I was happy to see the nice acclaim from Prophecy Watchers and Gary Stearman for this popular book.  I think it might be an overstatement!  But, for evangelical Christians, there isn’t much out there that tries to explain the nature of the Cosmos given the Judeo-Christian Worldview that we, who believe in a supernatural world (and cosmos), affirm.

I was privileged once again to join Gary Stearman for a recently posted television show from Prophecy Watchers.  We discussed the book, REVISING REALITY, that was written by Anthony Patch, Josh Peck, Gonzo Shimura, and me, S Douglas Woodward.  I also served as editor and publisher for the book.

Here is the program if you’d like to jump right in.  If you’d like a bit more ‘tease’ keep reading below.

Gary began the program with this scripture to provide the biblical context:

19 For God was pleased to have all his fullness dwell in him,20 and through him to reconcile to himself all things, whether things on earth or things in heaven, by making peace through his blood, shed on the cross.  21 Once you were alienated from God and were enemies in your minds because of your evil behavior.

THE BIBLE TEACHES Christ reconciled all things ot Himself, both visible and invisible.  Furthermore, all things exist because of Him and through Him…  From Gluons to Galaxies. THE SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE ARE REVEALED.

Yes, the book is on the Cosmos, i.e., Cosmology not cosmetology.


Carl Sagan. Wrote the famous book and TV show for Public Television COSMOS. That was the 1980s. It was the most popular TV program ever for that network.

But what about the Cosmos? What is its nature?  Why should we care?  Carl Sagan, an atheist, believed that “Awe and wonder” is what we should find our meaning in (‘we are a part of it’). For people of faith, ‘awe and wonder’ are no more sufficient to explain why life has meaning, than ‘shock and awe’ was sufficient to win the war in Iraq. The Cosmos that Yahweh created (more specifically, the Son of Jesus Christ, the LOGOS) is truly amazing. And its secrets are impossible to reveal.  But the Bible does reveal truth, not exhaustively but accurately and sufficiently, to explain why we are here and why we should care.

For instance, Genesis 6:1-4 and the Book of Enoch with its discussion of the Nephilim. Besides the details of the story, what lies beneath us instructs us on the essence of the Cosmos. In short, iIt tells us there is a connection between the visible and invisible.  The existence of the Nephilim is a giant statement — not just on the giants, excuse the pun — but on the nature of reality.  The Cosmos isn’t what we thought it was. There is ever so much more.

There are many themes in the book. What about the fact that God likes to work through His creations not only on His own… the divine counsel and His Saints are the means by which he rules and, other than His death on the cross which is the essential salvific event, Jesus works in us and through us.  That has cosmological significance and not just theological insight into the heart of God.


Then there is CERN. In Geneva, on top of an ancient temple to Apollo (think Apollyon from Revelation 9), we have the most complicated machine ever built, one that effects the world in gravitic impact. It’s stated purpose, crashing lead ions into infinitesimally small collisions create quadrillion volts of energy. Not only did it latch onto the so-called God particle (the Higgs-Boson), it expresses much more about the occult practices and beliefs of the founders and scientists associated with it. Indeed, it is tied into the occult and paganism… specifically the cult of Saturn and the planet Saturn. How so?  You must read the book.

Is CERN built on top of ‘the Abyss’ as Anthony Patch assets? What is the meaning of the god/goddess Shiva in the courtyard there?  (Shiva was the destroyer of worlds… what is CERN trying to do to us?)

What about the cult of the ‘black cube?’ Why do we see it everywhere?  What was the relationship between the black cube and the black obelisk in 2001: A Space Odyssey?

In short, four authors come together to write one of the most mind-blowing books targeting the prophecy community. It was written several years ago, but continues to be rediscovered again and again. Now viewers of Prophecy Watchers are learning of it.  And hundreds of books are flying off their shelves just as hundreds of books are being sold on Amazon (both paperback and eBook, i.e., Kindle). (It is also available on Lulu).

To buy it from Prophecy Watchers, ask for the

Secrets of the Universe Package 
Prophecy Watchers.TV   
PO Box 20530
Oklahoma City, OK 73156

An electronic versions (Kindle, LULU) is available.  See Amazon or LuLu to purchase at a $9.99 price.

You can also buy the book, Revising Reality and the CERN DVD, for a combined price of $30.00 plus postage from the FAITH-HAPPENS bookstore…… OR EMAIL ME AT DOUG@FAITH-HAPPENS.COM and ask for the CERN Revising Reality Bundle for $30.00 plus $8.00 shipping.








The Revising Reality / CERN Bundle.  See the Faith-Happens Store. Special discounted price until October 31.

Some reviews of the book follow.  Over 96 reviews of the book are available on Amazon.




5.0 out of 5 stars I highly recommend this book!

Verified Purchase

I highly recommend this book, ‘Revising Reality’. Thank you to the Authors of this amazing book. I understood it as I was delivered out of the ‘new age’ occult/mysticism/gnosticism/ paganism/sorcery/ witchcraft which I was strung along in the evil wicked one’s ‘luciferian agenda’ as a puppet with paranormal synchronicities – with quantum mysticism – lead by the demonic/fallin – divination. Praise The LORD God that HE pulled me out, set me free from this (babylonian) system and placed me in HIS inspired Written Word with a renewing of my mind and now a Biblical perspective! It was very nice to meet you in person at the GenSix-True Legends conference, Doug, I know that The LORD God set our meeting up! <3 Thank you to the authors for all that you do for The Kingdom of God/Heaven! Much LOVE to you and yours! Barbara Joan Briggs, In HIS Service.




5.0 out of 5 stars 

Great Read

Verified Purchase

Heard of Anthony Patch, was open minded to his information. Found out about Geordie Rose, and his criticism gave everything Patch talked about a whole new level of merit. Patch has me now aware of these other 3 fine authors. I’ve always believed due to the explosion of misinformation that came with technology, that the truth can be legitimized just by watching the opposition. 10/10 would blow my mind again. Can’t wait for the volume 2. I only regret sounding crazy when trying to spread the word.




5.0 out of 5 stars A very technical must read to inform you what the scientists and techno-geeks are really up to.

Verified Purchase

I admit that I had to take my time reading this book because these guys are very technical…We’re talking quantum level and cosmic level stuff here.  That said, they make it understandable. I am very looking forward to Volume 2. The book informs the reader of many of the technological and scientific stuff going on at CERN (The Large Hadron Particle Collider in Switzerland) and other very dangerous quantum physics experiments that are being performed far out of the public eye.

The science and technological community are creating some very dangerous things that the general population are kept in the dark about, but could affect us all – and not in a good way – if they succeed. Many of these highly intelligent and gods in their own minds are using forbidden technology from perhaps other realms or dimensions that could bring the world into chaos…

This books causes the reader to understand what is meant by “in the latter days” and “in the days of Noah” “many will run to and fro increasing in knowledge.” The material in this book can cause cause for concern. If you want to be informed and not caught off guard, then this is a must read.  ill run to and fro increasing in knowledge.” The material in this book can cause cause for concern. If you want to be informed and not caught off guard, then this is a must read.





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