I am so pleased to announce that I was recently on Prophecy in the News and we taped (“digital videoed” these days), two programs.  Each of the programs is directed on one of my two newest books.  The first of the two programs is now up on their web site and will be broadcast around the US via Dish Networks, DirecTV, and other local Christian stations.  The schedule to watch on TV is available at the Prophecy in the News website.

The first book host Kevin Clarkson and I discussed is BLOOD MOON:  THE BIBLICAL SIGNS OF APOCALYPSE.

BLOOD MOON - Biblical Signs of the Coming Apocalypse
BLOOD MOON – Biblical Signs of the Coming Apocalypse

This book has been available for about 8 months but has not been aggressively marketed.  Through Prophecy in the News (PITN), it will be available along with the second and newest book, UNCOMMON SENSE:  A PROPHETIC MANIFESTO FOR THE CHURCH IN BABYLON.  Prophecy in the News is offering the two books together for a price of $37.95 plus shipping and handling.  As of today, the books are NOT yet on their website bookstore. However, there is a phone number displayed during the 30-minute program you can call to order.

If you wish to wait, be mindful that your purchase through PITN supports their important ministry of keeping the Saints up-to-date on prophetic developments in our day.  Click HERE to view the TV program featuring yours truly (in High Definition no less!).  Oh, we decided not to wear ties that day.  Just in case you were wondering where my tie was (I often loan a tie out to my colleagues at conferences who forget to bring theirs!)

These two books are also available on Kindle, iBook, and NOOK as well as  the S Douglas Woodward STORE at the Amazon Marketplace.  You can click HERE to order a Kindle version.

If you want a printed version that I will sign for you, you can order through my store on Amazon (intelligently called, the S DOUGLAS WOODWARD STORE).  Click HERE.

Please share this information with your friends.  The message of the BLOOD MOON book is based on several key points:

1.  The Blood Moon Prophecy of today seems to serve as a providential sign that the end of days is upon us.

2.  The Blood Moon Prophecy is NOT likely the fulfillment of Joel 2:31 and Revelation 6:12.  But it is a provocative topic that merits discussion and study.

3.  True signs of the Scripture relate to the biblical phrase SIGNS AND WONDERS, two words that connect to the covenant between the LORD and His people.  We do well to trace the various ways the Hebrew word for SIGNS (transliterated OWTH… sounds like OATH) reaffirms God’s promises to those that call upon His name.

4.  The Apocalypse is indispensable to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  And yet, it is a fundamental truth that has bene abandoned by most evangelical churches today for various reasons, but principally because ministers do not understand its importance in being faithful preachers of the imminent coming of the Kingdom of God.

If you have read the book or will do so in the near term, it helps me so much to write a review even if it is just a sentence or two, on Amazon.  Here is the location where you can jot down a few words. Click HERE.   Your reviews help me sell books and then I can write more of them!

Blessings to all, Doug

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