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IS RUSSIA DESTINED TO NUKE THE U.S.? September 2015 -- Still news
IS RUSSIA DESTINED TO NUKE THE U.S.? September 2015 — Still news

In my book from last September (1 year anniversary), the only real update is that instead of Russia nuking the U.S. the U.S. might see fit to attack Russia first. Why, pray tell, could cause the U.S. to do that? Think about it. There are SIX reasons — (no doubt more if I thought about it longer). Here’s my FOOD FOR THOUGHT:

1. NATO has positioned missiles in Romania on its border. While stated as defensive weapons to protect Europe from an Iranian missile strike (that the U.S. precipitated by clearing the way for Iran to ready its WMD and missile delivery systems), they can be retrofitted, according to the experts, virtually overnight. If fired, they could be in Moscow in 2 minutes. No time to react. And maybe no time to retaliate!

2. Putin has become increasingly aggressive in the Ukraine and obviously in Crimea over the past two years. My view is that he has historical reasons to be aggressive. As I explain in IS RUSSIA DESTINED TO NUKE THE U.S.? (Link:
Russia feels surrounded by CIA-led “Color Revolutions” and no longer has any buffer as they enjoyed during the Cold War. Putin sees the New World Order of George Soros with America as “the muscle” (now on his doorstep) and eager to force a “one-world government” upon Russia and China. This has driven Russia and China closer together – a very bad scenario for the U.S. Putin’s aggression, from his standpoint certainly, is purely defensive. If he does nothing, the threat is likely to be realized.

3. A nuclear attack on key Russian military targets, plus decapitation of its military leadership, could put “unconditional surrender” within one strike from the U.S. leaders. The military has been remolded and many generals fired from the Pentagon during the reign of BHO. Are the Joint Chiefs likely to oppose this movement? Will they finally decide confrontation is inevitable? (I’ll throw in another reason without breaking it out here: The Russians are improving their nuclear arsenal dramatically… the longer we wait the more capable they become. Our ability to project power globally becomes useless in a nuclear war. Its all about who has missiles that can penetrate ballistic missle defenses, not aircraft carriers to police the trade routes.

General Wesley Clark
Former Asst Secretary of Treasury – Paul Craig Roberts

4. Neocons have shifted American nuclear policy from the “retaliation” to “when it suits national interests”. It is documented by emails from Colin Powell released this past week from Wikileaks, and confirmed by various Americna military officers (like General Wesley Clark), that the U.S. intended to conquer 7 countries over 5 years when “W” was in office. This included Libya, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Lebanon, Somalia, Sudan, and Iran. (see This was discussed in a 2007 interview with Democracy Now! Below my blog here is a quote from a recent interview with Paul Craig Roberts, Asst. Secretary of the Treasury to Ronald Reagan. We know now (as if we had any doubts) since George H.W. Bush endorsed Hillary this week that there is only one political party — the incumbents who run the government (aka the “establishment”). Neocons occupy both sides of the isle. Their real name is Globalists. The only mystery is how many of them might actually be Illuminists.

5. Most importantly, neocons and the New World Order have their man carrying the nuclear football today. As Hillary wanes in the polls, faints in the heat, and (appears to) convulse and fall as she enters airplanes, it is becoming clear that she may not make it to the election. The real possibility exists today that Donald Trump will actually become the 45th President of the United States. If Trump wins, he has made it clear that rapprochement with Putin is in the cards. Trump, like Putin, has expressed strong support for returning to a “kinder, gentler” form of nationalism while shunning globalism. It is time for everyone to just “get along” (which, of course The Donald says he does with everyone). Today, BHO carries the nuclear launch codes . The NWO and the Neocons might not choose to wait to see what happens in the election come November.

la-na-tt-irans-election-20130621-0016. Then, throw in the jabber about the Russians potentially hacking our election, and it paints the Russians as interfering in our republic. Never mind that the real interlopers to the republican form of government are the elites we know as the globalists that happen to call Washington D.C. home.

As I said, just some FOOD FOR THOUGHT. However, if it doesn’t upset your stomach, you ought to read this again and think about it tonight when you tuck your kids into bed. Putin is thinking about it. And he’s wondering just how much longer he can wait before he loses the initiative. That is why I believe he is under more pressure than ever to strike. Oh, that’s the final reason: I believe that this is what the Bible says will happen. If you wonder if I might be right, read the subsequent book I wrote in January, THE NEXT GREAT WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST. It provides a lot more evidence that the United States IS MENTIONED IN BIBLE PROPHECY, and its not a pretty picture.

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