Nothing is more sobering than the realization that our humanity is coming to the end of the line. By our own hands, we will transform what we are and put at risk our nature and our destiny. The post-human future awaits.

In the article cited below, we read that the CEO of the giant high-tech firm, SOFTBANK, continues to predict that Ray Kurzweil’s singularity is inevitable. Computer chips will be a million times faster in 30 years. However, these predictions continue to be informed by incomplete understandings of knowledge development and decision making. It will likely be that computers may never be able to make a peanut butter sandwich. But, that doesn’t mean that they won’t be able to accomplish tasks that far strip what we can imagine today.

Perhaps the biggest omission in this article is that Quantum Computers already can do certain tasks 100 million times faster than the fastest traditional (classic) computer chip. And such chips emulate reasoning far better than the binary architecture of the classical computer. Still, the integration of machine into man is a disturbing and imminent reality.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, asserted earlier this week that humanity must incorporate computer processing into our brains lest we fall so far behind we become little more than house


pets for super-intelligent robots. Brave New World! What’s not to like about lying around all day, purring like a kitten, and having someone smarter than we feed us food from a can?

Transhumanism is being celebrated in every corner of the world.

Gonz Shimura has written some outstanding words in our book, Revising Reality, which is more than a book about CERN and Nephilim. We also explore, through his efforts, the implications of the coming hybridization of man and machine. Gonz cites the works of H.G. Wells and E. M. Forster, which contemplate the outcome of the dominating power of machines on humanity. To cite but a portion of Gonz’s chapter in, Revising Reality,  “MAN-MACHINE HYBRID: THE NETWORKED CHIMERA AWAKENS,” take note of the challenge we face now as technological leaders like Elon Musk, seek to transform the nature and destiny of humankind:


“You talk as if a god had made the Machine,” cried the other. “I believe that you pray to it when you are unhappy. Men made it, do not forget that. Great men, but men. The Machine is much, but not everything.”
E.M. Forster, The Machine Stops, 1909

As of this writing on the cusp of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, peering ahead at the massive social change which awaits us, it’s inconceivable to overlook the relevance of this dreadful vision dominating the Book of Revelation. What Forster foresaw over 100 years ago, we witness now. And what the Scriptures prophesied thousands of years ago match the state of society today and technology’s apparent trajectory which looms before us causing the observant and informed considerable trepidation. (Even astute moviegoers recognize the portentous nature of the Terminator movie series given that the Terminators’ all machine network, Skynet, originally built by the fictional Cyberdyne Systems, sought to destroy humanity after it became “self-aware”).

GONZO SHIMURA, Movie maker and host of Internet sensation, FACELIKETHESUN

An image seemingly of an inanimate object projects lifelike qualities. It takes little imagination to compare this image to the contemporary development of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). Likewise, failure to worship the image, as with Forster’s Machine, sentences any such rebel to death. Whether it does or doesn’t achieve actual sentience, this image will possess God-like attributes (mimicking omnipotence, omnipresence, and the power to give and take life.) The questions to consider are not whether the machine displays genuine intelligence (nor whether it acquires a soul at some point); but rather, “What are the spiritual implications of its presence, the fact that it exists at all, and what it will demand from its subjects? How we might respond given we seem to be living the times that not only Forster saw, but also the future the Bible prophesied?” And the paramount question, “What does this technological Frankenstein want with OUR souls?”

Today, we cannot imagine a world without computing machines. In fact, this very document would not have been created without modern computing. Yet, even in 1909, Forster’s story warned us that humans would grow dangerously dependent on technology. His idea was not unprecedented. H.G. Wells, Forster’s contemporary, had published A Modern Utopia, published four years earlier in 1905. Wells also foresaw a civilization reliant upon technology. Perhaps unpredictably, both Forster and Wells tapped into the frightening visions of the biblical eschaton, transforming the demonic quests of the two beasts into “cold, calculating” machines that would possess and then overwhelm their makers. They took opposing sides on the ethical (indeed spiritual) spectrum – one which embraced this coming “Technium” (see below) to its exalted conclusion, and one who rejected it outright fearing its consequences. In a world where machines far outstrip humanity, inevitably a new religion will be hatched like a serpent.

Should the eschatology of the Bible prove true (and we assert it will), those who refuse to bow to the image and reject the abomination, the “pseudo-life” the all-powerful machine begets, will be excluded from society and soon thereafter martyred doubtless in a ritual manner.


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