When the subject of spiritual warfare comes up, we usually think of prayer, of renunciation of former commitments to the dark side, and perhaps even exorcism.  But very few Christians understand the depth and complexity of the most impactful form of abuse.

Additionally, we have little appreciation for the vast numbers of persons victimized by such abuse. This is the world of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID, formerly known as MPD for multiple personality disorder).  This evil goes deeper than demonic possession and requires therapy far more complex than exorcism. In this video, we deal with the darkest aspects of what humanity has done to manipulate and control unwilling subjects. In truth, it is far more than dark – it is blacker than black.

The abuse is trauma-based mind control. It comes in two primary forms:  Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and, in our country, programmed mind control performed by a compartmentalized group with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as well as other groups within the military.  The first type is typically associated with generational SRA in which parents abuse their children through satanic rituals (or expose their children to groups who perform the rituals/abuse). Here, we would likely see witchcraft attached to a bloodline, with the rituals passed down from generation to generation.  The second type, documented in scores of books and even in the congressional record (from hearings held in 1975 and 1995), is highly structured and developed by scientists working for western governments purportedly intended for national security – but it has been used for many nefarious purposes.

In speaking about this, we are ABSOLUTELY NOT dealing with a conspiracy theory.  Mainstream books, as well as clinical studies by psychiatrists and researchers, speak about this with empirical facts to back up the assertions. But the truth about this heinous form of evil is seldom brought forward in a systematic way.

For example: we know in this first wave that the CIA studied mind-control extensively from 1951 to at least 1971 from Allen Dulles to Richard Helms (the protagonist being Sydney Gottieb). This clandestine research (and torture of victims, mostly children, conducted by the American government) sought to find ways to create Manchurian Candidates (assassins who acted without conscious will) and methods to attack populations with various drugs and poisons.  We also know that such research was carried on at Fort Detrick throughout this time and finally only stopped by President Obama in 2015.  It is highly probable that the work being done there was transferred to other virology and bio-weapons research facilities, such as the laboratory in Wuhan, China.  The work, known as “gain of function,” was to intensify the effects of biological pathogens. In the past few weeks, this fact has become public knowledge.

In this April 6 Hot Seat, I interview Pastor Kay Tolman who was herself victimized for over 20 years from the womb until her early twenties, and not set free from trauma-based mind control until she was in her thirties.  But afterward, for 15 years, Kay has been counseling hundreds of survivors of such abuse.  She has a unique testimony: She was victimized by Satanic Ritual Abuse from generational blood-line attacks (her mother being a powerful witch), and CIA programming from any number of different programmers, but most notably Dr. Josef Mengele (the Doctor of Death at Auschwitz). Kay’s bloodlines include famous royal ancestors.  Therefore, Kay’s testimony combines several of the quintessential elements in the sad story of trauma-based mind control which range from SRA to the CIA.

The April 6 program is 2 hours and contains vital information for trauma survivors who need help as well as historical information necessary to place all of this tangled web of pain in its proper context (much of this information comes from my research over the past 12 years and has been documented in numerous blog posts but especially in my books, Power Quest, Parts 1 and 2.

 The information here is something that every Christian should make a decided effort to understand.  It is a topic about which every pastor should have a working knowledge in order to know where to send persons with trauma-based symptoms that may stem from SRA or even government programming.  Indeed, some pastors may find themselves called to gain the skills necessary to address the challenges of persons who seek deliverance, not just from demonic forces, but from the fragmentation of personalities intentionally committed by persons who have sought to steal freedom and personhood from their victims.

A warning:  This video is not for children, but possibly for teenagers who are 15 years or older and have received Christ into their lives.

I charge the reader to watch the video in its entirely.  I believe you will experience a deep transformation of consciousness regarding the wiles of the devil and how methods discovered and documented by Josef Mengele were exploited by the CIA beginning in the 1950s.  If you wonder why I believe America is the Daughter of Babylon, the evilness of what our government has done should make it clear that we have harmed thousands of our citizens (and in some ways, millions through mind control through music, movies, and television).

You should know, I spent many hours researching and prepping for this video.  It is one of the most important messages I have presented in my ministry.  While complex and dark, Kay and I attacked the subject with directness and a sense of humor when appropriate.

PLEASE SHARE THIS WITH ANYONE AND EVERYONE.  IT IS A MESSAGE THE CHURCH MUST HEAR. The quality, experience, and tone of Kay along with the references to historical documentation of the facts about SRA/DID I provide, make this video a unique means to tell the tale.


Kay Tolman, Revelation Gateway Ministries, LLC

Kay’s books are at Amazon (in printed and eBook form)

S. Douglas Woodward, Author and Publisher, Faith Happens Books

See related content to this post on my website (look below this piece for other posts when at  My books, Power Quest 1 and 2 are available in print and eBook format with Amazon for $21.95 and $9.95 respectively. They are also available on my website,

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