There may have never been a time when the United States of America has been more threatened from within and without.

A possible war with China, a war between Israel and Iran that could pull the US Military into the fray, and issues associated with the current administration (concerns raised from many quarters about forced vaccinations, fears about the open border on our southern flank, and civil violence due to racial conflicts), all speak to the enormous challenges we face.

If Christians are fearful about the days ahead, it is most understandable.  How can we prepare ourselves for an assault from internal and external threats?

This week, The Hot Seat brings two fabulous guests to the discussion. Col. David Giammona and Troy Anderson, authors of the best-selling Christian book on eschatology and discipleship, THE MILITARY GUIDE TO ARMAGEDDON.

This book made it all the way up to the top 500 books among all of Amazon’s hundreds of thousands of books, making it one of the best selling Christian eschatology books during the past 20 years.

Col. Giammona, U.S. Army retired, formerly was the head of Religious Support for all US Army chaplains globally at over 75 Army installations. Giammona served during the first Gulf War, worked at the Pentagon for four years, and has been posted in various places around the world. His knowledge of military strategy serves as a superb resource for the tough questions I ask regarding what’s happening with U.S. military strategy, our military’s readiness, the threat of war with China, the flubbed pull-out from Afghanistan, the vaccination mandate, the potential war over Taiwan, nuclear threats made by China to both Japan and Australia, and the potential nuclear war between Israel and Iran. Additionally, I ask Giammona whether U.S. Military forces could execute a coup against the current civilian government. I press the Colonel hard on this topic.

Troy Anderson has authored many books on eschatology, has served as senior editor for Charisma Magazine and associated with a number of other important Christian publishing services, as well as being a Pulitzer Prize nominated investigative journalist. In addition to the best-selling book, The Military Guide to Armageddon, Anderson co-authored two other highly successful eschatology books with writing partner Paul McGuire: The Babylon Code and Trumpocalypse. In his own right, McGuire has written over 25 books on eschatology as well as co-authoring the aforementioned best sellers. I asked Anderson a number of questions on the identity of Babylon and Mystery Babylon, where America may be in Bible Prophecy, and why he is encouraged there remains a possibility that the Church could awaken and see revival in the months ahead.

Furthermore, the three of us dig into the question of what their organization,, is doing to teach and inspire Christians around the country. So far, Battle Ready Ministries has conducted several conferences and taught courses in a number of churches on both coasts. Of particular interest is the training done on behalf of the Jim Bakker organization in Missouri.

Additionally, Giammona and Anderson recount numerous exciting events, indeed miracles, that have taken place through their ministry since it began in 2020. Battle Ready Ministries stands out already as a highly visible effort well-connected to dozens of powerful Christian leaders and vital Christian organizations. This discussion surfaces the highly significant accomplishments completed so far by Giammona and Anderson.

The 75-minute video will enlighten and encourage you. Times are difficult and the days are dark. This episode of The Hot Seat will make the case that good things are happening and hope remains that a remnant is being built while a much-needed revival could still be in the offing.

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