It’s been one of the greatest controversy in religious matters today: Where was the location of Solomon’s Temple and later, Herod’s Temple?

In this episode of THE HOT SEAT, I am joined by Lambert Dolphin, an expert in both the analysis of seismic and radar remote sensing and historical research into ancient sources describing various attributes of the Temple in Jerusalem.Additionally, Lambert has been personal friends with several of the leading spokespersons for the differing views regarding where the foundation of the Jewish Temple is. There are five different theories that we discuss in this interview and which one among them has the greatest scientific and historical support. No, it’s not the conventional view that has the foundation directly where the Moslem Mosque of Omar’s gold roof (aka “The Temple or Dome of the Rock”) stands so dominantly on the Temple Mount. Indeed, that mosque has come to symbolize Jerusalem in countless pictures of this site and the city of Jerusalem itself.

The mystery is very deep since the entire city was ‘swept clean’ by the Romans in A.D. 135, following the last of three Roman-Jewish wars, the Bar Kochba Revolt. Jesus had predicted that the Romans would not leave one stone standing of Herod’s Temple. In distinction to this prediction stands the Western Wall. But we must remember this was a retaining wall of the Temple complex, but not the Temple building itself.

Lambert is not only a source of historical information. He is a scientific pioneer of radar and seismic (sound) waves. His career focused on these technologies beginning in the 1970s, when he led a team of SRI researchers in search of Edgar Cayce’s supposed Hall of Records under the paw of the Sphinx (which did not exist – see the December 3rd interview with Lambert on this channel). His client was Hugh Lynn Cayce, Edgar’s son, who Lambert became friends with. Later, Lambert was invited to Israel to exercise his technical expertise to solve what had become one of archeology’s greatest unsolved mysteries.

Initially, he was funded by two noted evangelical leaders of the 20th and 21st century: Author/teacher Chuck MIssler and Pastor Chuck Smith (Calvary Chapel). They split the cost to conduct this research. Later, he was in close touch with one of his school chums from Stanford who worked at Lawrence Livermore Labs and sought to use thermal technology to locate the Temple foundation. We talk about why this technology was successful in overturning the traditional view of the Temple’s foundation.

His knowledge of the Temple Mount and the search for the foundation of the Temple would eventually lead to co-hosting conferences with Chuck Missler in Jerusalem regarding Temple issues during 1992-1995.

Finally, he would work with the Blue Letter Bible crew to create an amazing site, TEMPLEMOUNT.ORG, that has countless papers and articles (in fact, resources of all kinds).

Lambert and I discuss the different theories and arrive at what is probably the best researched and supportive theory to resolve the matter. Among these alternatives, we consider the pros and cons concerning the possible location of the Temple in what is known as The City of David (a small section of Jerusalem below the Temple Mount where it is believed that Abraham prepared Isaac for a sacrifice to Yahweh). The argument for this location was developed by Ernst Martin and today, has been reawakened by Bob Cornuke, a popular author and speaker in the evangelical world.

The video provides many photos, maps, and two sections of animated videos presenting the ‘best theory’ plus the future Millennial Temple of Ezekiel. It also covers the topic of why the Temple is not only crucial to the Jewish religion, but provides the platform concerning the final years leading up to the return of Jesus Christ to take His rightful role on David’s throne in Jerusalem as King and Priest over all God’s people.

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