More than Just an Intelligence Gathering Tool

In the last article on the subject of Mars, I explored the possibility that certain speculative assertions (some would insist I call them facts) about the Red Planet could be an important part of “the lie” (“pseudos” in the Greek – 2 Thessalonians 2:13, from which our antecedent pseudo derives; see also, “lying wonders” or pseudos teras – 2 Thessalonians 2:9).  This cosmological falsehood will be a compelling myth that the Man of Sin (i.e., Antichrist) will propagate amongst the inhabitants of our little but cosmologically decisive planet.

The Curiosity on Mars (August 2012)

This previous article discussed the collection of unusual structures on Mars known as Cydonia and expressed the now commonplace notion that the odd shapes evident in multiple pictures taken by various NASA spacecraft, resemble pyramids (three-sided ones) and to the outspoken and articulate believers (like Richard Hoagland, Mike Bara, Graham Hancock, et al) testify to ancient, albeit extinct intelligent life once present there.

According to various authors who have written on the subject, our government carries out space exploration to visit celestial neighbors in two ways.  First, expensive, robotic mechanisms publicly launched into outer space (such as NASA/JPL’s Curiosity that landed on Mars this past August, 2012), as well as secretly through a paranormal capability of the human mind known as remote viewing.  This latter controversial capability has been implemented and refined by our government (and several others) for over four decades.

Essentially, remote viewing is clairvoyance conducted in a laboratory-like setting to reduce the spookiness of the practice.[i]  This author has written extensively about the subject in my most recent books, Power Quest – Book One and Book Two (in particular, see Chapters 3 and 4 of Book Two, The Ascendancy of Antichrist in America).  These techniques were first studied methodically at Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in 1972 by Hal Puthoff (a leading American physicist) – although in my research I trace the origins much further back in time, to 1947 and the clandestine work of the infamous Andrija Puharich.  It eventually led to a highly specialized (if not purely “secular” and “clinical”) approach used in military intelligence.[ii]

The gist of the issue was how best to counter-act what the Soviets were doing with a group of Nazis, code-named Doktor Greenbaum, that were engaged in psychic experiments and activities during World War II.  When the Allies were splitting up the spoils at war’s end, the Soviets eagerly nabbed this group while the Americans remained indifferent.  However, soon afterwards, the gap in this specific area and several other strategic research areas (flying discs being another) became a source of national security paranoia, compounding our worry regarding the intentions of the Russian Marxists.  Our military and intelligence communities began to fret we were falling behind in a potentially vastly superior source of strategic secret gathering and even the ability to control of the minds of our enemies.  Hence, arising from this Cold War hand-wringing sprung psychic spying.

The Testimony of the RV Community

The intriguing aspect that has been only recently unfurled is the material related to the use of remote viewing techniques to reach out beyond our planet and seek information of other worlds.  Richard M. Dolan in his multi-volume ‘Bible’ on Ufology, UFOs and the National Security State:  The Cover-Up Exposed, 1973-1991 (2009), supplies considerable additional details on how remote viewing has been used to search these worlds psychically.  To say the least, his accounts of various remote viewers, notably Ingo Swann and Pat Price, are mind-boggling.

Richard M. Dolan – UFOs and the National Security State

Ingo Swann is generally regarded as the father of the remote viewing program.  In fact, one of his early experiments was related to “looking” at another planet.  In 1973, Swann was asked to “predict” what the Pioneer 10 satellite would find when it reached Jupiter.  Along with Russell Targ, Puthoff’s seemingly constant colleague, Swann specified 13 traits that the spacecraft would discover months before it arrived.  12 of the 13 were confirmed from Pioneers findings, including the notable feature of a “ring around the planet.”[iii]

Pat Price, fresh from demonstrating the high reliability of remote viewing to a skeptic “back at the lab”, also provided some surprising data which had a bearing on the issue of intelligent life beyond our earth.  Price indicated that, on his own, he had “psychically seen” four alien underground bases scattered around our world, each contained within a distinct mountain range.  What nefarious plans did these earth-bound aliens have by maintaining giant subterranean encampments here?  Price suspected that these bases were connected to alien “implants” and the abductions which facilitate the planting of these micro-sized devices.[iv]  But underground facilities operated by aliens weren’t just located on planet earth.  They existed on other planets too.

Fred Atwater (aka “Skip”), was the founder of the military’s remote viewing team in 1977.  In 1982, Atwater tasked “PSI spy number one” Joe McMoneagle to remote view other worlds.  McMoneagle confirmed Price’s observations offering details about underground tubes, tunnels, and ball shaped objects. “It was a like no place I’ve seen before – a place I was thoroughly unfamiliar with.”  Given McMoneagle had not stepped off terra firma to physically visit Mars or other planets, one would assume so.

Ingo Swann had his own extended unnerving experience with one Mr. Axelrod (a pseudonym, not to be confused with another Mr. Axelrod consulting to our current President).  This event began in February 1975.  After being picked up at 3 A.M. at a location to which he was told to drive, Swann was hooded then taken up in a helicopter and flown for 30 minutes or so, then walked a considerable distance into a building.  Eventually, he sensed himself descending a substantial distance underground in an elevator.  Upon stepping off the “lift,” he was escorted through extensive corridors only to end his journey with his hood finally removed, face-to-face with Axelrod.  Swann was promptly informed he would receive $1,000 per day to view locations “out of this world” on behalf of Mr. Axelrod.  Apparently, Swann’s soon-to-be-client had heard of the Saturn viewings and wanted to make use of his talents to explore specific coordinates on another world.  Given his circumstances, Swann quickly agreed.

Soon he was inspecting locations at coordinates supplied by Axelrod and viewing 100-foot towers inside large craters which glowed green from murky lights which shone upon them.  Realizing that he was not seeing anything “of this world”, Swann continuously requested Axelrod to explain what world he was observing, but with little success.  Finally, caving in to Swann’s persistent inquisition, Axelrod informed Swann he was viewing earth’s moon.

At one point in the remote viewing experience, Swann became disturbed.   He informed Axelrod he was observing humanoids busily working when Swann sensed they were observing him.  In effect, Swann had been “made” by the aliens.  “Please quickly come away from that place,” Axelrod exclaimed.[v]

Why the sudden fear?  Swann wasn’t detectable in an empirical way; at least not empirical within the constraints of normal human senses.  Apparently, the non-human entities (be they sentient, machine, or something inbetween) could discern a psychic image of his bodiless “point of view.”

Make no mistake:  secretly peering over any adversary’s shoulder is risky business.  However in the alternative world of psychic experience and alien encounters, an intrusion like Swann’s – even if such observation occurs by the distant “mind’s eye” of the spy – may have national security implications, if not cosmic ramifications.

What Is the Meaning of This?

So what are we to make of this curious set of events?  The testimony of the Collins Elite, mentioned in my earlier article regarding Nick Redfern’s book, Final Events provides a plausible answer.[vi]  The “Elite” suggest our government is attempting to deceive alien forces in a game of double-cross.  The pact was purportedly consummated in the 1950s between the Eisenhower administration and “them.”  Reminiscent of the X-Files’ “Committee of the Elite” who made a deal with a fictional group of malfeasant aliens, over several decades our government agreed to supply access to our planet’s resources in exchange for alien technologies supplied alongside an uneasy peace.[vii]   Moreover, in recent years (according to Redfern’s account) the Collins Elite stressed that our government has been literally “fighting back” fearful of the ulterior motives of this alien race.  Seemingly the most robust tactics of this planetary counter-insurgency has been remote-viewing as a means to spy on the aliens.  Dolan offers this spicy bit of input:

If one assumes the reality of an ET presence, and if one further supposes that the many accounts of alien telepathic ability have some validity, we might presume that the remote viewers were of interest to the aliens themselves.  Indeed, it has been suggested to the author [Dolan] that Axelrod and his blonde, blue-eyed helpers [later we learn Swann referred to them as “the twins” – which my frequent readers will recognize the telling nature from this bit of detail] were perhaps not exactly human, either, but performing their own counter-intelligence assessment of their vulnerabilities to human remote viewers.[viii]

Lest we think the most spectacular accounts only pertain to our moon, a major player who oversaw the Stargate Program (described in my earlier writings), Major General Albert Stubblebine said, “I will tell you for the record that there are structures underneath the surface of Mars… I will also tell you that there are machines under the surface of Mars that you can look at.”[ix]

Major Ed Dames is another frequently cited remote viewer and was in fact, the operations officer and trainer for new recruits into the intelligence community’s psychic spy ring.  Dames very recently went into considerable detail about these Martian structures on George Noury’s October 16, 2012, Coast-to-Coast AM show (about two months before this article was published).

Major Ed Dames – Killshot and Remote Viewing

Dames contended that vast underground structures, uninhabited, exist on Mars as a remnant of a semi-advanced civilization dating from eons ago.[x]  He offered that the now extinct humanoids were composed of two peoples – both races tall and thin – as a result of Mars’ physical characteristics (obviously they didn’t have pizza and ice cream!)

According to Dames, Mars was the unfortunate victim of ten consecutive years of massive planetary collisions and atmospheric storms that wiped out 85% of the population and virtually all of Mars’ water and atmosphere.  With years of pre-warning, the citizens of Mars built massive underground habitations.   Subsequent to this calamity they possessed limited resources to support life.  Therefore, these carbon-based life forms went extinct.  Only “robotic” devices remained active and presently “await the return of their creators” (obviously, Dames assumes some members of the Martian population escaped to other worlds, perhaps to ours).  For those who study these subjects, they will recall the notion of a cosmic collision between Mars and a comet along with the destruction of so-called Planet K (aka Krypton meaning “hidden”).  This explosion formed the asteroid belt and may have been indirectly to blame for Mars’ unfortunate fate.[xi]

Related to these purported “findings,” Dames claims the Russians (post-Soviet Union) contacted his remote viewing group in an attempt to determine what happened to their unmanned spacecraft, Phobus II, which unexpectedly exploded when only 50 meters from the Martian surface in 1989.[xii]  It had appeared to their scientists that some sort of projectile was launched from Mars’ surface destroying their spacecraft (in the manner of an anti-ballistic missile).  Dames asserts a massive “sand dollar-like robotic device” was launched to intercept Phobus II from the underground “command center” under the Martian surface, emphasizing that this action was taken by some type of sentient machine (an oxymoron?) still functioning there.

Dames also discussed ancient structures on the earth’s moon.  He provided an educated guess that some sort of mining activity was performed on our moon millions of years ago.  As if his claims couldn’t get any more outlandish, Dames asserted that there is an active, robotic inhabited building of massive scale on “the back side of the moon” (shades of the movie, Transformers:  The Back Side of the Moon – 2011).  This structure emits objects which come and go to the moon (it is operational).  In fact, according to Dames, crop circles on the earth’s surface are the result of the activity of these robotic devices!   To heighten his lack of credibility, Dames suggested the Illuminati were behind the possibility the American election of November 6, 2012 might not come to pass.  Given President Obama’s pending second term, we can surmise Dames’ prophecies (derived from his own remote viewing and in some cases those of RVers he knows) are rather “hit and miss.” [xiii]

Nevertheless, despite the outrageous claims of Dames, virtually all remote viewers share observations of ancient artifacts on other worlds, i.e., structures of intelligent design on nearby planets (including our moon).

Ingo Swann’s interest in structures on distant worlds peeked in 1976 when an anonymous party gifted him with a book by NASA photo analyst George Leonard entitled, Somebody Else is on the Moon.  According to Dolan, the photos were very similar to Swann’s drawings.  In 1979, Vito Saccheri, an industrial engineer took his friend Lester Howes, another engineer, to Houston to view these NASA photos which, at that time, remained available for public scrutiny upon special request.  The prints were quite large with high resolution (much beyond the quality in Leonard’s book) and provided compelling evidence of “obvious machinery” and “three surprising pyramids that prompted me later to closely study the Egyptian Giza pyramid complex.”[xiv]  Ah, there it is – pyramids once again.  Proof positive we are all one big happy cosmic family.  The only question this “factoid” begs is whether humanity first began on our Earth or had its true genesis on Mars (an intriguing related  matter for another upcoming article ).

The revelation of remote viewing carried out by our intelligence services slowly leaked to the public within a few years of Seymour Hersch’s 1974 article which broke the story of MK-ULTRA (in which paranormal abilities of certain young children were scrupulously and secretly studied), followed up by the 1975 Church Committee of the Senate that investigated how the various intelligence organizations, especially the C.I.A. and the National Security Agency (N.S.A) were conducting illegal spying and even “drug testing” on unwitting American citizens in such matters as the search for “truth serums.” [xv] .

The Church Committee had a staff of 150 persons, conducted 800 interviews, 250 executive and 21 public hearings. Their investigation was ordered by President Ford and placed under the auspices of Nelson Rockefeller who produced, despite being a great friend of the U.S. military-industrial complex and especially its intelligence apparatus, a thorough and purportedly honest expose of our government’s unscrupulous dealings.[xvi]  As I documented in the final chapter of Power Quest, Book Two, although the Rockefeller Report was confirmatory in the misconduct of our government, the scope of its discussion barely began to tell the whole sordid story.


To recap:  the door to spiritualism was opened by Nazi scientists before, during (and in some regards, after) World War II.  It was clearly emphasized by the Soviets early in the game.  But once the U.S. picked up on how infatuated the communist regime in Moscow was with psychic spying, our government determined it had to have its own program.

In the midst of spying on our enemies, we discovered that some beings who oppose us are different in more ways than language and customs.  Indeed, adherents believe and numerous accounts may confirm that our most troublesome enemies don’t share our DNA, coming as they do from “beyond the pale”[xvii] .  Then again, as worrisome as that possibility is, beings that share our DNA but not our planet, pose even greater questions to consider.  However, taking up that tale is for another day.

The CIA and the military may not have wanted to contribute tax dollars to inadvertently fund a spiritualist practice in America as a means to counter the Soviets during the Cold War, but it had done so nonetheless.  Indeed, it was but a singular example among many where an occult worldview dominating the first half of the twentieth century (most notably prefigured in Nazi Germany), became a major element of US behavioral science, astrophysics, and intelligence operations in the latter half of the same.  As an unexpected dividend, our government-funded remote viewers provided cheap excursions into outer space adding controversial information about what may await us when we can physically inspect our solar system’s most immediate neighborhood.  As the mantra for the X-Files declared, “The Truth is Out There.”  But how long will it be before we discover the truth?   I for one venture a guess that despite the optimism of its many advocates, remote viewing isn’t likely to be our preferred eyes in the sky confirming the truth when we finally find it.


[i] “Within parapsychology, clairvoyance is used exclusively to refer to the transfer of information that is both contemporary to, and hidden from, the clairvoyant. It is very different from telepathy in that the information is said to be gained directly from an external physical source, rather than being transferred from the mind of one individual to another… Clairvoyance is related to remote viewing, although the term “remote viewing” itself is not as widely applicable to clairvoyance because it refers to a specific controlled process (italics and bold added). From Wikipedia, last modified June 27, 2011,   Advocates like Mr. Remote Viewing, Major Ed Dames, claims that RV is scientific and technical and does not entail “paranormal” skills such as “real clairvoyants.”  Then again, kids caught with their hands in a cookie jar deny that sugar is bad for their teeth.

[ii] Called Coordinate Remote Viewing (CRV), this is the dominant technique used by the team. It creates a “double-blind” method in an attempt to eliminate any interference from the impressions of the monitor or the consciousness of the remote viewer. The fact that latitude and longitude numbering is a human construct (and not a part of nature) makes its working all the more mysterious. Also note: The double blind methodology isn’t to continue to test or prove the phenomenon; it is to keep the process free of contamination by the conscious minds of the monitor or the viewer.  This signifies it is intuition freed from rational faculties which is in play.  Of course, Christian analysts would posit that spiritual forces may be lending a hand.

[iii] Richard M. Dolan, UFOs and the National Security State:  The Cover-Up Exposed, 1973-1991 Rochester, New York:  Keyhole Publishing Company, (2009), p. 67

[iv] Ibid., p. 68. Price said, “The inhabitants of the bases looked like normal human beings, although the heart, lungs, blood and eyes were different… and used “thought transfer for motor control of us.”  The bases were in Spain, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe, Alaska, and Australia).

[v] Ibid., p. 70.  While Swann’s viewings cannot be substantiated for obvious reasons, colleagues within the R-V community indicate that his observations and his integrity are not easily impugned.

[vi] Redfern’s study focuses on this clandestine group funded by the CIA, that asserted the “aliens” are not extraterrestrial at all, but “ultra-dimensional”, i.e., they are really demonic beings, not ETs.

[vii]  Believers in the so-called Majestic-12 documents, supposedly dating from that period, say this deal with the extraterrestrial devils is beyond dispute.  One interviewee on Coast to Coast AM, from October 16, 2012, Gordon Duff, a former military “higher up” asserted that the Majestic-12 documents were intentionally leaked to X-Files creator, Chris Carter.  Given the uncanny parallels between the X-Files’ fictional “story arc” of alien intruders and the “true” testimonies of members of the UFO community, this would make perfect sense.  This would be so whether or not the Majestic-12 documents are real or fraudulent as opponents allege.  Furthermore, the most pernicious deal was the exchange of advanced technology for human women to facilitate the development of a race of hybrids (if the testimony obtained from hundreds of alien abductees is trustworthy).

[viii] Ibid., p. 70. Dolan provides another colorful and utterly provocative experience Swann had with the twins and Axelrod, when in 1979 he accompanied them to Alaska in a Leer Jet, after being plucked up from SRI where Swann was spending more of his time.  After landing at an airport somewhere in the Alaskan wilderness, Swann witnessed what he depicted as a drone spacecraft, triangular in shape, arising out of a lake covered in fog.  The “twins” witnessed the spacecraft through special goggles they wore provided by Axelrod.  Swann was told to simply observe their behavior.  Soon the twins clamored that “they are enveloping the area – we will be detected!” at which point, all four split the scene.  Later, Axelrod informed Swann that his group was to be disbanded and another to be formed headed up by those who would not permit “psychics’ in their presence.  See Dolan, Ibid., pp. 154-155.

[ix] Ibid., p. 71, quoting from Jim Schnabel’s study, Remote Viewers, The Secret History of America’s Psychic Spies, p. 213.  “Many of the SRI “empaths” were from the Church of Scientology. Individuals who appeared to show potential were trained and taught to use talents for “psychic warfare.” (See

[x] When asked by Noury to “rate the level of sophistication” of the civilization there, Dames speculated it was equivalent to the Mayan empire; however, his remarks regarding their supposed ability to create their subterranean cities, devise and develop robotic devices far more advanced than our own, and the implied escape of members of the Martian society to other worlds, bespeak of a civilization far more sophisticated than ours, let alone the Mayan.  Like much of Dames’ commentary on matters far-flung amidst the cosmos, his assessment(s) didn’t reach maximum consistency.

[xi] Lately there has been a spate of books discussing cosmic collisions which advance the thesis of Immanuel Velikovsky developed in his book, Worlds in Collision (1950).  Some flesh out a different thesis, that these events were not natural catastrophes (catastrophism), but where in fact an inter-galactic war predating human history.  See Joseph P. Farrell, The Cosmic War (2007).

[xii] “On March 31, 1989 headlines informed that Phobos 2, before losing contact, captured some strange photos of an unidentified object. Phobos 2 operated normally during its cruise phase, travelling the millions of miles from the Earth to Mars with no mechanical problems. It successfully gathered data about the Sun, Earth, Mars, and the interplanetary medium. On March 27, 1989, as it approached within 50 meters of the moon Phobos, it was set to drop a mobile “hopper” lander and a stationary platform. But just before doing so, contact was mysteriously lost.” See

[xiii] Dames’ latest book, Killshot, predicts a rogue solar flare will devastate the earth in 2013.

[xiv] Ibid., p. 118.

[xv] Remote viewing conducted by our military intelligence was spelled out in detail by columnist Jack Anderson of the Washington Post in his 1984 expose. However, it wasn’t until the 1990s that the US government provided limited confirmation of the nature of paranormal “data collection.”

[xvi] According to Dr. Stanley Montieth (a friend and frequent interviewer of this author on his nationally syndicated radio show), the only restriction was that only a few copies of the report were made available and those but for a very short time.  Montieth has indicated to me, however, that he managed to obtain one of the copies.

[xvii]An interesting phrase (beyond the pale), whose meaning is even more appropriate in this context. “The earliest figurative sense that’s linked to the idiom was of a sphere of activity or interest, a branch of study or a body of knowledge, which comes from the same idea of an enclosed or contained area; we use field in much the same way. This turned up first in 1483 in one of the earliest printed books in English, The Golden Legende, a translation by William Caxton of a French work. This is a much later example:  ‘By its conversion England was first brought, not only within the pale of the Christian Church, but within the pale of the general political society of Europe’ [the quotation is taken from The History of the Norman Conquest, by Ernest A Freeman (1867).]   Our sense seems part to have grown out of this, since people who exist outside such a conceptual pale are not our kind and do not share our values, beliefs or customs” (emphasis mine).  From World Wide Words; see

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