Interview with Sheila Zelinsky on September 11

SheilaZlogoOn the Weekend Vigilante Program

I have been hopeful that I would eventually connect with one of my favorite “Fringe” Christian radio personalities, Sheila Zelinsky.   This past Friday, I was privileged to be on Sheila’s show.  We discussed the upcoming events this September, including the Pope’s visit, Madonna’s crazy “Fallen Angels” Tour, the Jewish Holidays, the Jubilee, the Shemittah pattern (discussed in Jonathan Cahn’s The Mystery of the Shemittah), the Tetrad on September 28 (during the Feast of Tabernacles).

I’ve always enjoyed Sheila’s “no-nonsense” style.  She asks tough questions, is very well read, has smart insights, and cuts the administration no slack when it comes to doing inexplicable things.  Trained as an attorney, Sheila is tough–but in a good way.

Our discussion was very lively.  It lasted about one hour.  You should find it interesting.  If you haven’t ever listened to Sheila, I heartily recommend you do.  You should enjoy her show, her guests, and her attitude!

Here is the link to the program from September 11.

We agreed to get together again soon when the book project I am working on with Benjamin Baruch and Jeff Nyquist is complete.  The title of this upcoming book is, The New Tactics of Global War.  The book will feature the astounding research and analysis of Jeff (JR) Nyquist, some great insights by Ben Baruch, and a foreword by yours truly providing some context for the book from the perspective of Bible prophecy.

Jeff is a noted expert on Russia’s geopolitical and military strategy.  The book’s focus will be on the advancement of Russia’s weapons technology, its deceptive method of geopolitical maneuvering, and the likely tactical moves Russia is making in the world today to prepare its military for war and its people to appreciate why the Russian leaders believe they must act against the United States.  Stay tuned for information on this book within the next couple of weeks.

JR Nyquist, Author and Expert on Russian Strategy
JR Nyquist, Author and Expert on Russian Strategy
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