Words by Gene Wilder, from the movie, Young Frankenstein.  Remember, Dr. Frankenstein pronounced it Frankensteen!

But yes, I am alive and rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated. (Credit to Mark Twain)

Some personal information to catch you up on what has been going on with me and Donna. In case you were wondering why there have been no posts and no videos, i.e., THE HOT SEAT for the past six weeks or so.

The last six weeks have been busy and crazy. Not only did we all have holidays, we had an expected death in the family. I say expected, because my mother-in-law, Ree Wilson, passed away at the ripe old age of 101. She had a grand life, full of family, member of her Presbyterian Church where Donna and I wed, 47 years ago, and active in all kinds of clubs. W e will miss her. But honestly, the last three years have been awful due to dementia that progressed and got worse and worse, and then COVID restrictions on visitation.  Happily, she didn’t die alone. Her caretaker who was practically a member of our family, was there with her along with several nurses she loved. After going to Oklahoma City (we had moved to Minneapolis eight months ago) in a very quick fashion (it’s 800 miles each way, couldn’t get a reasonable air fare, so we drove).  We’ve had quite a lot of issues dealing with her trusts and working that out with our family, so priorities shifted during this period.

But it’s time to get back in the saddle.

I have four interviews set up for the next four weeks. All four of my guests are returning from earlier discussions, and the topics will be fabulous.  The last HotSeat was with Lambert Dolphin, former engineer at SRI, who pioneered a great deal of remote sensing (not remote viewing with others at SRI did in spades). That show addressed the often repeated (apparently unlikely) presence of the secret chamber prophesied by Edgar Cayce under the foot of the Sphinx at Giza. You will want to view that program if possible before sitting down to watch the next one, which I believe will premier on or about Friday of this week.  Here’s a quick plan for the next several weeks:

  1. Lambert Dolphin will join me on the location of the Temple of Solomon and Herod. Lambert utilized seismic and sonar technologies at the Temple Mount to hunt for the foundation.
  2. Derek Gilbert will discuss his latest book, The Second Coming of Saturn. Saturn has a particular interest for me. If you have read REVISING REALITY, you will know why. His book is available now at Amazon and SkyWatch TV (but of course!)
  3. Dr. Doug Hamp has completed the third book in his series CORRUPTING THE IMAGE, which looks awesome.  It should be out in February.  It addresses a bunch of issues pertaining to eschatology.
  4. Kay Tolman, a leading author and therapist in the world of SRA/DID will join me toward the end of this month, to follow up on some deeper issues regarding the New World Order, and the plan to implement full control over the human race, but especially in the United States.  We will likely discuss several case studies to expose the evil we are facing now and in the future.

At this time, I am bringing to your attention an interview Kay did recently with another lovely Christian lady. The content of this interview introduces many aspects of this subject. If you are a survivor of SRA, DID, or are just interested to learn more, this interview is jammed packed with information.  Below is a link to it.  Please take advantage of the discussion.  THIS LINK TAKES YOU TO REVELATION GATEWAY MINISTRY.  CLICK ON THE BLACK BOX THERE “EYESONTHERIGHT4.0” – AN INSTAGRAM INTERVIEW.

BLESSINGS TO ALL.  Keep on the lookout for me in 2022!


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