Yesterday, in collaboration with REMA Marketing in London, U.K., we published SUPERNATURAL AMERICA, which is a refomatting and representation of material from Power Quest Book One.  It’s sub-title is The Tragedy of the United States.

The set of five reports has considerable eye appeal.  It has been developed to reach both believers and unbelievers with the alternative history of America.  Each report includes a considerable number of illustrations to make the material highly accessible to readers, especially those drawn to read information on the Internet.


Please click HERE for a link to the web site.  Also note the many hours of video provided that are directly related to the topic.

Note:  The material is a re-edited version of Power Quest Book One as mentioned above.  However, the formatting and construction of the various reports may be a very appealing method to read and study (especially to review the footnotes and link to the many Internet sites I referenced in writing Power Quest).  Of course, it would be available on your personal computer and could be very useful for sharing with other friends, family members, etc., that you believe could be helped by what is communicated in the reports.

SA Five Parts


If you felt anything like me it could have been a powerful sense of emotion that gripped you because John F. Kennedy despite his troubled life and personal challenges, had reached a place in his life where he found the courage to stand up against those men in shadows, with an iron grip on the destiny of the United States of America. And then in one terrible moment, he was murdered publicly. A powerful warning to those willing and daring to stand up against the powers of “tyranny”.

But the question has to be asked…At what point in American History did these “powers of tyranny” seize control of the destination of our great nation? The reason I am asking you this question is because for decades, I have heard both secular and even more importantly religious leaders, talk about how America has strayed from the great “Christian” traditions of the American Founders.

If many of the early Fathers of our nation were Bible believing Christians, seeking to create a country resting on solid biblical principles, then at what stage did the country regress into the tyranny that John F Kennedy was strongly warning us about?

An Interesting Discovery

As me and a team of researchers began to look into the history of the United States we became aware that there was an alternative history of the United States, which whilst suppressed for many decades, was starting to leak out into the public.

We also started coming across tons of interesting facts which whilst independently seemingly innocent, as part of a much bigger picture reveal a much more sinister side to the roots (history) and destiny (future) of the American Nation.

Of all the 43 U.S. presidents that have governed the United States (before Barack Obama), 34 have been genetic descendants from just one person, Charlemagne, the brutal eighth century King of the Franks and King of the Holy Roman Catholic Empire.

14 U.S. presidents have been Freemasons, meaning that there is conclusive evidence that these men received the Master Mason degree. These men are George Washington; James Monroe; Andrew Jackson; James Polk; James Buchanan; Andrew Johnson; James Garfield; William McKinley; Theodore Roosevelt; William Taft; Warren Harding; Franklin Delano Roosevelt; Harry S. Truman; and Gerald Ford.

9 of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were Freemasons during their lifetime, though not necessarily in 1776: William Ellery; Benjamin Franklin; John Hancock; Joseph Hewes; William Hooper; Robert Treat Paine; Richard Stockton; George Walton; and William Whipple.

Even though he is considered one of the greatest presidents, Abraham Lincoln likely would be neither nominated nor elected today: he never joined a church, publicly confessed a creed, nor publicly uttered belief in God’s endorsement of his policies. One should read Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address, his “Meditation on the Divine Will,” or his private letters in which he would declare simply, “The Almighty has his own purposes.

A Need For The Light of Truth

Not only did we see evidence of attempts to cover up this secret history and agenda of America but we also found significant and overwhelming evidence of the occult. Occult government must be understood for what it is. The word occult means to be hidden or obscured from view. It is not the nature of those who practice occult arts to broadcast their secret ‘knowledge’ from the housetops. Most who practice these arts swear oaths and make pacts with one another never to reveal the nature of their associations. This makes an investigation of their influence difficult…difficult but not impossible.”

This is why we called on the help of one of America’s most respected researchers in the areas of world affairs and global conspiracies, to help us create a report to address this heart wrenching issue. A man who has had tremendous experience (thirty five years) working for some of Americas largest corporations such Oracle, Microsoft, and also as a Partner at Ernst & Young.

Within the Reformed and Methodist churches his ministry was as an associate minister and in recent times, he has been an Elder in the Presbyterian Church as well as working on several church boards. He has also appeared a number of times on “Prophecy in the News”. A full profile is provided in the reports introduction.

In collaboration with Rema Marketing, this online report “Supernatural America – The tragedy of the United States”, now fully released by Rema Marketing, stands on its own as one of the greatest pieces of recent research to address the occult influences which shaped Americas past and which are clearly shaping the culture and direction of the American nation today. The official comment that came back from one of the reports initial reviewers was,

From physics to philosophy to the paranormal, the reader will be taken along for an energetic exploration of discovery. If you don’t like to be surprised, if you love to feel comfortable you already know the facts, and you want to avoid challenges to your worldview, especially your opinion of America’s place in the grand scheme of things—you better skip this report. However, if you are willing to open your mind and consider the facts presented, you might be the better for your effort”.

Supernatural America – The Tragedy of the United States

This new online report “Supernatural America – The tragedy of the United States” smashes through general perceptions about the history of the United States and its future destiny and goes where others dare to tread. Nothing is spared in its wake. Whether you are a Christian, Freemason, Atheist or Unbeliever you will experience uncomfortable moments when face to face with this report.

There may be aspects you fully agree with, other aspects you believe are debatable or aspects you disagree with. However you will return to this report time and time again and it will challenge you to do your own research. In fact with literally 100s of footnotes and references,  “Supernatural America – The tragedy of the United States” provides you significant avenues to check the facts for yourself and prove the conclusions made in the report.

Please click HERE for a link to the web site.  Also note the many hours of video provided that are directly related to the topic.

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