This post includes a letter originating in the United Kingdom from a supportive evangelist there.  It also includes the interview I did 3 days ago on the Rabbis corrupting the Tanakh circa 100 A.D., to reduce the number of Jews converting to Christianity and to create a new Greek Old Testament to replace the Septuagint in the synagogues throughout the diaspora as the second century A.D. was getting going.

Jesus and the Pharisees

The LXX plainly showed that Jesus fulfilled messianic prophecy and as Messiah, had a mission to bring the Gentiles into the people of God. Neither were ideas that the Pharisees-cum-rabbis wanted to admit.

I received a very nice letter of encouragement from the UK today.  Given I’ve been called a devil, a demon, a serpent, and a Jesuit (oh my!), it was nice to have a bit of support.

I’m withholding this young woman’s name.  I thought she made an interesting point that too many Christians are eager to defend their position even if it means they cease demonstrating the love of Christ.  It is also true that there are many “hot topics” where the position we take doesn’t make or break our salvation (the “salvific issues”), but it certainly seems so to those that take a hard line on the most extreme perspectives, be it flat earth, young earth, or the issue of whether the King James Bible is the only Bible through which God’s Word comes to us.

Here’s her letter.

Dear Doug,

I heard of you through NathanH83 on YouTube and then I heard two interviews you did a couple of months ago; I am grateful for the information that you’ve been presenting. I am looking forward to buying your book rebooting the bible.

I am praying for the KJV “onlyers;” I really can’t stand it when someone says ‘you can’t be a Christian if you read other bibles’ I’ve also been seeing a lot of tragic flat earth sentiment ‘you can’t be a Christian if you don’t believe in flat earth like the bible says’. Suddenly, being a Christian has got more to do with a set of personal beliefs that someone else has verses mine or yours. I’ve also heard you can’t be a Christian if you don’t call out the Jews. All these things are a big side track to Jesus Himself and hurts the body of Christ. We come in all shapes and sizes, colours and flavours but to make flat earth, bible version, or anything else like this a ‘salvific issue’ is condescending and nasty.

In truth none of the bibles I can get have the right dates for the ages of the dads, I have noted the correct number of years in my bible, but it makes me wonder why would the assemblers of new bibles ignore the Greek Septuagint when they agree with the Samaritan Pentateuch and to a lesser degree Josephus? Do you know why this might be?

I really liked your content and delivery on the video linked here it was very interesting and I’m hoping that this information will sink in and I will learn it!

Very best regards

Here is the interview I just did with Dr. Michael Lake and Dr. Mike Spaulding in the Kingdom War Room.

Click here for the MP3:  LINK


Our focus: THE ABBINICAL CONSPIRACY TO ALTER THE OLD TESTMAMENT.  It turns out Dr. Lake was quite familiar with the alleged activities of Rabbi Akiba and made the statement that he may have been involved in the founding of the Kabballah. I don’t believe we can verify that, but it is another interesting aspect of the story. Dr. Lake and Dr. Spaulding both ask some tough questions.  Yours  truly does his best to address each and every one.

Dr. Michael Spaulding Co-Host, Kingdom War Room
Dr. Michael Lake Host of Kingdom War Room
S Douglas Woodward Author, Rebooting the Bible



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