Furthermore, Hillary Clinton, hands down, has the better resume. But who would be the better leader? What agenda does America need right now given what is happening to our country? Which candidate cares more about the people of America? Which candidate cares more about acquiring power and ruling the world?  These aren’t easy questions to answer. However, unless war comes to pass and the current President declares Martial Law, we will have to make a choice and live with the consequences.

In my opinion, the first candidate to attempt to overcome the character flaw discussion would come out a winner. Either Donald or Hillary should say something to dismiss the whole matter of sexual conduct because neither Donald nor Hillary (re: the Clintons) should be casting the first stone. Both are guilty of misconduct.
Instead, the issue should be about what the problems are that we face as a nation and what the best solution would be to address the problems. Is Hillary really another four years of President Obama? Is the Donald really a success at business? Both of these may be myths too.
I happen to favor Trump over Clinton. Let me explain why.

Most of my reasoning against Hillary has to do with Clinton’s support for the New World Order (globalism) and her bellicose attitude toward the Russians. This has been made plain in the last two weeks and given the looming prospects for war with Russia (which I take to be a serious threat), this is a big strike against Hillary. Finally, Hillary happens to believe the lie that America can force its will upon the world. This is simply not true. She has this in common with the Republican Neo-cons and demonstrates why there aren’t that many differences between the leaders of the two parties.  The establishment has been shaped by Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brzezinski.  But this ideology of American Exceptionalism has been finally found wanting.  We can’t afford to let it guide our foreign policy any longer.  The rise of Islamic extremism is proof positive that there are limits to what America can do in the world when it comes to throwing its weight around and demanding we call the shots.

My reasoning for Trump has to do with seeing him resemble Ronald Reagan in one very big way: he is a cheerleader for the nation and he genuinely cares that more people prosper based on lower corporate taxes stimulating job growth.  I know something about finance and economics.  Businesses want to grow and they do want to put people to work.  This is a key to growing investor value.  Recall that Ronald Reagan “made America great again” and defeated the “evil empire” of the Soviet Union primarily because he had an ideology and communicated it effectively to the nation. He “got along” with his adversaries (like Tip O’Neal, the Democratic Speaker of the House). He could make deals and get his policies implemented.  He was already suffering the first stages of Alhzheimers in his final two years of office.  But he still got his agenda implemented (with the notable exception of the Iran-Contra affair and allowing the CIA to run drugs to make money) and the nation was the better for it.

But I also find Trump the better choice because he has personally committed $100 million to the campaign. He is NOT a shill for Wall Street despite being rich. His version of Nationalism is not Hitler’s National Socialist Party… which most liberals assume he means when he says national interests should come first. Trump may “get off” on being at the center of the limelight, but frankly, he doesn’t really need the grief of being a politician. He is not likely to turn the Oval Office into his bedroom the way that WJC did. Trump knows how to run organizations and do big projects. He knows to involve very smart people and he can get things done.

Do we believe that Hillary has the same ability to manage things on that scale? Do we believe she will make more friends than enemies? Do we believe she really cares about the American people? Or does she really believe that most Americans are deplorables?  As the following video shows (in reciting some of her famous deleted emails that weren’t about Yoga classes!), she considered most of her Leftist constituents “plebeians” and undesirables too.

I found the following 5 minute video insightful and telling regarding the way that Hillary sees the world and the way she believes power should be wielded. To me, that is the deciding factor. Take a listen and let me know what you think.  THE LINK.




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