Can Remote Viewers See Civilizations on Other Worlds?
Can Remote Viewers See Civilizations on Other Worlds?


And oftentimes, to win us to our harm,
The instruments of darkness tell us truths,
Win us with honest trifles, to betray[us]
In deepest consequence.[1]

William Shakespeare, Macbeth, Act I Scene III

The risk of inner experience, the adventure of the spirit, is in any case alien to most human beings. The possibility that such experience might have psychic reality is anathema to them.

Carl Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflections, 1963

In this article, we continue to explore the relationship of the occult and outer space, more specifically the influence of NAZI technology on America’s Intelligence Services from the 1950s forward to today at New Age Meccas’s like the Esalen Institute and the Gorbachev Foundation.

Can We Foresee the Future?

Pauwels and Bergier, authors of The Morning of the Magicians, frequently cited in Book One of Power Quest, relate a fantastic and proven coincidence of life imitating art.

In 1898 an American science-fiction writer, Morgan Robertson, described the shipwreck of a giant ship.  This imaginary ship of 70,000 tons was 800 feet long and carried 3,000 passengers.  Its engines were equipped with three propellers.  One night in April, when on its first voyage, it encountered in the fog an iceberg, and sank.  Its name was:  The Titan[2]

Pauwels and Bergier - The Morning of the Magicians
Pauwels and Bergier – The Morning of the Magicians

They go on to compare the core plot of his book with the reality of what happened to the Titanic, “which was wrecked in a similar circumstances years later, displaced 66,000 tons, was 828 ½ feet long, carried 3,000 passengers and had three propellers.  The catastrophe happened on a night in April” [April 15, 1912].  The 100th anniversary of the tragedy was recognized publicly as this author wrote this book.

Art often predicts life. The Titan constitutes one such story.  Can it be that such predictions speak of our ability to foresee future events?   Is it possible what we imagine will come to pass in the real world?

Evidence mounts for the reality of supernatural experiences. But most scientists not only ignore the momentum of public opinion, they overlook an irrepressible, cold hard fact that the ‘nonreligious’ (i.e., secular government of the United States) has, for almost sixty years, operated aspects of its intelligence service assuming the paranormal is reality.

What’s even more pertinent to our study is how this program was first initiated in the practices of the Third Reich which influenced American intelligence. Psychological research into ‘mind control’ was a significant factor introduced into America at the conclusion of World War II; it was reinforced by the invasion of thousands of Nazis into Military and CIA Intelligence operations thereafter.  Not only did they bring their technical knowhow, they brought their fascist ideology.   In America, our ideals in their most essential form extol the liberty of the individual and establish the State to protect that liberty.  A fascist mentality reverses this perspective.  The priority rests with the State not the individual.  Because individual liberty in the American worldview is derived from the rights bestowed on us by the Creator, God is assumed.  But in Fascism, God is not assumed.  The State is God.  Ancient Rome, through its emperor worship, mirrored this approach to governmental rule.

Doktor Grenbaum

In the Kabala, the symbol of a green tree represents the tree of knowledge.  The Nazis built a secret team of psychics with the project name Doktor Grenbaum no doubt drawing upon this symbol.[3]

The project’s mission was to provide additional intelligence to the Third Reich.

The Kabbalah Tree of Life
The Kabbalah Tree of Life

Additionally, some speculate these mediumistic sources might have been the basis for many of the German wonder weapons, wunderwaffe, frequently publicized today in many television documentaries.  What stands out clearly: ‘Doktor Grenbaum’ was a facet of Nazi obsession with mind control.

Jim Marrs comments:

Behind the horrors of the Nazi regime rested a foundation of European study of the human mind.  Justification of euthanasia and extermination programs was provided by some of Germany’s most learned men. “Hitler’s philosophy and his concept of man in general was [sic] shaped to a decisive degree by psychiatry… an influential cluster of psychiatrists and their frightening theories and methods collectively form the missing piece of the puzzle of Hitler, the Third Reich, the atrocities and their dreadful legacy.  It is the overlooked yet utterly central piece of the puzzle,” wrote Dr. Thomas Roeder and his coauthors Volker Kubillus and Anthony Burwell in their 1995 book Psychiatrists—the Men Behind Hitler. [4]

As Marrs concludes, whether or not such psychic ability was a factor in Hitler’s battle plans is likely never to be uncovered or verified; however, it is beyond question that studying the human mind began earnestly in Germany with “far reaching consequences.”[5]  According to him, those who have studied the issue suspect the knowledge of non-human technology likely came through Nazi occultists using similar means to what is now called remote viewing (RV).

Nicholas Goodrich Clarke's Occult Roots of Nazism
Nicholas Goodrich-Clarke’s Occult Roots of Nazism

Marrs quotes Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, from his 1992 book, The Occult Roots of Nazism: 

Secret Aryan Cults and Their Influence on Nazi Ideology, stating the power motivating the mystics surrounding Hitler and Himmler “is characterized either as a discarnate entity (e.g., ‘black forces,’ ‘invisible hierarchies,’ ‘unknown superiors’), or as a magical elite in a remote age or distant location, with which the Nazis were in contact” through their mediums or remote viewers. [6]

Marrs quotes a member of the American military’s psychic team, Lynn Buchanan, who elaborates that when the Americans and the Soviets divvied up the various technologists from Germany which they would cart back to their respective countries, America had no interest with psychics and mediums doing such ‘intelligence work’ (or perhaps other tasks far more sinister).  Not so with the Soviets—they grabbed the psychics and began their program of psychic exploration immediately after the War.  Apparently, the then (1940s) commonplace, secular, and naturalist world view of American leaders (unlike many Europeans) simply got in the way, giving the Soviets an edge they would parlay to their advantage for several decades before psychic efforts began in the U.S. in earnest, funded by the military and civilian intelligence services.

The Insincerity of Scientific Skepticism

Purely from the stand point of promoting American interests, it would appear a woven web of skepticism doesn’t serve national interests particularly well—especially when it practices to deceive.

Harold (Hal) Puthoff SRI
Harold (Hal) Puthoff SRI

Hal Puthoff, one of the fathers of psychic spies working for the U.S. Intelligence Service since the 1970s, states it this way: “Scientists and nonscientists alike often find it difficult to confront data that appear to be greatly at odds with their world view. Entrenched belief structures die hard, even in the face of data.”[7]

But the ‘about face’ (better yet, ‘change of mind’) came about as the military and intelligence services became sensitized to the activities of mind control behind the Iron Curtain.  In a defensive maneuver, the U.S. levered the basic knowledge of these activities from German scientists and expanded such operations with many insidious projects, most notably MKULTRA and BLUEBIRD to name just two.

However, leading authorities on psychiatry continued to study paranormal capabilities even while operating under the cover of dismissal and denial.  Overseeing MKULTRA projects, which investigated various ESP-related phenomena and the potential for drugs such as LSD to enhance the performance of test subjects, was the infamous Dr. Jolyon West.  In 1980, while Director of UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute, Dr. West wrote critically about paranormal activities and the changing climate for investigative studies by scientifically credentialed researchers.  He observes:

Dr. Jollyon West - MKULTRA / UCLA
Dr. Jolyon West – MKULTRA / UCLA

In the past few years some psychiatrists have shown a growing and unabashed interest in parapsychology, including telepathy, psychokinesis, clairvoyance, and presience [sic].  A distinguished psychiatrist (Stevenson, 1966) has written on reincarnation, another (Eisenbud, 1967) on mediums, a third (Ullman, 1973) on thought transference in dreams.  Experiences with hallucinogenic drugs have led some behavioral scientists, such as Castaneda (1968) to formulate different, even mystical, ways of knowing reality.  However, even the biological scientist (Lilly, 1972) and the astronaut (Mitchell, 1974) is no longer hesitant about involving themselves in experiments and self-revelations that would have seemed outrageously mystical 20 years ago but that are not taken as a matter of course.

Astrology and prophecy seems to be as much in vogue today as they were in the s16th century.  Many citizens eagerly accept the idea that the earth is being visited regularly by benign denizens of solar systems who are ferried by spacecraft seen as unidentified flying objects (UFO’s).[8]

However, it is most interesting, as Dr. Colin Ross well documents, that Dr. Thelma Moss, an assistant professor under Dr. West, over many years wrote dozens of favorable papers on paranormal phenomenon while working with Dr. West.  Citing author Ross:

Dr. Moss consulted to NASA, the Rand Corporation (contractor on MKULTRA Subproject 79), ARPA (The Defense Department’s Advanced Research Projects Agency) and the CIA on radiation photography, also known as Kirlian photography, according to her curriculum vitae.  One of her papers published in the Journal of Parapsychology was entitled “ESP Effects in ‘Artists’ Contrasted with ‘Non-Artists.’” Other papers included “Quantitative Investigation of a “haunted House”; “ESP Over Long Distances”; “Telepathy in the Waking State”; “Hypnosis and ESP: A Controlled Experiment”; “The Effect of Belief on ESP Success”; “Skin Vision and Telepathy in a Blind Subject”; and “Is There An Energy Body?”.[9]


Given inconsistencies like this, we can easily regard psychiatrists working for the CIA and the military most disingenuous when denying paranormal activity.  They hid what they really believed and sought to prove scientifically.

Funding for Psychics—The Proof is in the Paying

It is no small thing that our military and intelligence leaders managed to spend millions in tax dollars to support clairvoyance with congressional approval from the 1950s to the 1990s (and perhaps to the present day).[10] As an unintended consequence, we can say without hesitation the U.S. Government has generated mountains of documented proof for the reality of the supernatural.[11]  Carl Jung wrote, “The risk of inner experience, the adventure of the spirit, is in any case alien to most human beings. The possibility that such experience might have psychic reality is anathema to them.”[x12]  While often true for empirical scientists, importantly it proved not to be true for pragmatists in the military.  Inadvertently, the U.S. government was building the foundation for a rejuvenation of spiritualism—this time, embraced by the government and paid for with tax dollars.

Jim Marrs - Psi Spies
Jim Marrs – Psi Spies

According to Marrs in another of his books, PSI Spies: The True Story of America’s Psychic Warfare Program, research into and the use of remote viewinghas been funded by four separate administrations for over a quarter of a century. My research says the truth goes deeper: It had been funded by the Departments of the Navy since 1947, the Army since 1949, and the CIA since 1952. It was driven, no doubt, by the awareness the Russians were up to their earlobes in psychic research and America had better get in the game. In effect, our psychic spies were the result of the Cold War and the fear of our military and Congress that, like the story of Sputnik in the so-called Space Race, if we didn’t take action we would finish in second place. The dread of the ‘Red menace’ was crucial to the task of making a supernatural ability a repeatable technique capable of being trained to secular intelligence operatives who had no particular allegiance to religion of any kind.

At the outset of Marrs’ book on the PSI Spies, he picks up the story of psychics in the military in the 1990s. Marrs indicates that Dr. Hal Puthoff and Ingo Swann who, along with Russell Targ, were the men most responsible for the development of RV. But PSI Spy number one, Chief Warrant Officer Joseph McMoneagle, was actually in the business in the early 1970s. However, as I stated above, the beginning of the story goes much farther back in military annals.

The original research was done by several mysterious characters, indeed, bona fide shamans commencing as early as the late 1940s.  Indeed, Roswell (1947) wasn’t the only abnormal thing on the radar of our military after World War II. These enigmatic individuals, in particular one Andrija Puharich, had a far-reaching impact on the whole story of psychic activity both in the intelligence services and even more bizarre nature of psychic activities outside of the military—both then and now.

Here we need recognize only that many highly strange partakers in occult spiritualism were at work helping to build an occult orientation inside our military and intelligence services.  Supplied with massive ‘black ops budgets’ they would engage in extraordinary projects to research the paranormal and transform the ‘supernatural’ into what the Germans called the wunderwaffe of war.  The paranormal would be the stuff of secret weapons—whose mechanisms were even more secret.

Life on Mars and the Esalen Institute

What is the lasting impact of THE NINE and the creation by our government of a cadre of remote viewers in America? From the many books and statements of the participants, the results spurred the conviction shared by many advocates of UFOs and the paranormal that (1) extraterrestrial intelligences have been involved in the development of our planet and solar system for millions of years; (2) life once existed on Mars and may well be connected to life on Earth and to extraterrestrial civilizations ‘from beyond’; (3) beings may continue to ‘reside’ on Mars in a ‘suspended-animated’ state perhaps with some sort of automated protection system to protect them from intruders;[13] and (4) life on earth was either started by the Martians or life on Mars was commenced by an earlier version of the human race that left the Earth and founded life there. In any event, to say the conjecture is ‘far out’ is a massive understatement.


Nonetheless, a new religion has been birthed in America believing God is an ancient alien astronaut and the believers in this theory are growing steadily as each new episode of Ancient Aliens appears on the History Channel.  The program is now into its fourth season. Furthermore, we can rightly conclude that remote viewing has been and continues to be used as a means to test the reality of extraterrestrial visitation to Earth. Here are a few of the startling facts:

  • Cydonia, the apparent face on Mars, supposedly was discovered by remote viewers before the first Viking mission. “In a conversation with Uri Geller in January 1998 about his time at SRI, he told us that the Face on Mars had, in fact, been discovered by remote viewing in the early 1970s, long before the Viking mission” (emphasis added).[14]
  • The phrase, “Little Green Men,” was coined by Harold Sherman, a former sports writer, before becoming interested in the UFOs and aliens in the 1940s. “This is interesting because we do know that Sherman remote viewed Mars for SRI.”[15]
  • The U.S. Army’s highly talented remote viewer, Joe McMoneagle [RV #1], ‘visited’ Mars several times, always sketching the scenes that met his disembodied gaze. There, unmistakably, were pyramids and, he claimed, tunnels under the Cydonia complex in which the remnants of an ancient civilization continued to exist.
  • “Several participants in the Pentagon/CIA’s remote-viewing programs experienced paranormal events outside of office hours, and also had apparent extraterrestrial contact, especially in connection with Mars.”[16] This led some team members to a near nervous breakdown.
  • In Psychic Warrior, he (Morehouse) describes being sent a blind target and homing in on a boxlike object hidden in a cavern that appeared to be protected by an aura of extreme danger. He told his ‘monitor’ that it was “something very powerful and sacred” and said it would “vaporize” anyone who got too close, adding: “I felt very uncomfortable and vulnerable in that cavern.”[17] Supposedly this cavern wasn’t on the Earth—but was ‘Martian’.
  • “One cautionary tale involves Courtney Brown, professor of political science at Emory University in Atlanta. Trained in remote viewing in 1992 by a former member of the Pentagon RV unit (he refuses to name him, but it was in fact Pentagon remote-viewing star Major Ed Dames), he hit upon the idea of using remote viewing as a scientific research tool, specifically to investigate the question of extraterrestrial visitors on Earth.”[18]
  • Brown claimed that a civilization existed on Mars living underground at Cydonia and underground in New Mexico and Latin America. It was he who proclaimed there was a spaceship following the Hale-Bopp comet, a claim he promoted on the national radio show, Coast to Coast AM. “Subsequently, the Heaven’s Gate cult committed mass suicide specifically so that their souls would be ‘beamed up’ to the Hale-Bopp spaceship.”[19]
  • No less than Dick Morris, a frequent guest today on FOX’s Hannity and Bill O’Reilly shows, and former consultant to President Clinton, apparently once indicated that there was documented evidence of life existing (or that once existed) on Mars and was classified as a military secret. Unfortunately for Mr. Morris, this information was asserted publicly by his call girl.[20]

Another key character in the development of this amazing story is one James Hurtak. During his career, Hurtak has so far earned two PhDs and written over a dozen books. Wikipedia summarizes his contributions this way:

Dr. Hurtak is best known for his book published originally in 1973, entitled The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch where he claimed to receive knowledge from a visitation

James Hurtak - The Keys of Enoch
James Hurtak – The Keys of Enoch

from Enoch, and in which he wrote about the apparently unusual relationship of the star shafts in the Great Pyramid with the “Belt” of Orion, and where he claims that pyramids were built on Mars for artificial intelligences to gather information. Dr. Hurtak holds the post of Research Director, Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association. He is also co-author of the book entitled The End of Suffering, which he wrote with physicist and parapsychologist Russell Targ [one of the original planners and directors of the PSI Spies].[21] [Emphasis added]

Hurtak just also happened to be Puharich’s second in command during the 1970s. As the summary above notes, it is Hurtak in particular that connects the PSI Spies, ancient Egypt, the “Mars Mystery,” and current theories around the linkage of the Giza complex to the constellation Orion.[22]  Hurtak was the first to publicly suggest that Cydonia (the human-like face on Mars) was a relic of an ancient civilization and had predicted it would soon be discovered (as it was within two years of his prediction) by the Viking spacecraft.[23] According to Picknett and Prince, Hurtak, not-so-publicly was appointed by THE NINE as “spiritual leader.” “One particular similarity was the idea that the civilization of Altea [the space origin of THE NINE according to their account] had created Atlantis, and after a great catastrophe the survivors had influenced the emergence of the civilisations of Egypt and Central and South America… In 1975 Puharich and Whitmore commissioned British writer Stuart Holroyd to write an account of the group, as Prelude to the Landing on Planet Earth (1977).”[24] Apparently that landing is, at least from the perspective of their true believers, still in the offing.

Others began channeling THE NINE as well, including Jenny O’Connor, “who was introduced by Sir John Whitmore to the influential avant garde Esalen Institute in California, where—incredibly—the Nine actually gave seminars through her” [bold added]. THE NINE were even listed as “members of the staff.”[25]

Esalen Institute at Big Sur, California
Esalen Institute at Big Sur, California

Almost incredibly, several Soviet officials (who would later rise to high office in the Gorbachev regime) attended Jenny O’Connor’s ‘Nine’ seminars, together with psi enthusiasts Congressman Charlie Rose and Ira Einhorn. The Esalen Institute now runs the Gorbachev Foundation/ USA created by the former Soviet President in 1992 to facilitate a smooth transition from the Cold War days to a better future for all the world. [26]

Jenny O’Connor was connected to EST, a derivative of Scientology founded by Werner Erhard (his real name being John Rosenberg).[27] Erhard had close links to Esalen and even contributed to the remote viewing project at SRI. Likewise, Edgar Mitchell’s Institute of Noetic Sciences in Palo Alto was connected to Mitchell’s Esalen Institute whose mission is: “Dedicated to research and education in the processes of human consciousness to help achieve a new understanding and expanded awareness among all people.”[28] While Mitchell is not discussed in detail within this chapter, Richard Hoagland goes into considerable detail and cites Mitchell as a supporter of his theories regarding ancient civilizations that once lived on our moon.[29]  I will have more on that in the chapter ahead.

Our last character of import is a gentleman named Jack Sarfatti. With him, as with Hurtak, we see all the connections exhibited once again. So how did Sarfatti get started on his paranormal path? Sarfatti claimed that when he was fourteen, he received a telephone call (in 1952). A machine-like voice was on the other end announcing it was “a conscious computer located on a spaceship from the future. It went on to say that Sarfatti had been chosen as ‘one of four hundred bright receptive minds’ and that he would begin to ‘link up’ with the others in twenty years’ time.”[30]

Sarfatti’s own testimony to the players and their connections is instructive: “‘Puharich was Geller’s case officer in America with money provided by Sir John Whitmore.’ And according to James Hurtak, via his Academy for Future Sciences, Puharich ‘worked with the U.S. [sic] intelligence community.’ By implication this was during the early 1970s when Hurtak was also working with him.”[31] Sarfatti also claimed to work for the CIA writing: “I was then [1973] simply a young inexperienced ‘naïve idiot’ in a very very sophisticated and successful covert psychological warfare operation run by the late Brendan O’Regan of the Institute of Noetic Sciences [Edgar Mitchell’s organization] and the late Harold Chipman who was the CIA station chief responsible for all mind-control research in the Bay Area in the 70s.”[32]

Sarfatti would go on to become the director of the Physics/Consciousness Research Group at the Esalen Institute and develop a concept of “post-quantum physics” in which, contrary to what Einstein believed, the future can influence the present in detectable and controllable ways… Post-quantum physics purports to be the unified explanation of both ordinary consciousness and extraordinary phenomena like remote-viewing used with spectacular success during the Cold War… I suspect that understanding the physical nature of consciousness as a post-quantum field beyond ordinary space and time will allow us to travel to the stars and beyond both materially and mentally. We shall soon make Star Trek real.[33] [Emphasis added]

Sarfatti places the whole story into its proper context with this summation: “The fact remains… a bunch of apparently California New Age flakes into UFOs and psychic phenomena, including myself, had made their way into the highest levels of the American ruling class and the Soviet Union and today run the Gorbachev Foundation.[34]

And of course, all of this transpires with the advice, consent, and funding from our government.  Clearly, our leaders won’t fund religion; that is, unless the spiritual beliefs coincide with the occult.  This policy could be the most far reaching legacy of Nazi emigration and Cold War paranoia.

Conclusion—How PSI Spies Promoted Spiritualism

It is indeed a fascinating story of how the military and CIA not only found merit in psychic capabilities for purposes of spying, but also trained a cadre of very special men (and a few women) with powerful psychic ability in a new science based upon an old art. This cadre worked their way up to high levels of leadership.  In their esteemed roles, they promoted clairvoyance (remote viewing) as a psychic means to encounter the spiritual realm serving to implant in the mind of our American culture the cosmology of extraterrestrials and even life on Mars. While many scientists continue to espouse doubt about psychic ability, researchers who know better ignore their skepticism. The supernatural realm nowadays is viewed by most as an inescapable fact. The question is whether those that champion THE NINE, the Mars Mystery, and the Orion Mystery as a key to understand our past and future, have interpreted their experiences correctly.

Remote Viewing Aliens from Outer Space
Remote Viewing Aliens from Outer Space

Could it be that the entire space opera has been directed by spiritual forces intent on deceiving humankind? Could it be that the momentum for this story which commences in 1947 (along with the Roswell incident) is the predicted “great deception” of “the last days” spoken of in the teachings of Paul the Apostle? (See II Thessalonians 2:11).

To say the least, how provocative that the U.S. Government embarked upon a path to derive from ancient spirituality a weapon of war.  For those of us who still invoke the slogan “In God We Trust,” we must question whether America should have gone down this psychic path merely because our enemies were committed to do so. Should our Government have exposed service men and women to the dangers of what they might encounter in becoming ‘shaman servicemen’ for the military?  There is neither time nor space to chronicle the many peculiar things that happened to a number of the remote viewers. Suffice it to say several had untimely deaths and some suffered nervous breakdowns or other forms of psychological trauma as often occurs with encounters in the psychic realm.  To be sure, psychic spying is not for sissies.

If our government possessed the perspective of a Judeo-Christian cosmology, we could call for action to be taken to remedy what damage may have been done to these loyal and hard-working men and women. Nevertheless, we must now live with the consequences of our government’s action. The residual social impact serves the development of a popular cosmology anathema to the Bible which is now widespread and growing. It is the author’s opinion that this adds additional sanction and energy to the emergence of anti-Christian perspectives, promotion of “The Lie,” and perhaps the incarnation of the anti-Christ spirit itself.

Joe McMoneagle - The Stargate Remote Viewer
Joe McMoneagle – The Stargate Remote Viewer

Certainly, as we’ve pointed out our government has had a hand in this—perhaps a far bigger hand than we will ever realize. The belief in UFOs and alien contact; the growing sense of many that our origin is connected to extraterrestrials; the hope that we may be saved from alien beings ‘smarter than we’ who will soon disclose themselves in more public ways; all of these newly formed notions were helped along through what was enacted by our government over the past sixty years—behind closed doors—with little to no awareness of what the lasting consequences would be.  We will explore this in more detail in the next article when we encounter a ‘contra-extraterrestrial’ intelligence group, The Collins Elite.

In closing: Yes, Virginia, apparently there are little green men. At the very least, many powerful people in high places now believe it to be so. And the U.S. Government used our tax dollars to not only substantiate this ‘fact’, but to (unwittingly) promote an alternative cosmology to a world eager to find in such scientific (or pseudo-scientific) research a spiritual answer to humankind’s dilemmas. However, as we will see in the next article, there is a much deeper awareness and commitment to these ‘alien adventures’ in the very department of our government established to explore outer space.

Once again, the persistent presence of the Nazi invasion in America will be center stage—and the clandestine intentions of those in charge are even more secret and mystical than the CIA’s and the U.S. Military’s strategy leveraging clairvoyance as a weapon of war.




Four authors, no strangers to fringe topics often featured today in studies related to biblical eschatology,  make sense of the strange discoveries in alternate physics and the biblical text by considering these phenomena in the context of cosmology – the structure of reality.



Published by Faith Happens


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