Live Appearance Saturday Night on John B. Wells, CARAVAN TO MIDNIGHT


I’ve been invited to be the guest for two hours on John B. Wells terrific show on Radio nationally and on the Internet (Live Streaming), CARAVAN TO MIDNIGHT.  I’m excited and privileged to be on his show.

I anticipate we will focus on the geopolitics (the possible war of Israel and Iran and the biblical implications) as well as the domestic craziness of Donald Trump vs. THE MEDIA, THE DEMOCRATS, THE ESTABLISHMENT, THE FBI, THE CIA, AND THE DEEP STATE.  We may also discuss WWIII, America’s place in Bible Prophecy, and how the war of Gog and Magog may be “the next great war in the middle east.”  Could the probable war with Hezbollah, Iran, and Syria lead to “the big one” as described in Ezekiel 38-39?

John is a strong believer in Jesus Christ which influences who he invites on his program and the topics he covers. He hosts one of the most popular late-night “talk shows” around. John used to be the “alternate” (weekend) host for Coast-to-Coast AM (George Noury). But he lept from C-2-C to begin his own show a couple of years back and has grown a large and vibrant audience, live streamed on the internet, live on AM/FM radio stations around the country, and downloaded (MP3) from his archives.  Additionally, his archived shows are often available on YouTube as well as at his website, (although generally, they are published several weeks after the ratio/telecast).

To be a full member of his programs, you can subscribe (sign up) at his website.  Here is the link: You can also CLICK on the screenshot immediately below.

Brand New Book by Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson

I’m also pleased to announce that I completed a number of interviews this past week with Paul McGuire and Troy Anderson for Prophecy in the News. They have a new book out, TRUMPOCALYPSE, which deals with whether Trump is a biblical Cyrus and has a providential appointment with a righteous goal to restore America (or at least provide a retrieve from the direction we’ve been heading).

Here is the 7-minute video that Paul and I did after the announcement from the Mueller Special Counsel, Rod Rosenstein’s presentation to the press, this past week.  Is the Russia collusion narrative past us?  Is Trump exonerated?  Is there more intrigue to come?  You can see these shows interspersed with other PITN programs over the next several months.  The first program is also available at this time on YouTube.  Purchase Trumpocalypse now from the Prophecy in the News bookstore: 

Please subscribe to my website at, in the upper right corner of the homepage.  My books are available on Amazon at  You can also click on the row of books immediately above.

Blessings!  Have a great weekend.  Hope you can join John and I Saturday night!

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