics who obey the instructions of the German bishops will have to admit that this is so… The laws of national-socialism and those of the Catholic Church have the same aim…’” (Page 15).

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Mountbatten is the family name originally adopted by a branch of the Battenberg family due to rising anti-German sentiment among the British public during World War I. On 14 July 1917, Prince Louis of Battenberg (“Prince Louis I”) assumed the surname Mountbatten (having rejected an alternative translation, “Battenhill”) for himself and his descendants, and was created Marquess of Milford Haven.[2] The name is an Anglicization of the German Battenberg, a small town in Hesse. The title of count of Battenberg, later prince of Battenberg, was granted to a morganatic branch of the House of Hesse-Darmstadt in the mid-19th century.

Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, the consort of now-Queen Elizabeth II, adopted the surname of Mountbatten from his mother’s family in 1947, although he is a member of the House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg by patrilineal descent. (See

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[13] It is often pointed out that Kissinger bears a strong resemblance to the aggressive and enigmatic Dr. Strangelove in the movie by the same title (starring Peter Sellers as several characters in the movie). Strangelove proposes to the President to ‘use the bomb’ after actor George C. Scott, playing the head of the Joint Chiefs (General Buck Turgidson), has rationalized American civilian loses “as 50-60% tops.”

There were a number of startling coincidences from the film associated with the Kennedy assassination. According to a summary of the making of the film in the Wikipedia article on the movie Dr. Strangelove, we read these amazing details:

A first test screening of the film was scheduled for November 22, 1963, the day of the John F. Kennedy assassination. The film was just weeks from its scheduled premiere, but because of the assassination the release was delayed until late January 1964, as it was felt that the public was in no mood for such a film any sooner.

One line by Slim Pickens – “a fella could have a pretty good weekend in Dallas with all that stuff” – was dubbed to change “Dallas” to “Vegas,” Dallas being the city where Kennedy was killed. The original reference to Dallas survives in some foreign language-dubbed versions of the film, including the French release.

The assassination also serves as another possible reason why the pie-fight scene was cut. In the scene General Turgidson exclaims, “Gentlemen! Our gallant young president has been struck down in his prime!” after Muffley takes a pie in the face. Editor Anthony Harvey states that “[the scene] would have stayed, except that Columbia Pictures were horrified, and thought it would offend the president’s family.” See

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