Sinister barely begins to characterize the hidden agenda of the Angel of Death, Josef Mengele. In this week’s Hot Seat, I interview (with the welcomed help of Pastor Doug Riggs) Dan Webb, a SRA/DID survivor with an incredible story to tell.

Pastor Doug Riggs had counseled hundreds of people to integrate their parts into ‘singularity’ i.e., the presenter (GETTING TO WHOLENESS AND THE CORE PERSONALITY). But Dan Webb is the only gentleman I’ve met that ‘grew up’ in the community of Morning Star Testimony Church, where Doug has pastored for over four decades.

Dan Webb, like Nadine, was conceived during the deep ritual conducted in 1943 (discussed in depth the interview with Nadine in the 8-18-21 HOT SEAT). But, like several women in the project, Dan would not be born until May 14, 1948.

His birth certificate would show 1950, and he would be made a son of a couple in Missouri, ultimately for further abuse creating a ‘surface’ layer of dissociation to hide the deeper levels of his programming. (This process is known as placing the target individual into a “surrogate family.”) But between those times, Dan spent a great deal of time in the often heinous “care” of Josef Mengele with frequent participation of John Bowlby (the originator of “attachment theory”).

Mengele programmed Dan in a very unique way (as far as we know). He was to become a Christian as an infant, then be programmed via methods used in Satanic rituals and methods developed at Auschwitz. Ultimately, his programming would involve Dan learning to extend his being outside of himself (a deeply spiritual phenomenon), attempting to shield those whom Mengele labeled “his responsibility.” What Dan didn’t know was that he unwittingly wrapped his “subject” into a “web of death.” He sought to protect — but his effort created demonic terror (and trauma for the subject).

The nature of this death would eventually be disclosed as an unheard of attack on the Church of Christ. Like Nadine, Dan would become host to a network of persons predisposed to block the maturing of Christians, to attack God’s plan to bring members of the Body of Christ to “newness of life” and “the fullness of Christ”. Behind the scenes, in rituals physically performed globally and spiritually “above Jerusalem” in the second heaven.  The intended goal: steal the “life essence” of newly born-again Christians creating a Satanic web about the earth, attempting to block the return of Jesus Christ.  Heavy?  Absolutely.  Without the testimony of Dan, Nadine, and others in Morning Start Testimony Church (and others worldwide who are often the “counselees” of Pastor Riggs) we wouldn’t be aware of what is happening in the spiritual web (that connects to the scriptures Doug Riggs expounds for us).

But Dan’s story focuses on amazing events ultimately to gain the authority to apply his “skill” in the Church. In essence, Dan was being prepared as an Anti-Christ to the Church — to steal the ‘morning star’ promised to the Church. What what exactly does that mean? You need to watch to judge for yourself.

One of the most amazing facets of the story is Dan’s experience at Neuschwanstein Castle (the picture above is that castle.) You will learn Dan had been coronated as King George VII (the last George was George VI, made famous in the movie “The King’s Speech”). Dan would spend two weeks at the castle.. Afterward, he would be taken to Westminster Chapel for another ritual, known publicly as part of English tradition, establishing him as a defender of the “Queen.” Dan was being prepared for a key role in establishing the final One World Government. But first, to sew discord in the Church.

For further detail and documentation on the points in this video, refer to Doug’s books, Power Quest, Part 1 and 2

The counterattack is to open the windows and let the sunshine in. The truth should be told and the devil chased from our midst.  Our goal is to come to a knowledge of the Son of God, to be the perfect man, crafted in the stature of the fullness of Christ (Ephesians 4:12-16)

The three previous Hot Seat shows deal with this same or similar subject matter. You can watch these four shows in any order, but the calendric pattern is best (shows progressing in order, from 8-11, 8-18, 8-25, and this show, 9-1).

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