How do the rich and powerful maintain their power?  Are children bred to become world leaders?  Could any of our Presidents have been subject to this process?  Were any born and placed in special families to grow up to become President?  Were the book and movie, The Manchurian Candidate, more than just an intriguing political thriller?

The following is a chapter from my book, Power Quest, Book Two:  The Ascendancy of Antichrist in America.  It is the most revealing of all my books regarding the coming of the “new world order”.  It was written over three years ago.  It might be the most important book I’ve written, but least read.  It is dark.  It is heavily documented.  And it is dangerous.  But I want to release it again at this crucial moment in the history of our country.  Many evil powers are circling overhead.  Christians need to realize that evil is not sporadic — it is continuous.  It is not occasional — it is constant.  The Plan is working itself into our reality. It has been thousands of years in the making. Mystery Babylon is about to reveal itself fully in the days just ahead.

Chapter Nine:
Mengele, Children Warriors, The ‘Royal’ Conspiracy, and the Creation of Antichrist


“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second it is violently opposed. Third it is accepted as being self-evident.”

Frederick Schopenhauer

The heavier the technology, the more difficult it is to distinguish between treatment and torture.

Peter Schrag, author Mind Control

“The three big ingredients of psychological warfare are money, no holds barred, and no questions asked. “

C.D. Jackson, Special Assistant for Psychological Strategy

If ever the spy Allen Dulles should arrive in Heaven through
absent-mindedness, he would begin to blow up the clouds, mine the stars and slaughter the angels.

The Soviet newspaper, Pravda, 1951

Where’s Mengele?

In 1992, The Office of Special Investigations of the Department of Justice issued a sizable report to address the issue of whether or not Josef Mengele had ever been in the United States and even more provocatively, had been employed in the service of the U.S. Intelligence services.  The report makes strongly assertive and definitive statements there was no evidence whatsoever that Mengele had ever crossed our borders and certainly no basis that he had been employed by the U.S. Government.  Following the in ignoble tradition of West German judicial analysis (that Verschuer and Mengele had ‘no connection’), the report denies the presence of Mengele in the United States after the War.  While it admits that research conducted by Nazis did exist of which our country was most interested (citing the well-known work of Nazi rocket scientists at NASA); however, there was absolutely no interest in the so-called ‘research’ of Josef Mengele.  Of that we can rest assured. Quoting directly from the report to the Attorney General:

Review of state Department and U.S. intelligence files permit the confident conclusion that Josef Mengele had no contact with U.S. institutions or personnel following his departure from Europe. Although OSI confirmed that members of the Mengele family did retain ownership interests in U.S. corporations, we know of no reliable information that there was any contact between these entities and Josef Mengele, or that he benefitted from them.

The Department has found no credible evidence that Mengele ever entered the United States, either under his own name or under any of his known aliases.

America was in constant contact with, and received continuous support from, his family and friends in Guenzburg [sic, Günzburg]. His pseudonymous residence in Germany from 1945 to 1949 and, more importantly, his successful flight from Europe in 1949 were made possible primarily by that support. No evidence was found for the claim that Mengele was in contact with, received any support from, or gave any assistance to, U.S. intelligence agencies or any other U.S. authorities. Indeed, OSI could not even establish a likely basis for such a relationship.[i]

The hunt for Mengele had been made famous by Simon Wiesenthal (1908-2005), an Austrian Holocaust survivor and Nazi hunter.  Wiesenthal had successfully searched and found numerous Nazis (including the SS officer responsible for the arrest of Anne Frank and her family) and was instrumental in their prosecution.  But his critics have argued that Wiesenthal used the search for Mengele as an unethical means to raise money to support his Foundation, as well as stretching the truth about his exploits and taking undue credit for arrests.

The Boys from Brazil -- More Truth than Fiction?
The Boys from Brazil — More Truth than Fiction?

The reader is probably aware how both Wiesenthal and Mengele were made famous by the 1978 movie, The Boys from Brazil whose plot was based upon a fictional plan of Mengele and other Nazis to ‘resurrect Adolf Hitler from the dead’ through the science of cloning combined with environmental circumstances created to shape at least one of over 100 Hitler clones (dispersed throughout the world in 100 unsuspecting families) into the leader of the Fourth Reich.[ii]  Sir Laurence Olivier played Ezra Lieberman, a character derived from Wiesenthal, with Gregory Peck playing a much taller version of the Angel of Death (Mengele was 5’8”, with Peck a much taller and undoubtedly more handsome man).  Ironically, in the 1976 movie, The Marathon Man, Olivier had played an evil Nazi doctor, “The White Angel,” clearly derived from Mengele, to Dustin Hoffman’s ‘mistaken man’ character made famous by the scene in which Olivier drills into Hoffman’s non-anesthetized tooth, asking “Is it safe yet?”[iii]  After that, going to the dentist was never quite the same for Americans.

The real history of Nazi-hunting revolves mostly around Klaus Barbie (1913-1991), the so-called “Butcher of Lyon” who had been famously hunted in South America as was the more highly ranked Adolf Eichmann (1906-1962), regarded as the ‘father’ of “the final solution.”  Eichmann was captured by the Israeli Mossad in 1960 and brought back to Israel where he was hanged in 1962 after being found guilty on 15 counts of crimes against humanity. His capture set off a firestorm regarding Argentinian sovereignty which Israel ignored in its clandestine capture of Eichmann.   Barbie was enlisted by the CIA to facilitate the capture and execution of Marxist Ché Guevara in Bolivia.  This relationship was expressly denied until the CIA officially confirmed the Barbie association in 1983.  It seems that today’s denials are tomorrow’s admissions.  It’s all just a question of timing.  As the “White Angel” villain of Marathon Man asked, “Is it safe yet?”  Is it safe to finally disclose the truth?

Admittedly, the hunt for Nazi criminals is a suspenseful if not scintillating drama.  But the search for Josef Mengele reaches levels exceeding even what Hollywood has fantasised so far.  And for the American survivors who were victims of Auschwitz’s Angel of Death for at least twenty years after his passage through the ratlines and his 1949 arrival in Argentina, the drama is a tale of horror made believable only by the sheer number and consistency of first-hand accounts.  As with Barbie, the CIA so far has refused to admit what hundreds of witnesses and victims already know.  Mengele was here.  ‘Survivors’ have been breaking their silence for two decades or more.  They testify, despite the governmental reports to the contrary, that Josef Mengele did cross our borders, perhaps dozens of times, at the invitation of Allen Dulles, Sidney Gottlieb, and select wealthy elite of America connected to an as-yet-unacknowledged alliance between the perpetually-rich in America and the perennially-royal in Europe who remain inconspicuous in what is assuredly a multi-millennia-old quest to build the super-race.  As they say when the audacious surpasses the incredulous, “You can’t make this stuff up.” However, it is hardly a new thing.  Psalm 2:2 testifies, “The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed.”


Children Made Warriors

“I was told that I worked for ‘The Agency’. It was in actuality, key men and women in the CIA and other branches of the government, in league with certain extremely wealthy individuals who wanted to remain in the shadows shaping the outcome of world events.”[iv] For survivor and author Carol Rutz, her training began as a Manchurian Candidate when she was barely four-years-old.  She was ‘volunteered’ for her spy training by her father and grandfather.  Key to this transaction was the fact they were both pedophiles.  Thanks to the fact that her father had been tested while in the Army by John Gittinger’s Personality Assessment System (discussed in Chapter 7), the CIA knew they had someone they could blackmail.  Then there was Grandpa. Carol’s grandfather was notorious for other reasons.  He had been associated with the Mafia back in the days of Al Capone.  With a bit of arm-twisting and some cash on the barrel head, Grandpa provided young Carol for experiments and training in the fine arts of psychic warfare and assassination.

But Carol’s father wasn’t just a potential pedophile.  He had already sexually abused her at an even younger age causing her to dissociate and create three alters.  As we shall see, this modest amount of DID (the reader will recall the acronym for dissociative identity disorder), was just the beginning.  Later, her grandfather ‘directed’ his granddaughter Carol in homemade child pornography produced in his basement.  By 1952 (born in 1947), Carol was already severely traumatized. Now she would become one of the very first child ‘super-soldiers’ created by the CIA:

Grandpa was a boozer and pedophile. The true extent of his personal involvement with [the Mafia] went to the grave with him. I can only say that I’m quite sure that I was not the first child to star in his pornographic films, which were distributed to some very wealthy, notable public figures, probably through the mob. Having found this out, the CIA took advantage of this knowledge to enlist grandpa’s cooperation. They were looking for children who had the ability to disassociate from reality for a project named Bluebird/Artichoke[v] [the predecessor to MKULTRA].

Carol tells her astonishing story in her 2001 book, A Nation Betrayed.  In Carol Rutz, we bring together all of the terrifying topics discussed in this book:  fantastic Nazi science put to use for ‘ultimate’ causes; sadist Nazi fugitives smuggled into our country to be employed by our government in the name of national security; remote viewing; mind control; paranormal empowerment in the name of government service; and dissociative identity disorder.  It is an incredible story to be sure.

However, since each of the elements has been discussed and documented in the previous 300 pages, the credibility of her account can’t be dismissed out of hand simply because the events have no basis in fact.  Though her claims are fantastic, we have substantiated each element of her story.  The only issue is whether her particular account should be believed.  Given her testimony is but one of several we will discuss (all having the same characteristics), the reader will ultimately decide the truth of her testimony.

For this author,in the final analysis, the multiplicity of witnesses who supply similar account stands as a convincing argument for the history described. Given this conviction, it is the pivotal moment to underscore where all of these fantastic ‘allegations’ lead (again, claims which the author believes have been convincingly confirmed).

As we are about to see, within the story of Josef Mengele the ultimate dark truth is disclosed.  Indeed, it is through Mengele’s American activities (which are officially denied by our government), we discover the agenda of Satan himself and how all these incredible threads are woven into a tapestry conveying a picture too terrible to comprehend in a solitary viewing—but comprehend we must if we are to discern and come to terms with the sinister plot of ‘the evil one’ and how the United States of America figures into this conspiracy to end all conspiracies.

In summary, here we witness the power quest for world conquest: the “Plan” of Freemasons, the “Great Work” of the “Secret Doctrine”, Alice Bailey’s “Externalization of the Hierarchy,” the transformation anticipated in the 2012 movement, and the hope expressed in “Awakening as One.”  In short, here we have humankind proclaiming its divinity. From a biblical perspective, this isn’t humanism or the fulfillment of our destiny.  Here a defiant human race gives heed to Satan’s counsel to rebel against God.  In essence, the agenda of Antichrist becomes the mission of humankind.

Based upon her story, however, Carol Rutz may only know a portion of this truth.  And yet, her research remains an invaluable witness. To set the stage, she includes a quote by Lt. Col. Roberts when he testified before a special joint committee of the Wisconsin State Legislature. Rutz demonstrates an understanding that her tormentors were ultimately the shadow government of powerful elites.  Roberts frames well the sordid issues in his single succinct statement:

“The most secret knowledge, a science which outdates history, is the science of control over people, governments and civilizations. The foundation of this ultimate discipline is the control of wealth. Through the control of wealth come the control of public information and the necessities of life. Through the control of news media comes thought control. Through the control of basic necessities comes direct control of people. A significant portion of the American public is yet to become aware of the Invisible Government of Monetary Power.”[vi]

The remaining question to ask Carol Rutz: did she recognize the real power behind the evil she experienced?  Lurking behind ‘the monetary power’ was an even darker evil others plainly identified.

Keeping Company with The Company

Rutz was among the first of many children turned into American assassins at a very young age.  It was not that her programmers intended her to utilize her skills immediately; she would be trained and then wait until her time had come. This would not be for many years.  In the short term, she was useful for experiments and for informing her handlers how to employ highly specialized techniques.  However, the training needed to begin very early when she could be subjected to trauma-based personality splitting.  DID was the mechanism which would allow multiple personalities to be created within her, each with its own name and its specific assigned task.

Because this was early in the program, 1952, Carol worked with the very top echelon of the MKULTRA hierarchy. It was with her that they began to learn the basics:  Allen Dulles (who her ‘Baby’ alter called  “Mr. Dull-Ass”) was there at the first meeting along with Sidney Gottleib (“Daddy Sid”) and Carmel Offie (“Crazy Eddie”).  Rutz later states in her account that Dulles and Gottleib took her to the first of many encounters with a Dr. Black who she identifies as Josef Mengele.[vii]  Rutz was then transported to New York. This treacherous trio (Gottleib, Dulles, and Mengele) would be personally involved in what was likely one of the first experiences of DID programming on innocent children—at least American kids without connections to wealthy and elite families (to be explained in the pagers ahead).

At times during her narrative, Carol ‘speaks’ through her alters, a few of whom (as mentioned above), she had already created when struggling to cope with sexual abuse from her family.  However, in the company of the ‘Company men’, the abuse would now grow much worse and her alters would be multiplied and highly structured by professionals.

We read of the encounter with her primary programmer, Mr. Gottleib himself, who instructs her during a programming session:

“I am your mammer and your papper. You love only me, and I am the only one who loves you. I feed you and hold you, and you are mine alone.” (Our Baby part grew to love and depend on “Daddy Sid” as her only source of love and nourishment. From that day forward, a deep bonding took place with Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, Directorate of Operations of the Technical Services Staff (TSS) of CIA in charge of their behavioral program through MKULTRA. (No matter what experiment he was to make me a part of, I would love and remain loyal to the man who my baby alter considered sole supplier of the basics of life, food and love.) A declassified document from 1954 says, “At all times when subjects were being hypnotized a CD representative (Dr. Gottlieb or Major deleted) was present. His presence served a double purpose of reassurance to the subject of observation of technique for possible later exploitation.”[viii]

Carol then tells the story of the creation of another alter named “Guy” who would hold all her rage and would become one of the primary assassin personalities. “Guy was created that day, and in the coming years would display psychic abilities that the CIA found very useful. Guy was taught to store all the anger and hatred accumulated during abuse and use it to psychically kill with what Sidney Gottlieb called ‘The Red Fire.’”[ix] We learn a few years later Rutz was asked to demonstrate her ability to use psychic powers to kill a specified target via generating a brain aneurism.  Rutz doesn’t know if the process worked; she was happy to be left in the dark.[x]

Rutz uses this occasion to mention a corroborative testimony by the twin Hersha sisters (note: the recurrence of twins is highly indicative of the person behind the scenes).  Described in their book, Secret Weapons, they were also trained to be assassins.  Moreover, throughout her narrative, Rutz alludes to many survivors of MKULTRA, such as the Hersha twins, that have either published their own accounts or shared their story with Rutz, and with their permission, included in A Nation Betrayed.  For instance, Brice Taylor is one such survivor Rutz cites who wrote a 1995 book, One Woman’s Escape from Mind Control. As with all other such survivors, Taylor alleges a coordinated counsel of conspirators inside the CIA which superintended these actions. To support their testimony, Rutz supplies many statements by those ‘in the know’ within the government itself, speaking from ‘the other side of the programming’; I will supply only one of these citations:

In an interview for Nexus Magazine written by David G. Guyatt, former CIA/DIA deep-cover agent “Chip” Tatum takes this a step further when he speaks of a group he calls “Pegasus.” He says that this group operated on behalf of the U.S. and other governments, undertaking tasks that ranged from narcotics smuggling to assassinations. He said that Pegasus was established during the Eisenhower years as a secret group inside the CIA to spy on that agency on behalf of the President. According to Tatum, the directors of Pegasus meet once a year in secret conclave following G7 meetings. The mission of Pegasus, Tatum explains is “to ‘align’ world leaders and financiers to our [US] policies and standards.”[xi]

But how much did all of these groups really know about the children assassins being built by the CIA beginning in the 1950s?

Rutz ponders the meaning of the CIA’s diabolical scheme:

Children as mind-controlled operatives certainly were advanced technical weapons. Some of the training and experimentation that many of us became involved in was a clear indication of what lengths these power hungry egomaniacs were willing to go, to accomplish their New World Order. I detest these people for invading my mind and creating alters for their own evil purposes. These mind-controlled (MC) parts were told they had a “Nobler Purpose” and that they “Must survive at any cost.” As such, suicide programs were layered into my system in the event that I should start to heal and tell.[xii]

Rutz also discusses the experiments Dr. Ewen Cameron performed on her (as well as another Canadian doctor, Wilder Penfield, both of McGill University in Montreal).  Cameron’s work on electro-shock therapy (i.e., essentially torture in these early experiments) is renown and extensively documented by Alex Constantine and Dominic Streatfeild—authors cited earlier whose credibility is uncolored by spiritual or political agendas.  For space reasons and since Cameron’s work has been covered by virtually everyone who has discussed the subject of MKULTRA, I’ve elected not to include references to his horrific ‘treatments’ in this book (See Streatfeild’s history of brainwashing for an extended discussion of the infamous Dr. Cameron[xiii]).  I will document here only that the exact amounts of money the CIA paid, in which projects, and over what time period Cameron was under contract, were thoroughly documented by Dr. Colin Ross in his book, The CIA Doctors.

Instead, my focus in this chapter is to chronicle the details of Dr. Mengele in America, a story known only to an unfortunate few, with details contributed by Carol Rutz and others who this author personally interviewed.  (Theirs is a public story cited in many web-based audio presentations—but it has not been the subject of a written narrative, being treated to some depth as it is in this chapter).[xiv]

Layered Programming and Colorful Doctors

Rutz summarizes the telling of her traumatic story with these words:

I am but one of the many children who were the CIA’s convenient experimental subjects, used to try and perfect similar results here in the United States [with those reported in the Soviet Union]. Because of our youth and the severe traumatization we were put through, these men felt we would never tell our stories; and if we did, they felt we would never be believed. Out of respect for the feelings of my adult children, I have not included some of the training I was forced to endure. Likewise, I have not named some of those living and dead who perpetrated heinous deeds of which I will not speak. I wish to remain among the living.

Dr. Corydon Hammond delivered a lecture in 1992 describing some of the programming he had encountered. Many other doctors have likewise found these same types of programmed alters in survivors of government mind control. Most survivors seem to have more than one level of programming.[xv] [Emphasis added]

Indeed, the complexity of the DID programming is mind-boggling. Earlier, we discussed Dr. Hammond’s famous ‘Greenbaum Speech’ from 1992.  In fact, the conclusion Carol Rutz draws (that there were multiple layers of programming), by definition testifies to a ‘cloaking technique’ built within the layering process.  Dr. Hammond and other therapists contend the standard structured programming discussed (alpha, beta, delta, etc.) constitutes only the outermost layer.  Beneath this structure, although itself complex and multifaceted, rest deeper layers which appear to comprise spiritual realities which Rutz doesn’t appear to fully comprehend.  In other words, the top layer hides deeper, much more sinister levels which go beyond anything covered thus far.

Pastor Doug Riggs, a friend of this author (and who we will discuss later), confirms this technique based upon 23 plus years of DID counseling.  Riggs is one of several counselors discovering this fact.

To provide context and continuity, we would be wise to consider Dr. Hammond’s commentary.  I cite below an extensive section of his 1992 talk, on the ‘multiple layers’ of programming and their symbolic basis (which Hammond connects to ‘Greenbaum’):

It appears that below this [the structured programming discussed earlier], we’ve got some other layers. One is called “Green Programming” it appears. Isn’t it interesting that the doctor’s name is Dr. Green? One of the questions in a way that does not contaminate is after I’ve identified some of this stuff is there and they’ve given me a few right answers about what some of it is, “If there were a doctor associated with this programming and his name were a color, you know, like Dr. Chartreuse or something, if his name were a color, what color would the color be?” Now once in a while I’ve had some other colors mentioned in about three or four patients that I felt were trying to dissimulate in some way and I don’t really believe had this. In one case I got another color and I found out later it was a doctor whose name was a color who was being trained by Dr. Green almost thirty years ago and he supervised part of the programming of this woman under this doctor. I remember one woman couldn’t come up with anything. No alter would speak up with anything. I said, “Okay,” and we went on to some other material. About two minutes later she said, “Green. Do you mean Dr. Green?” We found this all over. There appears to be some Green Programming below that and I suspect that you get down to fewer and more central programs the deeper you go.

Well, all Green Programming is Ultra-Green and the Green Tree. Cabalistic mysticism is mixed all into this. If you’re going to work with this you need to pick up a couple of books on the Cabala. One is by a man named Dion Fortune called “Qabala” with a “q,” Dion Fortune. Another is by Ann Williams-Heller and it’s called “The Kabbalah.” I knew nothing about the Cabala. It was interesting. A patient had sat in my waiting area, got there considerably early and drew a detailed multicolored Cabalistic Tree over two years ago. It took me two months to figure out what it was. Finally, showing it to somebody else who said, “You know? That looks an awful lot like the Cabala Tree” and that rang a bell with some esoteric in an old book and I dug it out. That was the background of Dr. Green.

Now the interesting thing about the Green Tree is his original name was Greenbaum. What does “Greenbaum” mean in German? Green Tree, Ultra-Tree and the Green Tree. I’ve also had patients who didn’t appear to know that his original name was Greenbaum, volunteered that there were parts inside named Mr. Greenbaum. Now let me give you some information about parts inside that may be helpful to you if you’re going to inquire about these things, because my experience is one part will give you some information and either run dry or get defensive or scared and stop. And so you punt and you make an end run and you come around the other direction, you find another part.

I’ll tell you several parts to ask for and ask if there’s a part by this name. And, by the way, when I’m screening patients and fiddling around with this, I throw in a bunch of spurious ones and ask, “Is there a part inside by this name and by that name” as a check on whether or not it appears genuine. For example: “In addition to the core,” I ask, “is there a part inside named Wisdom?” Wisdom is a part of the Cabalistic Tree. Wisdom, I’ve often found, will be helpful and give you a lot of information. “Is there a part inside named Diana?” I mean I may throw in all sorts of things. “Is there a part inside named Zelda?” I’ve never encountered one yet! Just to see what kind of answers we get. I try to do this carefully.

In these comments, we see Dr. Hammond believed the ‘colors’ were only symbols—somewhat taking a page out of Carl Jung’s version of ‘depth psychology’.  However, my research strongly suggests these names are in fact pseudonyms.  Rutz asserts the same, in one portion of her account, but doesn’t catch the contradiction when referencing Hammond’s conjectures about why these DID victims recall ‘Dr. Green’.  To demonstrate this apparent oversight, we read Rutz’s depiction in her chapter on ‘Dr. Black’ (Josef Mengele):


Mind Control survivors have identified doctors used by the CIA under Project MKULTRA as having used different aliases. It seems colors were one of the most commonly used themes. Claudia Mullen and Chris Denicola, two survivors who testified before the President’s Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments in March 1995 identified a Dr. Green. Claudia Mullen identified Dr. Green as an alias used by Dr. L. Wilson Green, Technical Director of the U.S. Army Chemical and Radiological Laboratories. Chris Denicola was four years old when she says Dr. Green used electroshock in conjunction with other forms of torture and drugs to program her. Some survivors say that Dr. Ewen Cameron went by the alias Dr. White. Many survivors have identified Josef Mengele as using the aliases Dr. Green, Dr. Black, Dr. Swartz (black in German), Father Joseph, or Vaterchen (daddy) when he did their programming. The experiments and programming used on us were of such a heinous nature, that they were not unlike some of those performed at Auschwitz. I have personally spoken and corresponded with many of these child Cold War survivors who have agreed to allow me to recount some of their mind control and brainwashing experiments by the man they believe to be Josef Mengele using one of the above aliases and other CIA or military doctors.[xvi] [Emphasis mine]

Mengele—His Movements and Reconciliation with the Traditional Account

However, if Mengele was involved in programming American kids as Rutz and many other American victims contend, how could he come into the U.S.?  In 1956 he had a West German passport issued in his own name so during the 1950s he had ‘safe passage’—but it would later be rescinded.  So how could Mengele move about unimpeded between his home in South America (first Argentina, then Paraguay, and finally Brazil—at least according to the traditional version of the truth) and the United States (including Canada)?

Carmel Offie, “Crazy Eddie” was also crucial to this scheme:

Whether Offie and Mengele met will, for the time being, remain a question mark. There remains no doubt in my mind that he had the opportunity and the means to meet him, especially since Offie had previously helped the Vatican get a travel pass for Monsignor Krunoslav Draganovic to the prison camps. Draganovic, you may remember, ran the ratlines for U.S. sponsored Nazi escapees. With Mengele’s notoriety due to the depravity of his war crimes, it must have been very risky business to sneak him in and out of this country. Perhaps those who transported him never knew his real identity.[xvii]

We know that the CIA was instrumental in the movements of various Nazi war criminals to assist in select projects where their ‘special skills’ could be leveraged productively.  For instance, Alois Brunner worked alongside Otto Skorzeny (“Hitler’s favorite commando”) in Egypt in 1953, as part of the CIA’s training of Egyptian security forces run by Kermit (“Kim”) Roosevelt, Frank Wisner’s top troubleshooter.  According to Christopher Simpson in his 1988 exposé, Blowback:  The First Full Account of America’s Recruitment of Nazis, and its Disastrous Effect on Our Domestic and Foreign Policy, Brunner’s story is one of many where Simpson details the movements of several diabolical Nazi criminals during this decade and the one that followed.  Brunner was no angel.  He was considered the primary project manager for Eichmann in coordinating the details of the ‘final solution’.  He would round up Jews, corralling them in the Ghettos so they could be more readily transported by train to the many death camps around Europe.  The CIA would also protect Brunner from the French, who sought him to stand trial. Moreover, he wound up living ‘high on the hog’ in Damascus (perhaps an unfortunate analogy in a Muslim country).  Simpson states:

Brunner moved to Cairo in the midst of the Skorzeny project in Egypt and quickly integrated himself into that effort.  He remained in Cairo until 1962, when an exploding Israeli letter bomb tore off several of his fingers.  The Israeli intelligence service Mossad has claimed—unofficially, of course—that after Brunner’s stint with Skorzeny he enjoyed a second Egyptian contract under which he helped recruit a corps of German rocket experts on behalf of the Egyptian government.  Israeli secret agents are said to have undertaken the letter bomb campaign that very nearly killed Brunner.  The Times of London reports that Brunner returned to Syria after the bomb attack.  He lives today in the prosperous Abu Rumaneh district of Damascus.[xviii]

Another example of the CIA shuttle service coincides with the case of Otto von Bolschwing.  This account discloses the stunning cooperation in 1933 between Zionists and the Nazis leading to an agreement in which the Jews traded secrets to Germans for financing that helped create the Jewish homeland in Palestine!   Simpson relates that Otto von Bolschwing became an expert on Palestine and served Eichmann working out ‘the final solution’ to the “Jewish problem.”  (This little known and incredible account of Zionism’s deal with the Nazi devil is told in Edwin Black’s, The Transfer Agreement:  the Dramatic Story of the Pact Between the Third Reich and Jewish Palestine, first published in 1984.)  Simpson supplies the salient story line beginning with the meeting between von Bolschwing and Fieval Polkes of Haganah (an Israeli terrorist group) to cut the deal.

Under the arrangement, the Haganah was permitted to run recruiting and training camps for Jewish youth inside Germany.  These young people, as well as certain other Jews driven out of Germany by the Nazis, were encouraged to emigrate to Palestine.  Polkes and the Haganah, in return, agreed to provide the SS with intelligence about British affairs in Palestine.  Captured German records claim that Polkes believed the increasingly brutal Nazi persecution of the Jews could be turned to Zionist advantage—at least temporarily—by compelling Jewish immigration to Palestine, and that the Haganah commander’s sole source of the income, moreover, was secret funds from the SS.[xix]

For space reasons, no more will be said about von Bolschwing’s many connections with the CIA (given under testimony to the U.S. Justice Department in 1979), other than the CIA escort to the U.S.

In 1953, for reasons that are as yet unclear, the CIA decided to bring Otto von Bolschwing to the United States.  Von Bolschwing—as a former SS man, Nazi party member, and Nazi SD agent—was clearly ineligible for a visa to the United States or American citizenship, and the CIA knew it.  As in the Lebed, Shandruk, and Stankievich cases, [all World War II war criminals], the CIA did not attempt to bring von Bolschwing into the country ‘legally’ under the special authority it enjoyed through the 100 Persons Act.  Instead, at least two high-ranking CIA officers…engineered a complicated scheme to spirit the former Nazi illegally into this country… First, it supplied the former Nazi with a false police report and military background check that claimed that no derogatory information was known about him.  Next, a senior CIA officer personally accompanied von Bolschwing to the U.S. Consulate in Munich and convinced the visa officer there to provide all the necessary travel paperwork virtually overnight.  Later agency headquarters in Washington directly intervened again, this time with the State Department and the INS, to ensure that von Bolschwing’s entry into the United State went smoothly.[xx]

The CIA lied to the INS—it claimed to have conducted a full inquiry into his background and he ‘came up clean’.   Yet it should be clear by now how deception and lying go hand-in-hand with ‘intelligence’ work.  Where there is a will, there is a way. If one government officer lies when in an official capacity, the ‘doorway’ enlarges.  Likewise, and this is the point: if the CIA (namely Allen Dulles and Sidney Gottleib) determined it was in the interest of the U.S. to bring Josef Mengele into the country, they could get it done.  That there is no record (or no public admission) of this sleight of hand is not surprising.  Given that the directive (the permission to emigrate) ‘came from the top’), the only surprise would be if the U.S. government were to release this information anytime in the next fifty years.  It is but another example confirming John Loftus’ research on the policy of the Department of State and Dulles’ covert intelligence operation within State which would only expand when Dulles took over the CIA.

We also know Josef Mengele kept a diary of over 5,000 pages on his thoughts and experiences.  But this diary didn’t commence until the early 1960s.  His presence (and likely his movements) between Buenos Aires and elsewhere, mostly to America throughout the 1950s, can only be filled in by the victims whose lives he attempted to destroy during this period when he, as an agent of the United States, worked toward the ascendancy of the Antichrist in America.  In their Preface to his biography, Mengele:  The Complete Story (first published in 1986), Gerald Posner and John Ware document this ‘gap’.

As a fugitive, Mengele was variously rumored to be involved in experiments on Indian tribes in South America, to have the ear of dictators, and to have had numerous brushes with death.  He was portrayed as a ruthless power broker who could call upon the services of armed guards and killer dogs, and who moved among a score of impenetrable fortressed deep in the jungle.  According to this legend, the only clue to his whereabouts was a trail of deal Israeli agents and independent Nazi-hunters whose corpses washed upon the banks of the Parana River.

These apparently superhuman powers of evasion were based upon myths about Mengele’s postwar life and are disproved by more than 5,000 pages of diaries and letters that he wrote.  We have had unique and unrestricted access to them as well as to previously unpublished photographs, some of which appear in this book.  The Mengele papers include a diary that he kept from May 1960 to within weeks of his death.  There are also many extracts from an autobiography that Mengele started during the 1960s, but which omits any discussion of both Auschwitz and a ten-year period in Argentina from 1949 to 1959.  We believe that Mengele never wrote about Auschwitz, fearing that any record of it might help identify him.  We can offer no rational explanation for the absence of any account of the 1950s[xxi] [Emphasis mine]

But their inability to discern the explanation stems from their failure to understand the spiritual context of Mengele’s work and their willful choice to discount the testimony of the living witnesses.  There is a rational reason why Mengele wouldn’t talk about what he was doing during the 1950s, a time when he was willing to live in Argentina under his own name and his movements were less restricted.  As we will see, he didn’t document his activities as he was later clearly inclined to do, because his conduct was so extreme and his services were on behalf of the uppermost echelon of ‘elites’ (both inside and outside of government, U.S. and British, the rich or the royal), that any record of his contracts with them and the nature of his purchased services would have meant certain death merely upon discovery by his caretakers.  The CIA always had tabs on him. He couldn’t afford to take the chance of leaving his diary lying around.

Mengele would grow more cautious about his movements during the 1960s and 1970s.  But it is highly likely that the CIA taxi service was fully functioning up until the very end.  Mengele realized his safest moments were when he was under direct CIA protection in the United States (and Canada) throughout the remainder of his life until (possibly) 1979.  He was at risk when living apart from CIA protection in South America.  As we will see from the testimonies below, Mengele was in the employ of the most important and powerful people of the world.  As long as he had value to the ‘aristocrats’ and the U.S. government, being ‘discovered’ in America was not a threat of which he need spend many sleepless nights.  He had the best guardians that money could buy.  It would be when he had out-lived his usefulness that he had reason to be apprehensive.  And as we will see, according to many witnesses, his death was not on a beach in Sao Paola, Brazil, but outside Indianapolis, Indiana.  Furthermore, his death was at a time and place of his own choosing.

His passing was even a part of his own orchestrated plan to obtain ‘higher status’ amongst the spiritual elite he deemed reigning ‘in the next life’.   Mengele saw his work, not just in globalist terms, not just in creating the Fourth Reich, but in cosmic terms.  As other witnesses testify, Mengele saw himself as the pivotal person bringing about the ‘super race’—the Übermensch—through his very own diabolical ‘eugenic’ program, combining his knowledge of genetics with abilities learned sometime before or during his stint at Auschwitz, which focused on how to manufacture dissociative identity disorder to both implement a secret strategy and to conceal it, even from skilled psychiatrists.  Moreover, Mengele was willing to employ the most insidious torture to keep the secrets of these very important people hidden by (what he supposed) was an unbreakable layering of personalities.  As amazing as it may seem to the reader, Mengele would be hired by the rich and the royal with genetically significant bloodlines (at least significant to them!) with the full cooperation of persons in the CIA who were ‘read in’ to the strategy.

Doug Riggs and SRA/DID Therapy

Doug Riggs has been counseling victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and dissociative identity disorder (DID) since 1989.  His ministry with persons showing symptoms of being ‘demonized’ began in 1983.  Originally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and now in Syracuse, New York, Riggs has worked with small groups of SRA/DID counselees requiring highly focused, intensive, and long-term therapy.  While Riggs would likely happily count himself a ‘spiritual counselor’, his techniques aren’t simplistic as is often the case with those who provide therapy from a ‘biblical basis’.  Riggs availed himself of seminars conducted both by ‘believers and unbelievers’ who are experts on these subjects.  He is also a highly trained student of the Bible (having studied with professors and teachers at Dallas Theological Seminary).  His in-depth understanding of the scripture and his knowledge of the original languages of the Bible constitutes that of a bona fide theologian.  He would be considered a staunch evangelical and a dispensational, pre-millennialist, like this author.

He is not extreme in his understanding how one ‘lives a Christian life’ (although his diligence around Bible Study supersedes this author’s by an order of magnitude!)  This is in contrast to some characterizations of him on the ‘Web’ which claim he is a male chauvinist who uses the Bible to suppress women.  My experience of his wife Lori would argue strongly to the contrary.  She seems quite the independent thinker, vocal, and nobody’s punching bag or wall flower.  True, Riggs would be guilty of holding fast to the full gamut of orthodox Christian doctrine.  However, while no doubt socially conservative, he does not show himself to be contrary to recognizing we live ‘in the world’ while refraining from being ‘of the world’.  He is neither uninformed regarding culture nor its enemy as many puritanical leaders often advocate.  In short, although his regard for the real powers behind the political system would be considered ‘conspiratorial’—this is typical of evangelicals who profess belief in the imminent and physical second coming of Christ.  Biblically speaking, history is conspiratorial—a satanic agenda works behind the scenes waging war against the plan of God and of His Christ.  Readers familiar with my books recognize this author’s understanding to be the same (although my view is muted compared to those who trumpet their belief in ‘conspiracies’ on every single subject in which any conspiracy no matter the kind has been even been timidly ventured).

Riggs has been the subject of attacks, both public and personal for years, ostensibly because his work is regarded as a ‘cult’.  However, over the past twelve months, I have personally endeavored to get to know Doug and to communicate extensively with several of his ‘counselees’ who in some cases have become co-workers in his ministry. In part, the reasons for my interest first revolved around the dramatic testimony of those whom he counsels, and secondarily, I sensed his path to be a very lonely one, consumed in real ‘spiritual warfare’ with only a select number of friends who grasp the reality of the world in which we live in the same manner as does Doug. Plus, I hoped to offer a bit of friendly support from time to time.

Based upon my many hours of discussions with him, I have found him to be highly sound theologically, very open to discussions on points of view that would be contrary to his own, and entirely lacking the megalomania characteristic of ‘cult leaders’.  Doug is exceptionally humble and thoughtful of others.  Unlike with cults, there is no ‘revelation’ besides the Bible, no ‘works-oriented approach to salvation’; no constraints on the members of the community (they are free to come and go as they like—they are not entrapped in any sort of constrained ‘manse’ or encamped in an outlying area deep in the woods).  He does provide a set of concepts and even ‘language’ that those whom he counsels incorporate into their own explanations for their experiences (like the patients of any given therapist); and his understanding of SRA/DID is hardly unique. There are dozens if not several hundred counselors around the world who specialize in SRA/DID treatment.  30 minutes of research on the subject will demonstrate to the reader that while a controversial subject of the first order, the qualifications of most SRA/DID therapists is strong, based on academic education, and beyond much dispute.

Riggs’ community, Morning Star Testimony Church, consists primarily of about a dozen persons, most in on-going therapy, with all but a few (including Doug and his wife) who have not been victims of SRA/DID.  Visitors come often.  But the core group revolves around those who share traumatic experience based upon SRA/DID.

It should be pointed out that the community is not ‘stand-alone’ as there are other therapists who also provide something of a ‘safe house’ for those who have been traumatized (and in most cases tortured) by true satanic cults.  Readers can listen to the various sessions available at his site (see, see especially those programs recorded on George Ann Hughes’ The Byte Show).  His views are open to anyone willing to spend the time to listen—what Riggs teaches is public knowledge and his counselees freely discuss their experiences.  I have done several programs with Doug.

When listening, it becomes exceedingly clear that other therapists in the U.S., Canada, Australia, China, and especially South Africa, join Riggs in sharing an identical ‘worldview’ based on the history of what has happened ‘behind-the-scenes’ politically since shortly after World War II (the formation of Israel being a landmark event triggering a much higher level of SRA/DID activity in the world).  This history includes much of the information I’ve disclosed in this book, up to and especially including the work of one Dr. Josef Mengele.

What the survivors at Morning Star communicate (now unashamedly and without hesitation) about their extensive and in some cases, long-term relationship with Josef Mengele, not only takes the breath away—it progresses the story of Mengele to a sinister level that most readers will not be prepared to hear.  Nevertheless, it is this author’s testimony that the research shared here accurately reflects many hours of conversations with Riggs, listening carefully to the community members on recordings, and interviewing several of them on more than one occasion.

My personal investigation has led me to conclude that, first and foremost, it is a wonderful group of brave Christians with a pastor whom I respect and consider a friend. That said: it may be difficult for the critically minded to take everything at face value without wondering if some of the details are off target.  After all, we are dealing with individuals who have been programmed by sinister human forces.  But ignoring or dismissing the essential aspects of their accounts is equally unsatisfactory.  Their testimony deserves to be heard and taken seriously.

Commonalities in the Testimony

Therapists who work with SRA/DID victims consistently report one of the more startling attributes of its victims lies in the fact they aren’t randomly selected—they are ‘generational’—meaning that children who are victimized come from parents who were victimized.  In fact, satanic ritual abuse appears to be passed down from generation to generation.  This trauma is usually connected to sexual abuse.  Indeed, the perpetrators of SRA/DID use sexual abuse as the principal means to ‘split personalities’ of their children.  Why they are motivated to do this, in the general population, seems to be out of self-gratification for the parents and relatives—but it is also due to the fear of failing to follow the directives from powers they believe are guiding them (perhaps, better stated, commanding them).

However, the counselees Riggs works with have another key attribute: they are the offspring of royalty.  It seems the progeny of royals are frequently (if not consistently) entangled in an ongoing program which has been in effect for many generations (perhaps going back to biblical times) in which the ‘kings of the earth’ conduct rituals to retain and expand their power. The Bible uses this phrase dozens of times representing those earthly powers that stand opposed to God.  A few examples:

The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his anointed (Psalm 2:2).

He shall cut off the spirit of princes: he is terrible to the kings of the earth (Psalm 76:12).

Also I will make him my firstborn, higher than the kings of the earth (Psalm 89:12).

And it shall come to pass in that day, that the LORD shall punish the host of the high ones that are on high, and the kings of the earth upon the earth (Isaiah 24:21)

He saith, Yes. And when he was come into the house, Jesus prevented him, saying, What thinkest thou, Simon? of whom do the kings of the earth take custom or tribute? of their own children, or of strangers? (Matthew 17:25)

The kings of the earth stood up, and the rulers were gathered together against the Lord, and against His Christ (Acts 4:26).

On the outward level, these royals may be Catholic, Protestant, or Marxist atheist; while behind the scenes, they are avowedly caught up in the cult of Lucifer.  Luciferians, Rosicrucians, and the highest degree of Freemasonry (perhaps properly labeled the ‘illuminists’) all drink from the same tainted golden goblet.  They quest for perfect knowledge and ultimate power.  They seek to ‘manage humanity’ whether they see themselves leaning toward fascism or Marxism.  As Steven Pinker, author of the 2002 book, The Blank Slate poignantly summarizes, the ‘rich and the royal’ share a singular goal:

The twentieth century suffered two ideologies that led to genocides… (Nazism was one while) …the other one, Marxism, had no use for race, didn’t believe in genes, and denied that human nature was a meaningful concept.  Clearly, it’s not an emphasis on genes or evolution that is dangerous.  It’s the desire to remake humanity by coercive means (eugenics or social engineering) and the belief that humanity advances through a struggle in which superior groups (race or classes) triumph over inferior ones.[xxii]

And yet, however much the elites cling to the assertion they are rationalists (fixed upon ‘reason’ as their guide), rituals have been conducted for centuries.  The rituals of Freemasonry are tame cousins to the depth and horrendous nature of the rituals performed by those entwined in this conspiratorial cult which is global in scope. By definition, the ritualistic nature of SRA/DID is core to their ‘religion’. Even those counselors who do not base their therapeutic approach on biblical affirmations or dogmatic convictions confirm this reality, however difficult it may be for the reader to accept.

Moreover, it isn’t just ritual handed down from generation to generation.  The ‘bloodlines’ are crucial to the established if not sacred protocol—that is to say, genetics are preeminent in the program.  While among those who hold to the specific details of this history, the exact family names are clear and well-known (we might rightly suppose these family names include the Romanovs, the Hapsburgs, the Collins, etc.).  Yet while the names might be debated, the long and short of it remains: there are a handful of families which seek to maintain their wealth and power by combining family ties with the ritualistic cult of Lucifer.  The reader should recognize that the cultic aspect of the program is usually rationalized with the ‘scientific’ approach to eugenics described in the previous chapter.

The combination of these factors: the bloodline of the royals, the ritualistic cults in which sexual abuse lies at the epicenter, and the generational worship of Lucifer, comes together in the members of the Morning Star Testimony community.

First, all counselees (except one) claim to be of royal bloodline; specifically of the House of Windsor (Connie, Dan, Susanna, and Julie).[xxiii] The other (Sally) indicates she is the offspring of Queen Frederica of Greece (1917-1981) and a powerful Jewish father.[xxiv]  Secondly, all counselees share memories of sexual abuse by their royal parents.  They believe their personalities were ‘split’ at a very young age, intentionally, by their royal fathers as part of the Cult of Lucifer (the so-called Illuminists).  Thirdly, they were eventually placed in families in America, some at such an early age that they grew up believing their ‘surrogate parents’ were their real parents.  For the most part, these families were in ‘traditional Christian homes’—sometimes Mennonite, sometimes other ‘denominations’. Most of these surrogate families are also ‘relations’; either cousins or half-sisters serving as their ‘handlers’.  And all of these families were (and most still are) members of satanic groups.  The survivors claim these cult members are generally insulated within Christian organizations![xxv] And fourthly, their surrogate families had an ongoing relationship with Josef Mengele. Indeed, all expressed specific memories of Mengele; some from that of a near-infant (18 months) which is consistent with DID programming.  But all from years 3 to 16 recall him vividly.  These recollections were from the1950s and early 1960s; and then later as adults (at Mengele’s death in 1979), which they maintain was not in Brazil, but in Indiana, near Fort Benjamin (Indianapolis). We will zero-in on Mengele’s death later.

One, Dan, the only male in the group, speaks of Mengele as the only real father he ever knew as well as a fiendish torturer who ‘structured’ his programming under the contract of his genetic father—King George—and during the day-to-day care of his surrogate family living in Missouri (who were also practicing Satanists).  According to Dan, he knew Susanna as ‘the little brown-haired girl’ when he was very young.  Both have vivid memories of Mengele from their early childhood.

Connie is a very special person with a unique story to tell.  We will address her specific memories of Mengele in a moment.

All indicate that they were born in Jerusalem.  Dan was born on May 14, 1948, the very day that Israel was officially made a nation. Susanna (born in 1950, exactly two years after Dan on May 14) shares she is the daughter of King Edward, with a mother from the Romanov line.  She lived in England until she was three then moved to the U.S.   As they walked together and Edward handed her off to her ‘caretaker’, Edward told Susanna “You need to obey Uncle Joe.  He will make you a little princess.  Good little girls are willing to give their life for their country.”  Susanna was moved to California (in 1952) and for six months she resided in the Hearst Castle, under the care of the Hearst family.  She indicates this has been confirmed by another survivor which she met in Minnesota. In California, she received the ‘foundational structure’ programing (the Alpha, Beta, Delta programming as described earlier). At 3 and one-half years old, the family to which she was assigned moved to Syracuse, New York.  For a period of about 18 months, she was programmed by Uncle Joe, off and on until 1955.  Susanna indicates that Mengele would carry her out of her house in a laundry bag and take her up the hill to a Catholic institution where rituals were frequently held (occult rituals) attended by New York politicians and ‘big men’ from the Pharmaceutical companies. At one point in our interview, Susanna commented that she now lives once again, ironically (or more likely providentially) in the same bedroom in which she was programmed by Mengele.  She lives in this house with Julie (for almost thirty years she lived in Oklahoma).  At one point after returning to this house in Syracuse (moving there to continue as a part of the Morning Star community), she relates an account envisioning seeing herself as a baby and reaching out and saying, “We are okay now.”

Susanna and Dan believe Mengele’s programming was intended to present an impenetrable barrier to any who would break through beyond the foundational programming (sometimes referred to as the CIA programming or CIA layer).  Counselors would then encounter the programming performed by Mengele.  “The Mengele layer” (my label, not theirs), would expose Mengele’s work to the surprised therapist—but Mengele intended none would be capable to go beyond.  It has only been through years of counseling that it was finally penetrated first by Riggs (and later by others), exposing the truth about the age-old Royal conspiracy.  Indeed, once this layer has been exposed, the information encountered has an incalculable impact on the topic of eschatology.  The disclosure is mind-blowing, although in this context that metaphor is perhaps ill-chosen.  Due to space, we will only touch on this astonishing information in brief fashion.

Riggs has told this author that only in recent years have other counselors discovered the Mengele layer.  Some therapists who work with this special group of survivors assume they have reached the bottom of the layers when they encounter Mengele’s work.  Riggs says no.  The illuminist programming lying beyond the “Mengele level” is the ultimate level and can only be reached through dramatic spiritual warfare and extensive therapy.  It is guarded by “powers and principalities” that were channeled into these specially created alters by Mengele.  Mengele knew these spirits by name.

In fact, the most diabolical programming (literally so) which was consistently applied to this very special group of survivors was Mengele’s technique of plunging his victims into the throes of death.  Whether by ‘plunging them into cold water’ (think, ‘water-boarding, that ‘enhanced interrogation technique’ debated today) or by using electro-shock, Mengele would coolly and calmly administer the torture.  Just as the young child would enter death, he would resuscitate them.  This process—forcing them into death and then bringing them back to life—became his trademark.  He sought to teach that only he had the power of life and death. As Dan remarked, “His nickname, the Angel of Death, took on literal meaning for us.”  Riggs even supposes that Mengele was likely possessed by the real Angel of Death.  Collectively they speculate that Auschwitz was the place where these techniques were perfected. This may be true; however, in my research I have not been able to confirm this.

But the technique was not just physical, it was overtly spiritual. As Susanna, Dan, Sally, or Julie would be ushered into death, sometimes lying on an altar (either makeshift or formal), Mengele would demand they call upon the spirits to come to their aid.  He would supply the names and they would cry out for demons to save them.  This was repeated over and over.  The Mengele layer became what Riggs calls, a “stronghold” or fortress whose walls cannot be easily scaled. To break it down, it has to be torn apart, brick by brick.

Mengele’s Adolescent Assistant

Connie’s story is staggering to say the least.   Connie was born on March 8, 1949. Connie shares ever so softly that she is of the House of Windsor; hence she sometimes referred to herself as Constantia Battenberg.  According to Connie and Doug, Queen Elizabeth is her mother. While this author has not seen her in person, Riggs indicates that the resemblance to England’s Queen is obvious.  Riggs describes Connie as the “Grande dame” of this program—an agenda straight from Hell, inaugurated in the latter half of the twentieth century.  (Note: a Grande dame is a highly respected, senior woman esteemed in society or a group).  In Connie, the genetic work of generations of royalty resides, a coming together purportedly of 13 royal bloodlines through the ages, generation after generation of ritual empowering (from the biblical perspective, generational iniquity), causing her to be a locus of tremendous occult spiritual power put to use in the program to bring about the Antichrist in the final battle between God and Satan.

Not that the Royals view the future fuehrer as the Antichrist.  Rather, he is the ‘king of all kings’ who will finally bring the world to a single government.  How does Connie’s genealogy play into this incredible account?  She describes herself as a “docking station” into which a given “laptop” is recharged.  Sadly, the simile is tragic because it refers to sexual ritual abuse.  Like the temple prostitutes of ancient pagan sex cults, all of the women of this community have been abused in this manner.[xxvi]  The group uses the euphemism, “interface” to convey that not only were they forced to have sex with powerful men (whether royal or just the ‘rich and powerful’), they were the physical means to channel spiritual power to those with whom they were forcibly “interfaced.”  Connie, like Sally, talks of traveling to be “interfaced” with various royalty and world leaders at certain points in her young life.

Unlike the others, Connie has recollections of Mengele throughout her childhood and up to the time she was 16 years old.  Her history begins in the United States with a surrogate family in Ohio.  They lived there for 13 years.  When in Ohio, she states she would be taken every so often to Cleveland, to a famous clinic 45 miles away, configured like The Tavistock Institute in London, notoriously the location of much of the early work done to develop DID protocols.  (The Tavistock Institute was ‘home’ to Dr. John Bowlby (1907-1990), founder of Attachment Theory—who all of Rigg’s counselees programmed in the 1950s specify was the ‘inventor-of-record’ for ‘attachment’ oriented trauma-based programming and who was connected to Mengele, perhaps as his DID mentor).  Presumably, several medical practitioners there were engaged in selected types of ‘treatment’, likely electro-shock.  In fact, Connie was quick to admit that Dr. Ewen Cameron, discussed earlier, was a frequent practitioner called upon to ‘treat her’.  Connie would require her programming be “touched up,” or reinforced.  In some cases, this was likely a desperate attempt to keep her psyche from disintegrating altogether.

In 1962, the family moved to Minnesota.  Mengele came and stayed for a lengthy period when they were living there, in what were austere circumstances.  With him, she experienced “lots of love and then extreme torment.”  He was a master at the ‘double-bind’—he would develop trust and then do something horrific to abuse that trust.  She stated how she hated herself for being “sucked into his kindness, only to have my trust dashed again and again.”  Without warning, his eyes would flash and he would “turn on a dime.” She would see the darkened eyes signifying spurn and contempt.

Connie shared Mengele was always impeccably dressed and obsessed about his appearance. Uncle Joe kept an office in an upstairs bedroom at their place. Around her, he would come down the stairs dressed in pajamas and talk warmly.  They would have long conversations, frequently about scripture.  However, Connie conveys that Mengele was a master at twisting the Bible.  Additionally, she reported (and the other members of the community confirm), how Mengele loved to play the piano and sing.  When they would go to church, he loved to go too and sing the great hymns of the Church; plus, she adds that he could harmonize beautifully with the music.

The family lived on a farm and had a big barn to facilitate large meetings involving numerous elite who were conspiring together toward the ‘globalist’ “New World Order.”  Mengele would be engaged in meetings with these leaders.[xxvii] Additionally, the family ran a ‘mission’ at their farm and sometimes held youth rallies.  They were also involved in a mission at a ‘Native-Canadian’ (Indian) reservation in Ontario, Canada.  Additionally, various members of the military would often come to their farm for ‘training’.  She alleged the CIA would be used as Mengele’s transportation.  When asked about whether he spoke of his travels and how he moved about (“Did he admit that he lived in South America?”), she indicated that he was extremely secretive and wouldn’t talk about his travels, but it was clear from his comments that “he was well-traveled.”  I asked if he ever spoke of his family, to which she replied, “Almost never, but it was clear he had a wife and son.”  She related a story Riggs had never heard about her responsibility to clean Mengele’s room. She once stumbled across photographs she assumed were his family.  Mengele kept them hidden, stuffed under the mattress of his bed.

I also asked if she ever met a Sidney Gottleib.  She responded she didn’t know who that was.  So I inquired, “Did you ever meet a Dr. Green?” to which I received an emphatic, “Oh Yes! Several times.”

Because of her powerful bloodline and the depth of generational iniquity ‘bred into her’, Connie has been forced to have several children (the circumstances are extraordinary and won’t be discussed here).  The offspring of these unions figure into the goal of creating the “Master Race.”  As was mentioned earlier, Mengele saw himself instrumental to the coming of the Übermensch.  Connie confirmed how important this mission was to Mengele.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Connie’s first-born son was delivered in 1962. He, like all her children, was subjected to Mengele’s programming. And like Sally’s, her children were crucial to the hopes of the “kings of the earth” through which they would bring forth the coming global ruler.

When asked how recently anyone from the group had contact with Mengele, Sally reported the latest incident she could date was to 1966 (Sally was born in 1954).  This was the first occasion in which Sally gave birth to an offspring (again, the circumstances won’t be discussed in this book).  While present and important at this event, but it was clear Mengele was receding into a more restricted and much-reduced role. However, before we speak of the final meeting between the group and Mengele, one more astonishing event must be recounted.

The Coming King and His Court

In 1976, at the infamous Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, the castle after Walt Disney modeled Sleeping Beauty’s Castle (see the figure above); Susanna and Dan reported a magnificent soirée held in their honor.  Royalty from across the world and leaders from many countries were present at an enormous event.  However difficult it may be for the reader to accept, they indicated it was an occasion marked by massive amounts of blood and intense satanic rituals.  At this event, Dan was literally and physically crowned King George VII.  Susanna and Dan were married in a ritual that though neither regards today as binding (and they have no romantic relationship whatsoever).  Both relate the event with vivid descriptions.  What was its purpose?  Although they don’t attempt to interpret it outright, it is clear that for the Royalty present there, it was a moment of august importance.  It represented the culmination of the work performed by many generations of Royalty, perhaps for hundreds if not thousands of years.  It was an occasion marking the imminent appearance of yet another much anticipated King—the Antichrist—to oversee the Ten Kings of the earth.[xxviii]  Purportedly, offspring that had been born to these women were also crowned in a coronation event, apparently at the 13th birthday of the future king and his false prophet.  However, Riggs believes that while the Royals may have believed these offspring to be the fulfillment of their efforts, it is possible that other candidates, now more genetically perfected, literally spawned by other means, may be in line for their thrones. For instance, Sally related how her son promised to bring his mother with him to reign.  She was stunned when at his coronation (he was 12-13, she 24) he laughed at her for suggesting he would ever be willing to share his throne.

Not much is made of that fact now that Dan and Susanna’s programming has been broken and the spirits which were channeled into them have been removed.  Consequently, however they figured into the grand scheme, Dan and Susanna have either fulfilled their role or their positions have been assumed by others.

The Death of Mengele

Returning to Mengele: the group which the author interviewed—Dan, Susanna, Julie, Sally (all except Connie)—were present in 1979 when Josef Mengele was murdered in their presence.

Dan described his being sent to Fort Benjamin for a military training school (he was in the U.S. Military at that time).  Early one morning, he went out for a run.  As we found his way down a darkened path, he sensed a strong foreboding.  Out of the shadows, the important old man he recognized from his childhood (Dan never knew him as Uncle, Uncle Joe, or by any other name), stepped forward stopping him cold in his tracks.  Instantly, Dan described a number of looming figures, perhaps ten men (possibly they were the “kings of the earth” Dan conjectures), surrounding Mengele in a semi-circle.  Almost immediately, Mengele holds out his hands cupped toward Dan. Dan’s stare is drawn to the blackness he sees in the center of Mengele’s hands. As he looks more intently, he begins to see a bright, singular star at the very center.  Dan becomes lost in this sight.  Then the men surrounding Mengele begin to plunge knives into Mengele’s back, again and again.  Dan reaches out to grab hold of Mengele attempting, however feebly, to shield him.[xxix] But he is much too late. Mengele falls to the ground.  Then, as if in a blink of an eye, Dan ‘came to himself’ sensing once again he was running, back on his chosen path.  However, now he had an even stronger sense of trembling and, at the time, no memory of what had just happened.  He thought to himself, “I won’t go that way ever again.”

The other women indicated they were present too and very much aware of what was transpiring.  They claim to have also plunged daggers into Mengele.  Since they originally were standing behind Dan (and out of his sight), he had no recollection of them. However, they remember the event vibrantly.  Unlike Susanna and Sally that were, by this time, self-aware as Christians, Julie spoke of how much she hated Mengele and how determined she was that with each thrust of the knife, she would finally kill this devil who had caused such incredible pain and ruined her life.

At this moment in 1979, Connie indicated she was in Jerusalem, caught up in an extremely sordid ritual.  As she was explaining what was transpiring 33 years ago, she paused and couldn’t continue.  Riggs began to pray for her and asked the Lord God to strengthen her and remove any obstacle or hindrance put in her path by the enemy—that she might remember what had happened in Jerusalem.  It was hard for her to go on, but she finally recounted some of the aspects of what was transpiring in the ritual.  Once again, she related that she was being used (abused sexually) to empower the ritual then underway in America.  As it turned out, this description of her role in Mengele’s death wasn’t something she had previously shared with Riggs or the others.  It was an emotional time for Connie as she struggled to convey her experience.  Everyone was hushed as her discourse reached its conclusion.

Conclusion—The Meaning of Mengele’s Death

If Josef Mengele died in Indiana as the members of Community Star Testimony Church assert, we must then ask, “How then was Mengele found dead on a beach outside of Sao Paolo?”  None of the group speculated that the body found dead in Brazil—supposedly a victim of heart attack or drowning—wasn’t the body of Mengele.  Neither do they assert that he didn’t die in 1979 as do some witnesses that Carol Rutz cites. All of the members of Morning Star Testimony agree: if the CIA could shuttle Mengele to and from South America as well as across America and Canada without being found out, it was twice as easy to take a dead Mengele back to Brazil.[xxx]  To be honest, they aren’t investigative journalists or historians and haven’t asked such questions.  They know their deep experiences of him are true—they are all convinced they were present at his ritualistic death.

POWER QUEST, BOOK TWO: The Ascendancy of Antichrist in America
POWER QUEST, BOOK TWO: The Ascendancy of Antichrist in America

Therefore, the question must be asked for them:  What about the knife wounds which would have covered Mengele’s body?  That is obviously a contradictory and major piece of evidence.  If the body that was dug up and examined in 1985 was Mengele, this factor would be readily apparent, even if they had naught but skull and bones.  Furthermore, the reader may be aware it was DNA forensic evidence officials used to identify the body, supposedly supplied by and matched to Rolf Mengele, Josef’s son. And yet, as Carol Rutz points out, when Mengele’s wife went to visit him at Auschwitz in 1943, the dates of her visit suggest she was already 2 to 3 months pregnant.  Perhaps her trip to visit her husband was timed to convince Josef her soon-to-be-born son belonged to him.  It’s easy to propose rationales for why it was in everyone’s interest (Brazil, the U.S., even Israel) to assure the world Josef Mengele was dead.  Brazil didn’t want the Israeli Mossad hunting for him on their soil (an affront to national sovereignty which was a public embarrassment to Argentina with the capture and secret ‘extradition’ of Adolf Eichmann from Buenos Aires in 1960).  The U.S. wouldn’t want his story told and any connection with (especially exploitation of) Mengele made public.  And Israel wanted one of the most hated of war criminals dead and gone with no complications.  If Mengele died in America in a ritual killing, no one would want that publicized. Therefore, those who believe the body on the beach wasn’t Dr. Mengele have considered the possibility that Rolf’s real father was the ‘body double’ of whose DNA was tested and verified by officials to match Rolf.

Heaven knows it is not a simple matter to confirm the identity of the body on the beach.  For in the end, given that the ‘chain of the custody of evidence’ was managed by persons now four decades ago (and tested at the time, six years after Mengele’s alleged death, i.e., in 1985). For all we know, the officials could have easily been bribed.  The body found in Sao Paolo might have been most anyone.  For quite some time, Gerald Posner (who wrote the biography of Mengele cited earlier) admits he did not believe the body found on the beach was Mengele.  Eventually, the DNA evidence convinced him it was.  Then again, it should be noted that he assumed officials in Brazil and in the U.S had no reason to falsify the facts. Given the scope of the Nazi infestation in America and the employment of war criminals from the Third Reich in many CIA operations discussed at length in this book, Posner’s ‘common sense’ supposition is hardly justified.  There are strong reasons to second guess the ‘body on the beach’ story.  Nevertheless, a conclusive answer will remain elusive.

So what is the meaning of Mengele’s death?  This too, we can only conjecture.  Those involved in the discussion from Syracuse on a lazy Sunday afternoon agreed that something was being transferred from Mengele to Dan—at that moment in 1979, Dan’s “Kingship” was still intact.  Dan conveyed it was likely whatever Mengele had obtained in the way of spiritual power over those whom he had programmed, especially those within the Church of Jesus Christ, the ‘star’ he witnessed implied something along those lines.  Dan had described his DID programming as a “defilement of the Church” in that he was to bring ‘spiritual death’ amidst those who were promised spiritual life.  It was as if Dan became a personal stargate or portal, to channel ‘death’ into the midst of those who believed they had been transferred from “death unto life” (and were now beyond the reach of the Devil, see Romans 8:38; 2 Corinthians 2:16; 1 John 3:14).  Perhaps the meaning of Mengele’s death was to firmly laminate this spiritual ‘capacity’ in Dan, ensuring it continued undiminished afterwards.[xxxi]

On the other hand, Mengele’s intent was easy to conclude: he believed because of his life’s work, he would be transported beyond death to another realm in which his next existence, whatever its form, would be intensified with cosmic power.  Mengele’s evil ambition, whatever it was, transcended anything we can comprehend.

Perhaps it was Mengele’s soulful intent to gain equal standing with the Devil himself.  For those who endured such pain and suffering, Mengele certainly had earned such exalted status; the victims might even hope his fiendish desire would be rewarded—but only if his exaltation in the next life resulted in the same destiny as the Antichrist and the False Prophet of Revelation; namely, that Josef Mengele be finally thrown alive by the Lord of Hosts into the Lake of Fire alongside all the other Nazi war criminals—without which the American government had, without regret, calculated we could not survive. [xxxii]

In essence, the actions of Josef Mengele represented, as Carol Rutz assesses with her book title, the betrayal of our nation.  His presence and activities were the inexorable outcome of decisions made by a few of America’s highest officials in the 1950s and going forward, encouraged and financed to an extent we can only imagine by the its wealthy elites (and even European royalty) to embrace undeniable evil in a Faustian bargain with eternal consequences for our country.  The United States of America opted consciously and deliberately to facilitate the ascendancy of Antichrist.

This study has provided the context for understanding why many biblically-based prophetic scholars believe that America is the ‘Mystery’ Babylon of Jeremiah 50-52 and Revelation 17-18.  It is not just our moral lapses; it is more than the murder of innocents through almost a million abortions a year.  It is the fact we have assimilated and accepted many of the principles underlying a fascist nation that emerged in Germany in the twentieth century.  Germany sought World Empire—but the United States achieved it.  We rule through economic and military power.  Our government is not “of the people, by the people, and for the people.”   It belies the institutional evil embedded in strategic aspects of our financial system and government which portends what will happen to our country in the twenty-first.   It is these mechanisms enabling those who wish to rule to do so quietly, confidently, and steadily, enforcing their will not just on Americans, but through global domination by economic and military means, in order that their reign become both official and unassailable; and that all languages and tongues become unified in one governmental order—for the betterment of humankind—according to what they say.

As Jim Marrs summarizes:

While it is true that the families that originated the wealthy elite in America—the Rockefellers, the Morgans, the Schiffs, and the Warburgs—have in recent years lost much of their previous influence, their giant global enterprises today remain as powerful as ever, maintaining all the functions for which they were first organized.  This mechanism today has been brought under the control of the fascist globalists, who created both communism and National Socialism using the wealth brought from Europe by the Nazi ratlines. [xxxiii]

Our government, through its military and intelligence services, our wealthiest families and the institutions they finance (especially the top academic and medical institutions), our largest corporations, as well as our banks which dominate the world financial system, are all guided whether intentionally or not (as the founder of capitalism Adam Smith extolled) “as if by an invisible hand” to comprise the American Empire and through it, to catalyze the coming New World Order.

In summary, America has chosen to become home base for the Antichrist.  The only question left now is, “When will he appear?”


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[xxiv] Her father was the head of the Jewish Sanhedrin, not the currently named Sanhedrin, but an ‘occultic’ version that was formed apparently at the time of Israel’s rebirth in 1948—if not before.  The survivors aren’t sure of the details on this fact.  Sally indicates that her father was ritually sacrificed shortly thereafter.  Ritual sacrifices are like ‘power ups’ in video games—they increase the occultic power of those conducting the rituals.  Furthermore, occultic power grows from generation to generation.  This is the presumption behind the ‘generational abuse’ and the bloodlines.

[xxv] This is also alleged by Russ Dizdar in his book, The Black Awakening.

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[xxvii] Price Phillip is frequently mentioned as a principal in the Royalist conspiracy.  Riggs believes he is the ringleader and offers some particular details to reinforce this belief.  Listeners to the recordings will note this.

[xxviii] In discussions with Doug Riggs, it appears that these Kings may be composed into a collection of ten and have been so configured for decades if not for centuries, awaiting the time when the final ‘Ten Kings’ will reign with their Antichrist.  At the very least, it is a most intriguing interpretation.

[xxix] The nature of Dan’s programming in part was ‘extend himself for others’ seeking to protect them, and if need be, die for them.

[xxx] Given the supernatural aspects of the gathering at the ritual, it was likely that the participants had all traveled there in some manner of paranormal space-time travel energized by the evil rituals then underway, and Mengele’s body may have been returned to Brazil in the same fashion.  Given the probability that supernatural causes and effects may have been in play, ultimately there is little logic in fully weighing the physical evidence although I acknowledge the contradiction.  All the witnesses speak of being instantly transported to this event except Dan who was in Indiana at the time.  The experience of the Apostle Philip, transported instantly ‘in the spirit’ after speaking to the ‘Ethiopian Eunuch’, is a biblical example of such spiritual ‘transport’ that may be mirrored in this occurrence.  See also Revelation 17:3 where John was ‘carried away in the Spirit’.

[xxxi] As Riggs likes to say, suggesting such a template begets repeatability.

[xxxii] While we discussed the successor to Mengele, supposedly a doctor living in Arkansas, his power falls far short of Mengele.  They refer to him as Dr. GEO.  Going forward, he appears to be of little consequence, despite winning a clandestine competition to ‘fill Mengele’s evil shoes’.

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POWER QUEST, BOOK TWO: The Ascendancy of Antichrist in America
POWER QUEST, BOOK TWO: The Ascendancy of Antichrist in America


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