In Part 2, Doug Riggs continues his interview of Michelle, whose testimony is that she was the mother of a hybrid who will soon be revealed to the world as the False Prophet. This personage will play the role of supporting the Antichrist and force all the world to worship him. Both are described in Revelation 13.

Part 1 gave a detailed background of her growing up and the circumstances around the interaction with Josef Mengele, Nadine (the mother of a hybrid destined to be the Antichrist), and Satan Himself. Like Nadine, Michelle was a major part of The Hitler Project, which culminated in 1989. Also, like Nadine, Michelle was programmed by Mengele and lived five years with him in her early life.

Nadine and Michelle were conceived in 1944 as embryos, frozen, and then implanted and ‘birthed’ in 1962. Furthermore, they were ‘twined’ (in incredible ultra dimensional ways) and each gave birth to their hybrid sons at the age of 12. At 26, they were married to their hybrid sons, increasing the complexity of the relationship (and possibly mirroring the legends of Nimrod whose mother and wife was allegedly Semiramis).

I encourage you to watch Part 1 first, and if possible, the interview I did with Nadine several weeks back (8-18-2021). The material is highly complex and controversial. Indeed, it is mind blowing.


I encourage the viewer to make their own determination as to the veracity of the testimony of these two women and Pastor Doug Riggs (the counselor of these SRA/DID survivors). Consider whether “someone could make this stuff up” or whether they could be as intelligent and sincere as both of these women present themselves. They have endured torture and ‘splitting’ in the most traumatic of circumstances. From my vantage point, it is hard to believe that anyone would come forward with such a fantastic account, enduring the criticism (even disdain), without the conviction it is true and is a story that must be told for the benefit of others.  Given that you have multiple witnesses confirming the details, the possibility it is fabricated seems farther than remote.

Personally speaking, I have known Pastor Riggs and many of his community members (those others who have also been key participants in the events described in this series of interviews). It is revelatory. Over the years, I’ve witnessed the work and listened carefully, well aware of the incredible stories and ‘cosmology’ implied by the experiences of members of the Morning Star Testimony Church (which Doug Riggs pastors). After 10 years, and learning of the new information concerning Nadine and Michelle, it was my decision to broadcast their story now. I believe it deserves serious consideration by the prophetic community.

In my book, Power Quest Part 2, I document the historical background to the entire story, taking it all the way back to Auschwitz, Mengele’s mentor, Otto von Vershuer, at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Germany (pre-WWII), and the CIA programming using SRA/DID techniques to create Manchurian Candidates (unwitting assassins). It is most interesting that the researchers who discuss the various tools in attempting to create an assassin (whose will is defeated and whose exploits lie behind an amnesiac wall), never discuss DID (mind control) as a means to achieve their nefarious end.  This is despite the fact that much of the evidence is now public and proclaimed by thousands of voices.

Additionally, don’t miss the interviews with Dan Webb (9-5-2021) and Preston Bailey (8-29-2021). They are most complimentary to these other interviews with Doug, Nadine, and Michelle.This series of five interviews provides information you will find no where else.

Please comment and let me know what you think.  So far, the comments have been quite supportive.  And if you can support my ministry with even $5/month, that is great. Or buy some books! I need to build up my monthly givers to make this channel possible (otherwise, I have to go find another source of funding my living expenses).

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