One Week Price Reduction for Friends, THE NEXT GREAT WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST


The Next Great War in the Middle East:  Russia Prepares to Fulfill the Prophecy of Gog and Magog

This is a notice that I have reduced the price for THE NEXT GREAT WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST for one week only.  The Kindle price is reduced to $2.99.  The paperback price is reduced from $19.95 to $10.95.  This pricing is only for one week, Monday February 29 through Friday, March 4.  Pricing will go back up to $9.95 and $19.95 respectively beginning Friday evening.

Why reduce the price for my friends?  BECAUSE I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP NOW!

For my writing ministry to prosper, I need as many as possible to purchase the book this week, read as much as you can, and write a review.  I hope it is favorable, but I want your honest opinion.  Reviews on Amazon make an enormous difference in motivating folks to purchase a book.  Your opinion really counts.  Sales momentum comprises the biggest factor in sales.

TheNextGreatWar FRONT COVER ONLY 12 26 2015You, my friends, are my best source of assistance to help me.  Besides the enjoyment I receive when writing about biblical topics, it is for you that I spend the many hours I do to write.  You may not be aware how much work goes into writing a book that is well researched, documented, and carefully written to be easy to read and informative.  And the rewards for writing a Christian book on the topics that I have selected aren’t likely to include being a New York Times Bestseller.  Most of my books will only sell 1,000 to 2,000 copies (at least at this stage of my career!)  After advertising and other production expenses, I will net only about $4.00/book.  It may take 500 to 600 hours to write and promote a book. If I only sell 1,000 copies ($4,000 net income) I am making about $8.00/hour.

Critics suggest that writers like myself just want to “fleece the sheep!”  Boy is that wrong.  You can make more money “flipping burgers!”  Back CoverConsequently, writing is basically a “minimum wage” job.  I do it because of other rewards in helping people, seeking to be true to my calling, and because I grow in my own faith.

The only way that I can afford to keep devoting my time to this vocation is if my friends take advantage of the opportunity to help me by writing reviews.  It also helps get the Word of the LORD (assuming that He speaks through my writings to others) to a wider audience.

So I am doing a “quiet announcement” just to my friends, those who have directly signed up on my BLOG (, and those who have LIKED my page on Facebook, and those who are on my personal friends mailing list.  The special pricing is for you, my friends, to help encourage you to obtain a copy ASAP and write a brief review.  The review I request for you to write on my behalf need only be 2 to 3 sentences.  If you can identify something specific you like or didn’t like, that helps other readers decide whether they might enjoy the book.

Just so you know, I am receiving great feedback verbally but I am getting almost NO reviews on Amazon.  Its disappointing in that I’ve already sold almost 600 copies of the book through various channels but no motion in the “review column”.  I believe this is the most important book I’ve written with the most practical information to explain why things have gone so crazy in the Middle East, why the U.S. has taken such inexplicable actions, and what the implications are for the fulfillment of Bible prophecy in our day.

I hope this is not asking for a big sacrifice.  Just this small contribution of your time (and a few dollars), will help me greatly.  If I were able to get 100 friends to aid me in this way, it would have a tremendous benefit.  It takes considerable time to write a book and without larger TV ministries supporting me, it is not easy to promote a book.  Word of mouth and social media are my best outlets.  Independent writers have to have loyal friends to make the time and devotion worthy of the effort.

Woodward interviews Paul McGuire on his new book, The Babylon Code

If you wonder why some of the bigger TV ministries don’t support me it’s because I choose not to write overly sensationalistic books AND I choose to speak my considered opinion which in some cases disagrees with the principal “theologian” associated with that ministry.  Prophetic Ministries, in effect, focus on “what sells best” and “what reinforces their opinion”.  There is a party line.  They are NOT primarily about teaching their audiences to think independently and encouraging an true exchange of ideas.  This approach is not conducive to my philosophy on education, discussions that challenge “conventional thinking”, and motivate readers to think for themselves and make up their own mind. I have found more freedom with Prophecy in the News and Southwest Radio Church and that is a big reason why I continue to be associated with their ministries.

If you can’t afford to purchase the book this week, please advise, I will share a copy with you in one form or another.   To request a freebie, contact me at    And be aware, that the lengthy introduction to the book is available FREE on my Web site, under BOOK EXCERPTS.  Here is a link to that introduction. If nothing more, please read that INTRO and let me know what you think.


To write a review on AMAZON, you just need to click on this link for the book and look for the link to write a review.  This link should take you there:  CLICK HERE.

Thank you so much for your help to get as many as possible to read

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