The Contrarian Prophetic Scenario

(From The Final Babylon)

Rome Has Not Revived

To contradict a mentor is a painful act.  When you choose to do so in the cause of truth, it is best to first acknowledge how much you respect and revere the one that taught you so much.

In this book, not only do we contradict one of our most valued mentors, we challenge three of them.  We take no pleasure in calling a particular aspect of their teaching into question.  However, in doing so we know we are not without the company and support of other researchers and authors.

While we’re hesitant to reckon our mentors mistaken regarding a major aspect of their prophetic teaching, as Luther said at his inquest, (to paraphrase) “Unless Scripture and reason persuade me otherwise, here I stand:  I can do no other.” [1]  With that note of deference, we present a contrarian prophetic scenario.

The “standard scenario” of Bible prophecy reflects the thinking of popular writers (and mentors) Hal Lindsey, Tim LaHaye, and the late Grant Jeffrey.  In particular, their important prophetic interpretation for the end times was built on a crucial but controversial view that even they were reluctant to advance for obvious reasons.  That fundamental premise:  America must decline as a world power and a united Europe must come forward to dominate geopolitics.  Then the Antichrist will appear in these last days and head the alliance of ten “kings” composed of nation-states historically belonging to the Roman Empire.  There are many facets of the prophecies pertaining to the last days, but the issue of the Antichrist and the “league of nations” supporting his ascendancy remains pivotal.

The “Lindsey/LaHaye/Jeffrey” argument builds on a particular passage, Daniel 9:24-27.  We quote it here for the reader’s convenience:

24 “Seventy weeks have been decreed for your people and your holy city, to finish the transgression, to make an end of sin, to make atonement for iniquity, to bring in everlasting righteousness, to seal up vision and prophecy and to anoint the most holy place.

25 So you are to know and discern that from the issuing of a decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until Messiah the Prince there will be seven weeks and sixty-two weeks; it will be built again, with plaza and moat, even in times of distress. 

26 Then after the sixty-two weeks the Messiah will be cut off and have nothing, and the people of the prince who is to come will destroy the city and the sanctuary. And its end will come with a flood; even to the end there will be war; desolations are determined. 

27And he will make a firm covenant with the many for one week, but in the middle of the week he will put a stop to sacrifice and grain offering; and on the wing of abominations will come one who makes desolate, even until a complete destruction, one that is decreed, is poured out on the one who makes desolate.”

In verse 26, Messiah the Prince is “cut off” (put to death).  Thereafter, the “greatly beloved” prophet predicts the prince of the people to come will destroy the city and the sanctuary.  Scholars uniformly believe this references the destruction of Jerusalem and Herod’s Temple by Titus and the Roman army in 70 A.D.  

The “prince of this people to come” references the Antichrist (although this appellation isn’t used literally in the Books of Daniel or Revelation). Nonetheless, this same evil figure which dominates Daniel’s visions (Daniel’s anti-hero) is also known as the king of “fierce countenance” (Daniel 8:23) [2] and the “Little Horn” (Daniel 7:8 and 8:9). [3]

Thus, the standard scenario proclaims the countries through which the Antichrist obtains power – his powerbase – comprise a revived Roman Empire.  After all, it was the “the people to come” — the Romans – that destroyed the city and sanctuary.  At issue, however, is what is implied by the identifier “the people to come.”   Are we talking Romans? Do we literally mean Italians or Europeans?  Or could this mean a people who are their descendants?   The standard scenario has held that “the people of the prince” means Europeans and specifically, a confederation of European peoples. During the past 50 years, the aforementioned writers sold over 75 million books promoting the standard prophetic scenario. Especially during the last two decades (save the last five years), it appeared that a United States of Europe was inevitable.  The pieces of the puzzle of the standard scenario seemed to be falling perfectly into place.

Since the European Common Market came about as a result of The Treaty of Rome (1957) and its goal was the unification of European nations, many authors such as Lindsey, LaHaye (and a host of others), drew the conclusion that the Roman Empire was about to be revived and its headquarters would be in Rome. [4]  Further developments since continued to increase the unity of Europe including the formation of a European Parliament and a common currency – the Euro.  But the headquarters of the European Community continue in Brussels, Belgium, and there are no plans to move it to Rome.

Still, it was anticipated this union would accomplish financial, diplomatic, and eventually military dominance as the United States correspondingly diminished in all these categories.[5]  Moreover, while this unification transpired, America seemed to be doing its best to spend itself into oblivion even as its citizens grew more tolerant toward sexual immorality and many other new lows established in the name of social responsibility.

However, in the past five years, the puzzle pieces have disassembled and the European Union appears to be falling apart. Nevertheless, the standard apocalyptic scenario continues on, with the majority still assuming European unity will advance and the “powerbase” of the Daniel’s evil prince will be in Rome or another megalopolis in Europe.  Thus, we believe it is time to challenge the standard scenario.  We believe the core assumptions were misunderstood.  We have written this book to be a catalyst to rethink how events are likely to play out and who the player is that comprises the powerbase of Antichrist.

Just How Much is America Declining?

Grant Jeffrey, in his last book before joining our Lord in heaven, One Nation under Attack, was explicit in predicting the absence of America in Bible prophecy.  In a number of statements from a section of his final work, Jeffrey makes his position plain:

The United States is not mentioned specifically in biblical prophecy.  It does not appear by name or by geographical reference in the detailed descriptions of events that will occur during the last-days generation.  Christ will return… but the one nation in the West that has benefitted from God’s blessing is absent from the prophetic accounts of the critical last-day’s events.

There is a strange silence regarding the political and military presence and strategic influence of the United States leading up to the two major prophesied wars [the “Gog/Magog War” and the “Battle of Armageddon”]… Since every nation on earth will be involved at the Battle of Armageddon, it is certain that America will be present in some fashion, but the lack of a specific mention of America as a key player indicates that the United States will no longer be a leading power in the world. [6]

Given that the United States invests more in its military defense than the next ten top nations combined, the authors of this book ask, “How can this possibly be true?”  America dominates the world with more military force than any previous empire, including ancient Rome or the British Empire at the height of its supremacy.  What can explain the lack of any prophetic reference to the American Empire?  What combination of forces will be capable of draining America’s power in only a few short years?

Jeffrey suggests America can be transformed into mediocrity (like the British in the previous generation) in less than a decade as a result of political liberalism.  The socialist agenda will be our undoing.  As the late Margaret Thatcher, Prime Minister of England once said, “Socialism works until it runs out of other people’s money to spend.” On that point, we do not disagree.

Jeffrey voices a strong faith in America’s divine favor and innate goodness.  “No longer will there be a freedom-defending global superpower that works for human rights and fights against the military aggression of other nations.  There will no longer be a world power that is committed to advancing free enterprise and the prosperity that comes as a result of free-market capitalism.”  Jeffrey’s unshakeable confidence in America’s moral uprightness permeates his lament:  “At a time in history when the political influence, economic power, and military force of the United States could be called into service to oppose this unprecedented spread of evil in the world, America will be sliding into obscurity.   The fall of the American Empire is already at an advanced stage.  In fact, the end of America’s story will come in your lifetime.”[7]  While we agree that the timing of the U.S.A.’s concluding chapter is imminent, America’s final “Act” (to mix a metaphor) features a plot twist most in the audience don’t anticipate.

Because America may falter at this momentous point in history (just before the seven-year period known as the “Tribulation” begins), the forces of evil cannot be held in check.  Jeffrey predicts, “The Antichrist soon will rise to power and enslave the nations of the revived Roman Empire.  Initially, he will rule the member nations of the European Union (EU) as well as a number of Mediterranean nations.  Once the Antichrist has consolidated his power over this confederation, he will gain control of the entire world.” [8][Emphasis added]  However, to cinch this geopolitical transition, America must decline – dramatically.

Jeffrey cites a number of current developments signaling America’s collapse.

  • The work of foreign financiers working in conjunction with U.S. officials to manipulate our currency ensuring its soon failure;
  • The rise of a totalitarian regime in America – an imperial presidency achieving a new level of control with Barack Obama.
  • A deliberate strategy to undermine free-market capitalism because a military approach to take over America would be doomed to failure.

Jeffrey recognizes that the progressive decline of America is more than political partisan programs.  “The agenda has been steadily advanced regardless of whether the presidential administration was Republican or Democratic.”[9]  And factors outside the direct control of “the elite,” especially the so-called Arab Spring, have played no small part in creating massive geopolitical turmoil leading to unforeseen changes.

However, the current international political state of affairs remains substantially the same as it has since World War II.  So far, the ascendancy of Europe has not materialized – America still dominates.  During 2011 and 2012, the failure of numerous European economies (the southern nations of Italy, Greece, Spain, and Portugal) has downgraded the prospects for the 27 nation confederacy.  The cracks in the wall have widened with the more stable northern nations (notably France and Germany) balking at EU demands to come to the aid of their weaker colleagues.   EU currency has weakened upon prospects that the union will fail. Consequently, it now stands wholly uncertain whether Europe will achieve – at least in the short-term – the dominion depicted in the classic literal interpretation of the Book of Daniel.

Some have gone so far as to argue that America must be completely destroyed before Europe can fulfill its prophetic destiny.  However, claiming that this austere fate awaits us seems to be “reaching.”  What we contend happens to America toward the latter half of the Tribulation period (a divine appointment in which utter destruction occurs at the hands of America’s enemies), others argue happens before the Tribulation begins – enabling Europe to take center stage.  If so, the destruction of America is imminent indeed.

Is America Sanctioned by God?

While we have quoted Grant Jeffrey, similar quotes could be selected from Hal Lindsey or Tim LaHaye.  And like Jeffrey, Lindsey, LaHaye, and most evangelicals assume that America has been a bulwark for liberty and morality in the world.

It is for this reason that critics of evangelicals complain we are conservative theologically because we are conservative politically.  In other words, conservatism is an implicit mode of thinking no matter what issue is under debate.  Regardless of that more complicated argument, nonetheless it has been frequently observed how theological conservatives are quick to defend old-fashioned American values, assuming that our actions in the world today result from those sacrosanct motives.

However, we question whether the mission of America is truly to be “the last and best hope of freedom” in a world full of oppressive dictators and power-hungry regimes. Rather, we suspect that rationalization is what we tell ourselves to justify safeguarding national corporate interests, especially when the liberation of the oppressed had no apparent connection to our actions.   In effect, have we heard this self-serving justification so many times that a negative assessment of our national behavior lies beyond consideration?   Likewise, does America deserve such high standing in the minds of evangelical ministers?  Or do we fail to speak prophetically to our society, calling into question the actions of our institutions?  There are our ideals and then there are our actions.  How well do our actions achieve our ideals?

There is little question that Capitalism is the world’s most effective form of economic structure to facilitate widespread wealth.  America’s strength politically owes much to a capitalist approach building business and creating opportunity.  However, there is also little question that left to their own devices, corporations and those who lead them seek monopolistic advantage to generate better returns on investment, enriching themselves and their shareholders (as they are commissioned to do), acting out of self-interest (just as the founder of capitalism Adam Smith argued they should).  Why fight against greed if “greed is good?”[10]

But are all parties truly well-served in the process?

Unfortunately, there are far too many examples adduced by Capitalism’s critics that wealthy “owners of capital” make life miserable for laborers. To be more specific, by merely fulfilling their “mission statement,” and by most accounts, corporations and their executives often conduct business in ways detrimental to their employees, their communities, and their homeland.  The bigger they are the more likely they are to exploit their opportunity in the marketplace.  Goodness knows, the powerful don’t willingly give up their competitive advantages.   As one of the executives at Microsoft used to say, “We just want our fair share of the market… and for us that is at least 95%.”

The lesson learned:  no perfect economic system exists. There is no utopia. As Jesus said, “The poor you have with you always” (Matthew 26:11, paraphrased).  Furthermore, as if the words of Jesus were intended as an excuse, there seems to be little incentive for any capitalist enterprise to “play fair” if it can cheat and get away with it.  That’s why business ethics are essential to the maintenance of a just society – and why perfectly just societies will always be out of reach.

The American government intends to facilitate commerce while providing a series of checks and balances to monitor the formations of “trusts” and anticompetitive conspiracies among businesses as well as take on the responsibility to manage monopolies (like power, water, and waste entities) on behalf of the citizenry.  Unfortunately, this necessary activity of government often fails in its mission due to its own bureaucracy and sometimes inept personnel.  It also fails because politicians require getting re-elected; and getting re-elected takes money which corporations are only too happy to supply – in exchange for certain “considerations.”  Far too often, politicians are “in the tank” out of the debt they owe to the corporations who help get them elected.   Hence, accountability to the electorate from the rank and file politician often falls short.  Thus, regardless of whether we can strike the right balance between the private and public sectors, the point remains:  it’s ill-advised to assume God ordains any single economic theory or sanctions only one political model.

In a fallen world, with sinful men and women running the system, we are much more likely to encounter institutions at odds with the law of God, and what is more, struggle to uncover examples where love for neighbor is practiced by those in charge. America, at times, has been a beacon of light.  But over the past 60 years, this beacon has grown increasingly dim.   Does this mean that America is set up for a fall?  These authors believe “not in the short-term.”  In fact, we argue that this powerful self-interest is a strong reason for why America’s place at the top will persist well into the last days before Jesus Christ returns.[11]

Will the Antichrist be Muslim? 

In the past several years, there have been a number of prophecy scholars who have considered the possibility that the Antichrist will be a Muslim.  Logically, it is assumed that his power base will be Islam and its various kingdoms allied as enemies of Israel.  In the past few years, Chuck Missler made the point that the Roman Empire was not just composed of the western nations of Europe but also an “eastern leg” – nations we know as Mesopotamia (a region whose name means “between two rivers,” i.e., the Tigris and the Euphrates), inferring that a “revived Roman Empire” might suggest the nations of Islam will fulfill the prophecy of Daniel.  Additionally, since the semi-successful U.S. involvement in Iraq (helping to rebuild that nation after deposing Saddam Hussein), the physical restoration of Babylon (only to a limited extent thus far) has become more than a mere possibility.  Connecting this historical fact with biblical exegesis, Missler argues that the prophecies of Jeremiah 50 and 51 referring to the destruction of “the daughter of Babylon” (likewise seen in Isaiah 47 and elsewhere) have never been literally fulfilled.  These prophecies call for the devastation of the daughter of Babylon so completely it can never be restored.   His interpretation assumes that ancient Babylon in Iraq and the daughter of Babylon (Jeremiah and Isaiah’s prophecy) refer to one and the same city.  As we have already made plain, we do not share that perspective.

Still, Chuck Missler doesn’t stand alone.  There are others who echo the view that Islam is at the center of the alliance of nations spawning Antichrist.  Mark Hitchcock, a popular prophecy author and well-respected spokesperson for eschatology amongst evangelicals, has seconded Missler’s motion.  He believes the physical, historical Babylon will soon be rebuilt and become one of the major “capitols” for the Antichrist.

Then there is author John Price.  In his fine book, The End of America (2009), he supports the related notions that Islam is the religion of Antichrist, the Antichrist will be Muslim, and the City of Babylon, Iraq, will be rebuilt.  He believes that Islam will attack America – specifically, terrorists will destroy many of our major cities through detonating suitcase nukes smuggled into our country.   Price argues several American cities are destined for obliteration; their destruction constitutes the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies.  Upon concluding his thesis, he calls Jews and Christians to heed the advice of Jeremiah 51:6: “Flee out of the midst of Babylon, and deliver every man his soul: be not cut off in her iniquity; for this is the time of the LORD’S vengeance; he will render unto her a recompense.”  Price goes so far to identify lands far away from America that will be safe havens from war and unlikely to be subjected to Islamic control.

Finally, the irrepressible Jack Van Impe warns of Christianity and Islam being merged into an amalgam (“Chrislam”).   Not too long ago, Van Impe charged megachurch pastor and best-selling evangelical author Rick Warren of promoting Chrislam.  This led to a split between Van Impe and TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) who refused to air Van Impe’s episode in which he made the controversial allegation.[12]  Despite this, Van Impe continues to warn viewers of a pending merger of these religions.  For Van Impe, true Christianity and its devoted followers will become a target of persecution, imprisonment and martyrdom.

Of course, given enough time (not just years, but decades or even centuries), any number of scenarios are certainly possible.  The issue is made more acute, however, if we speculate that the return of Jesus Christ is possible (if not probable) within the next 20 years.  Once we establish a time limit in order to evaluate a “most likely” scenario (and those who study prophecy are likely to conduct such evaluations), one or two scenarios are judged worthy of consideration, while others (such as those summarized above) seem nigh unto impossible.  For instance, we might ask, “Could Babylon become one of the world’s most dominant cities within a single decade?  Who would be willing to provide the financing to accomplish this herculean task?”

On the other hand, we could continue speculating about the traditional scenario and ask, “Could Europe become a dominant military presence within the next ten years?  Given its struggles to support its mostly socialist economies, where will it come up with the revenues to build an invincible military?  If money matters (and it universally does), the prospects for a radical shift in wealth, political influence, and military capability – away from the United States to Europe – seems remote.

Likewise, while the monetary capacity of Arab states to the average American seems virtually infinite, the chances an alliance of Islamic states could collectively become the primary military power of the end times also seems, well, astronomically small.  So far, Arab states (including Iran) haven’t exactly dominated Israel – let alone Europe, America, or Asia.  Given most prophetic scenarios envisage the destruction of nations surrounding Israel as a fulfillment of Psalm 83 and Isaiah 17 – not to mention the Gog and Magog passages of Ezekiel 37 and 38 – supposing that Antichrist appears bound to ride an Arabian “beast” seems inherently self-contradictory.

So Is America Omitted in Bible Prophecy?

To entertain such stupefying suppositions as outlined above, it appears the only way any of these circumstances could materialize would be with the realization of a magnificently difficult pre-condition.  That pre-condition would be the demise of the United States.  Mind you, in this context we are not talking a decisive weakening, but a total dismantling.  We argue this dramatic change in the geo-political situation could only be imagined with sudden and catastrophic events that stretch the credibility of the person proposing them.

Consequently, we must ask what the pivotal questions are for these authors: “Could America be eliminated as the dominant financial player in the world?  Could the Anglo-American alliance that connects Wall Street bankers with “City of London” financiers cease to control the world’s economies?  What would happen to the world financial system in the wake of such a financial Armageddon?  Would there really be any survivors?  Wouldn’t every nation’s economy be dramatically affected and driven to its knees?”  We raise these questions for we are mindful that, as they say, when America sneezes the rest of the world catches pneumonia.

When we turn to the issue of military dominance, we feel compelled to ask key questions like, “How could America’s military be disabled and made ineffectual? Short of a hidden set of alien technologies, the stuff of “alien conquest movies,” who could make war with the United States?[13]   True, our cities might be vulnerable to attack from any number of threats.  It is suggested they are susceptible (1) to suitcase bombs from Islamic terrorists (Price), (2) an Iranian electromagnetic pulse (EMP) device exploded high above U.S. territory (Missler et al), or even (3) a surprise missile attack launched from Soviet, Chinese, or North Korean submarines lurking off our coastline (Note: we know these would-be enemies quietly cruise daily in nearby international waters).  But it’s hard to imagine any scenario (absent the direct judgment of God) that would wipe out strategic U.S. military assets consisting of 11 carrier groups and 80 plus submarines spread throughout the world, half of which project strategic nuclear weapons and all of which are nuclear powered.

There are strong reasons why most Bible preachers argue judgment lies on America’s doorstep (or has already entered our front door).   In fact, a consensus exists amongst prophecy pundits that the moral laxity of our nation deserves the judgment of God.  Immorality, abortion, the advocacy of homosexuality as a “normal” lifestyle – all of these attributes of American culture today constitute a repudiation of God’s Law.   Going further, authors like John McTernan (As America Has Done to Israel) and David Brennan (The Israel Omen) point out the fantastic timing “coincidence” between destructive natural calamities and American efforts to push Israel in “giving up land for peace” as a means to settle the “Palestinian Issue.” Whether we are talking about 2005 Hurricane Katrina or the 1994 Northridge Earthquake in Los Angeles, these authors demonstrate God (through His providential rule over nature) may have judged America already for its failure to support Israel’s security and right to its ancient land.

Author Jonathan Cahn in his recent best-selling book, The Harbinger, has also asserted America may be under God’s judgment for all the reasons above. He discusses Isaiah 9:10-11 describing God’s judgment on Israel in the eighth century BC and proposes this is a pattern that seems to be playing out in America today.  What happened to the United States in the 911 tragedy might signify a similar “harbinger” (a warning) that speaks of an even greater calamity heading our way should our nation not repent and dramatically change its present course.

As stated above, the traditional scenario relies upon America not just taken down a rung or two, but being pulled off the ladder entirely.  There are two principal reasons.  One is due to a logical argument applied to biblical interpretation; the second rests upon speculation about the events surrounding the rapture of the Church.

The first justification for maintaining America isn’t identified “anywhere in end time’s prophecy” is the argument from silence (argumentum a silentio).  It is claimed that because America is not mentioned specifically by name through the great prophets of the Bible, America must not play a part in the final days before Jesus Christ returns.

The argument that America isn’t directly disclosed in the Bible is hard to refute.  It seems rather obvious that America would not be mentioned by name.  If it were, it would be a most stunning confirmation of the supernatural character of Scripture.  Certainly, the reader recognizes that other great empires such as Egypt and Greece were mentioned by name.   But then, those nations and peoples existed employing those names at the time the Bible was written.   Certainly Rome was not identified by name in the Old Testament, but it was obviously referenced too many times to mention in the New.  Why?  The New Testament was contemporary to the Roman era.  Therefore, among theologians who assume biblical inspiration, few disagree that Rome was symbolized by the “two legs” of the great metallic colossus dreamed by Nebuchadnezzar and interpreted by Daniel (See Daniel 2).

Likewise, the Roman Empire appears unmistakably represented within the Book of Revelation. John the Revelator connects it implicitly to Daniel’s writing (compare Daniel 7:1-7 with Revelation 13:1-4).  Indeed, the Bible is a time-connected book recording true history and predicting upcoming events in space-time – although its predictions about the future make liberal use of simile and metaphor.   Daniel used imagery and symbol when predicting the coming of Greece (and later Rome) before the angels (or “archons”) of these lands came on the scene (see Daniel 10:20).  In this pertinent respect, America would be no different.  If America were revealed in the Bible, it would only be declared through imagery and symbol. And given America dominates the world in ways that no other empire ever has before in history, supposing America to be overlooked by the prophecies of the Bible implies the Bible’s prophets possessed meager intuition. Therefore, the argument from silence isn’t really that compelling.  Indeed, when the reader thinks about it carefully, it seems somewhat baffling that for so long it has been a prominent aspect of the dispute regarding whether America is absent during the “end times.”

Likewise, for a variety of reasons we also challenge the second rationale justifying America’s absence in biblical predictions. This subsequent rationale has to do with the physical consequences of the rapture.   The rhetorical question is often asked, “What will happen to the world when millions (or hundreds of millions) of believers are suddenly ‘translated’ from mortal bodies to immortal bodies to meet Christ in the air?”  Typically, proponents of the “America-goes-missing-in-action” argument base their conclusions on the notion many of its people – tens of millions – vanish into thin air because of the rapture.  The familiar scenario:  all at once thousands upon thousands disappear at critical moments leaving jets to fall from the sky and cars to careen out of control.  As the bumper sticker said in the 1970s, “Warning:  In Case of Rapture, Car will be Unmanned.”

Please take note: we are not challenging the idea of a pre-tribulation Rapture.  For not unlike the evangelical community, the three authors of this book do not agree on its timing.  Woodward continues to maintain that the Rapture happens well before the physical return of Jesus Christ in great glory (“Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Savior Jesus Christ” – Titus 2:13) while McGriff and Krieger maintain a “pre-wrath” view – and a rapture very late in the Tribulation period.  Regardless, the authors agree the rapture does not constitute the primary cause for America’s potential diminished place in the world.  We have other reasons to challenge that facet of the traditional scenario.  Nevertheless, we still feel it necessary to speak to the “rapture rationale.”

First, to argue that America is especially harmed by the snatching away of believers in this most magnificent supernatural event, infers that America has a far greater percentage of believers as citizens than do other nations in “the West” or the rest of the world. That may or may not be true (only God knows for sure!)   But even if it is true, it seems unlikely America would be impacted far more than other nations that fly airplanes, sail ships, or sport millions of vehicles active at any given moment.  At the root of our objection is a sense of parochial arrogance that citizens of the United States are predominantly Christian.  That may have been true at one time.  But those that are truly blessed with the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ are likely far fewer than “the statistics” convey.  Indeed, despite the fact that most surveys indicate a majority of American’s see themselves as “Christian” the state of our society suggests otherwise.  As Jesus proclaimed in Matthew 7:21-23,  “Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.   Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? And in thy name have cast out devils? And in thy name done many wonderful works?   And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.”  In short, the fruits of our country aren’t what they used to be.  Much of our produce, spiritually speaking, has gone rotten.

Secondly, trying to understand how the rapture will “go down” (or we go up!) is not a matter that our finite human minds can conjecture with any accuracy (compared to what will really occur).  If we believe in the providence of God, we believe He is able to foresee the activities of every person on earth simultaneously – indeed, He does so every day.  That fact is impossible for the human mind to “take in.”  But just because we can’t “figure out how He does it” doesn’t make it less true.  If the rapture happens in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye (not a blinking but a twinkling—not a split-second, but a nano-second), it is conceivable that the physical characteristics may not involve the utter chaos generally imagined.  God is able to engineer anything – even the fact that airplanes won’t fall out of the sky and cars won’t pile up on the interstate.  Having said that, it is also possible that the rapture of the church will happen, as our friend David Lowe suggests, amidst worldwide cataclysms – the opening of Revelation’s sixth seal and the great earthquake that causes every mountain and island to move from its place (Revelation 6:14).[14] If so, chaos will reign.

Should this happen (to be more specific, should the resurrection of the quick and the dead be a physical cause for this worldwide catastrophe as Lowe speculates) those “left behind” will be calling for the rocks to cover them from the wrath of the Lord of Heaven (Isaiah 2:10,19; Revelation 6:17).  The rapture will hardly be the first thing on their minds or the explanation they pose to explain the sudden destruction that has come upon them (I Thessalonians 5:3).   Logically, after coming out of the caves (or bomb shelters as the case may be), those missing, even if it is vast sum (and we think it is) will be easily explained away by survivors as a direct consequence of the immense catastrophe.


“Because America isn’t mentioned in the Bible” by name, that is, does not constitute a sufficient reason for biblical scholars to dismiss the United States as a possible fulfillment of the final Babylon.  In this important regard, scholars such as the late J.R. Church, the venerable Noah Hutchings, Reverend R.A. Coombs, and a host of other authors like Tom Horn, John Price, Patrick Heron, Stewart Best, Allen Bonck, Rob Skiba – and these authors – challenge the Lindsey/ Jeffrey/ LaHaye view.  Along with these “other” authors, we argue the Bible does prophesy specifically about America.  Our nation is disclosed in the many attributes associated with the notorious entity called the daughter of Babylon in Jeremiah, Zechariah, and Isaiah as well as “Mystery Babylon” in the Book of Revelation.

Whether the Antichrist turns out to be an American, a Muslim from the Middle East, or a European King, is the overt topic which we will address.  However, in this project, our focus covers the arising of the “powerbase” of Antichrist as well.  Succinctly, we assert that America plays a central role in Antichrist’s appearance.  Moreover, we argue America continues dominating geopolitically well into the Great Tribulation and through its residual military (surviving what appears to be a vast destruction on the continent), will be instrumental in the events culminating in very last of the last days.

In short, we contend America is THE FINAL BABYLON.


[1] The full quotation is reputed as follows: “Unless I am convinced by the testimony of the Scriptures or by clear reason (for I do not trust either in the pope or in councils alone, since it is well known that they have often erred and contradicted themselves), I am bound by the Scriptures I have quoted and my conscience is captive to the Word of God. I cannot and will not recant anything, since it is neither safe nor right to go against conscience.   May God help me.   Amen.”  Martin Luther’s speech at the Diet of Worms may or may not have included the famous line I cite—“Here I stand.  I can do no other.  God help me.  Amen.”

[2] “And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up.” (Daniel 8:23)

[3] We could go further as the personage we know as Antichrist has over 30 names in the Old Testament.  One of the most auspicious:  “the Assyrian” – mentioned by the prophets Isaiah and Micah, seems to infer a connection to the ancient ruler of Babylon, Nimrod.

[4] It was first heralded with the emergence of the European Common Market (Treaty of Paris—1952), and then later, the European Union through a series of three additional treaties.

[5] In regards to efforts to achieve world socialism by the wealthy elite, the inability for Europe to become the dominant player in the “Gentile world” is not their only disappointment.  The United Nations has also failed to deliver a unified world government.  The UN leans heavily upon the United States for fiscal and military resources, without which it would prove even more irrelevant than it already has.  Perennially the UN is at center stage of middle-eastern issues, specifically the “Palestinian question”. However, it has a dismal record enforcing its will upon Israel, the Palestinians, or other members of the Arab community. Most recently, it demonstrated its weakness in failing to right the course of several “rogue” nations, most notably Iran (in restricting nuclear armaments) and Syria (in stopping the murder of its citizens).  If the UN is to be the locus for the power and authority of the Antichrist (a particular scenario that LaHaye advanced in his “Left Behind” series), a dramatic turn of events is surely demanded.

[6] Jeffrey, Grant, One Nation Under Attack:  How Big-Government Liberals are Destroying the America You Love, Waterbrook Press, Colorado Springs, 2012, pp. 4-5.

[7] Ibid., p. 7.

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[9] Ibid., p. 13.

[10] As the fictional character Gordon Gekko famously asserted in the 1987 Oliver Stone film, Wall Street.  Gekko was played by Michael Douglas who won an Academy Award for Best Actor in this role.

[11] For those familiar with biblical eschatology, we are specifically arguing that America continues to operate deep into the Great Tribulation (the final three and one-half years of Daniel’s 70th Week); indeed, it appears that the United States isn’t destroyed until the onslaught of the Day of the Lord.

[12] See

[13] Joseph Farrell in his books, has raised the possibility that a “breakaway civilization” exists (building on the original idea by UFO expert and researcher, Richard Dolan).  The supposition goes this way:  Powerful Nazi technologies lived on after World War II and continued to be financed by intelligence agencies (mostly the CIA) after wars’ end.  Massive stockpiles of gold, stored in the Philippines by the Japanese, have provided the hard capital necessary to finance weapons development “off the books.” This has resulted in advanced military capabilities that are waiting in the wings and could be deployed.  These technologies likely include anti-gravity aircraft, laser-powered weapons, zero-point energy weapons, and even super soldiers and teleportation.  These weapons would neutralize conventional weapons, nullifying American arms.  “Resistance would be futile.”  See Farrell’s latest book, Covert Wars and Breakaway Civilizations, Adventures Unlimited Press, (2012)

[14] The idea that any mechanism could cause every island and mountain to move from its place is now conceivable.  As part of the 2012 “scare”, Charles Hapgood’s theory of a crustal shift resulting from a magnetic pole shift was brought once again to the foreground.

Charles Hapgood is now perhaps the best remembered early proponent. In his books The Earth’s Shifting Crust (1958) (which includes a foreword by Albert Einstein that was written before the theory of plate tectonics was developed) [11] and Path of the Pole (1970).  Hapgood, building on Adhemar’s much earlier model, speculated that the ice mass at one or both poles over-accumulates and destabilizes the Earth’s rotational balance, causing slippage of all or much of Earth’s outer crust around the Earth’s core, which retains its axial orientation.

Based on his own research, Hapgood argued that each shift took approximately 5,000 years, followed by 20,000- to 30,000-year periods with no polar movements. Also, in his calculations, the area of movement never covered more than 40 degrees. Hapgood’s examples of recent locations for the North Pole include Hudson Bay (60˚N, 73˚W), the Atlantic Ocean between Iceland and Norway(72˚N, 10˚E) and Yukon (63˚N, 135˚W).

However, in his subsequent work The Path of the Pole, Hapgood conceded Einstein’s point that the weight of the polar ice would be insufficient to bring about a polar shift. Instead, Hapgood argued that the forces that caused the shifts in the crust must be located below the surface.

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