THE HOT SEAT: Episode No. 1 Now on YouTube

It’s official. I’m off and running.

My first episode of THE HOT SEAT is now available on YouTube. It’s a discussion is between Pastor Doug Riggs, Author and Financial Expert, Benjamin Baruch, and me. We tackle the tough issues associated with the failure of President Trump to be inaugurated on January 20 for a second term.  There are many collateral issues that this outcome influences.

We address the failure of modern-day prophets who predicted Trump would win the election and what that means about these prophets and the gift of prophecy in today’s world. We also touch on what this means regarding the future of America and especially the impact on Christians who count themselves conservative and supporters of the Trump “movement.”

SO… What will happen next?

I hope you enjoy watching the show. It’s roughly 1 hour and 12 minutes.  I spent considerable time learning and employing video editing software.  However, I still have much to learn about managing the interview process “remote” which is quite different than doing it in a great studio with producers as we had at Prophecy in the News.  I have to do it all myself!  Yikes.

I don’t think you will be annoyed however during my time of moving up the learning curve as they say. I have a few bad habits to fix but not too many.

If you would like to support me as I transition my efforts away from writing and focus more on video offerings.  THE HOT SEAT will be my first focus for the next couple of months.  I plan on creating no less than one show a week, while some weeks there may be two.  You can support me either by “buying me a cup of coffee” or establishing a recurring donation at the link ot my page there is Click the Yellow Button on the upper right side of the page.

You can also support me at PayPal by selecting “Send Money” and entering my email: either or  Mrs. Doug and I both truly appreciate your support. It takes a considerable amount of money to create a suite of hardware and software tools to bring a video show to life (if you are doing it with some professional flare!)  Here is the button:

Donate Button You can click it here too if you want!

You will see a screen like this:Additionally, I plan to post on my channel at YouTube, a number of older videos that I believe you will enjoy.  Let’s hope that the censors at YouTube allow a Christian voice who speaks primarily on Theology and History and less on politics. I expect tough going soon.  I will also post on my page at (videos).

Please comment on my YouTube channel on the shows I post there.  You can also email me at if you would like to give me confidential feedback.  All comments welcomed (good and bad).   But if you are a troll, I ignore you. A pox on your house!

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