My new book, REBOOTING THE BIBLE, was a quest of research spurred by the work of a genius Aussie polymath, Barry Setterfield.  This new 30-minute video by Setterfield provides a graphic presentation supporting several of my key tenets. It’s a powerful piece.

I am very pleased to share this video by Barry Setterfield.  He surfaces numerous salient points that demonstrate how the Masoretic text was corrupted in numerous ways by ‘founding’ rabbis ca.100 AD.

Barry Setterfield

What difference does this make?  Our modern Bibles are based, primarily, on the Masoretic text.  And yet, there are a large number of believers in biblical orthodoxy that base their view of biblical authority, somewhat blindly, on the premise that the King James Bible is error-free.  The KJV is the foremost Bible affected by the corruptions of the first century rabbis because it does not leverage newer manuscripts that correct many of these errors.

The problems aren’t trivial.  They strike at the heart of Christianity.  That wasn’t accidental.  It was the very reason the alterations were made – to confuse the case for Jesus of Nazareth as the true Messiah.

The solution to the problem: Readings from the Septuagint.  This Greek Bible, translated from the original Hebrew 400 years before Akiba’s corruptions in Alexandria, Egypt, and supported by the leaders of the Jewish Temple in 285 BC, helps us restore the original words.  The Septuagint is one of the most powerful means to preserve the text and of God’s Word.  And the Dead Sea Scrolls also helps support the case for the authenticity of the Septuagint.

Setterfield introduces many other proofs such as the use of the Septuagint by the writers of the New Testament and the testimony of the Church Fathers.  This thesis is based on empirical evidence, not ideological speculation.  My book, REBOOTING THE BIBLE, provides the drill down into the facts and expands the implications for biblical primeval chronology.  Please watch the video.  If you are intrigued and want  the full story, please look for Rebooting the Bible on Amazon either in paperback for about $20.00 or the Kindle version for $10.00.  Click here to go to my author’s page.






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