As noted in my last post, I was traveling last week in Colorado, making stops in both Denver and Colorado Springs.  One of the presentations I did focused on what is perhaps the most frequently asked question to teachers of Bible prophecy:  Is the U.S. mentioned in the Bible?  Is our fate predicted?

This has been a subject about which I have spent considerable time researching and writing.  Today, I did a bit more tweaking on the presentation that I delivered last week and want to make it available as I did two days ago on the other presentation delivered.  This presentation is entitled:  “The U.S. is in Bible Prophecy”.  Like the first PPT, I have created a link out of DropBox.  You can download it in PDF format (which is a universal format typically readable by all major browsers as well as Adobe Readers. Click HERE. BUT AS BEFORE, IT IS A BIG FILE… ALMOST 200 MB.  So don’t be surprised if it takes a while to download.

The Heritage of Freemasonry Laid the Foundation of the U.S.

This presentation summarizes the work in THE FINAL BABYLON is many respects.  However, there are new things brought forward and the statistical data has been updated.  Plus, with the assistance of John Price’s THE END OF AMERICA, I picked out 12 of the most crucial topics that lend significant support to the thesis that America fulfills the prophecies of the Daughter of Babylon (Price’s book identifies 30 prophecies, and R.A. Coombs, by the way, specified almost 70 specific prophecies that underscore the U.S. is not absent from the Bible).

Today, as I have highlighted in several more recent books, there is considerable discussion that the Antichrist will be Muslim and that his power base will be Turkey, with Mystery Babylon being Mecca in Saudi Arabia.  However, if the United States is in  fact the daughter of Babylon, and the Antichrist comes from a Western nation (like America or England), then the full-blown scenario of the Islamic Antichrist would NOT be possible.  Yes, an American President could have a Muslim heritage (just as Barack Obama does).  But the Islamic Antichrist alleges much more than just this.  It assumes that Turkey restores the Islamic Caliphate of Turkey and the Ottoman Empire.  It rejects the relevance of Russia and the U.S. to Bible prophecy.  It asserts that the Bible is predominantly a Middle Eastern book — regional in scope and application.  No, they aren’t saying that anyone living outside the region can’t become a Christian or isn’t subject to eternal damnation if they do not believe in Jesus Christ.  But they are saying that all the Bible’s prophecies pertain just to the region of the ancient Hebrews.  For all intents and purposes, any territory beyond about 1,000 miles in any direction of Jerusalem isn’t mentioned in the Bible and the prophecies don’t really matter directly to those lands and their peoples.

The Color Purple and its Connection to Tyre, Tarshish and the Mystery Babylon
The Color Purple and its Connection to Tyre, Tarshish and the Mystery Babylon

The Islamic Antichrist theory (I reference it as IAT for short), argues that there is only one truly evil personage predicted by the Bible for the end times:  Gog from the land of Magog is also the King of the North (discussed in Daniel 11) and is the same person as the Beast of Revelation 13 (aka the Antichrist).  Wrap in that this same person is the Mahdi or the 12th Imam of Islam, and you have a “one size fits all” kind of guy.

MISTAKEN IDENTITY: The Case Against the Islamic Antichrist
MISTAKEN IDENTITY: The Case Against the Islamic Antichrist

However, for the scenario of the Islamic Antichrist to be true, virtually all other scenarios put forth by eschatology students and scholars over the past 120 years must be false.  They aren’t compatible.  Additionally, as it pertains to this presentation linked to in this post, you can’t contend for the Islamic Antichrist theory and believe that the U.S. in included in Bible prophecy.  From a practical standpoint, that is a major reason why I dispute it.  I have concluded as have many, many other writers and scholars, that the Bible places the daughter of Babylon and the United States as its fulfillment, right at the center of the conflict.

Pay particular attention to the history of Babylon, Canaan, Tyre/Sidon, and Tarshish.  They ancient lands (city states) are progressive… they build on one another.  The daughter of Babylon, perhaps the greatest incarnation of the spirit of Antichrist and Mystery– Babylon, is the descendant of all of these.  She incorporates the merchant character, the military power, and the political power.

Who is that Lady? The Queen of Heaven--The Harlot of Babylon
Who is that Lady? The Queen of Heaven–The Harlot of Babylon

In the study, you will be asked to consider whether any other nation or group of nations at this time could possibly be the fulfillment of the 12 attributes I highlight.  Additionally, I ask you to consider just how long it might take for the characteristics of the city of New York City – which is a leading contender for the capital of the Antichrist – to be transplanted or rebuilt on the Euphrates in Iraq.  Could ancient Babylon be rebuilt?  Could it become the capital of the New World Order?  Would “all the nations of the world stream to it”?  Would it become the “hammer of the whole earth”?  Would it be the city from which God calls out His people?  Would the people of God be they Christian or Jewish, be in this Babylon when Antichrist takes the helm?  I’m sure you know my answer.

UNCOMMON SENSE: A Prophetic Manifesto for the Church in Babylon
UNCOMMON SENSE: A Prophetic Manifesto for the Church in Babylon

This weekend, I’m discounting the two Quick Study books, IS RUSSIA DESTINED TO NUKE THE U.S.? EXAMINING THE NEAR-TERM THREAT OF NUCLEAR WAR ON OUR NATION and MISTAKEN IDENTITY:  THE CASE AGAINST THE ISLAMIC ANTICHRIST.  Both of these books are on sale for $3.29.

I’m also offering THE FINAL BABYLON: AMERICA AND THE COMING OF ANTICHRIST as well as UNCOMMON SENSE: A PROPHETIC MANIFESTO FOR THE CHURCH IN BABYLON on sale this weekend on Kindle for $4.59.  Douglas W. Krieger joins me in co-authoring both volumes and we get a little help from our friend Dene McGriff on the former effort.


5.0 out of 5 stars Well Worth the Read…, February 18, 2015   By Wisconsin Mom
This review is from: Uncommon Sense: A Prophetic Manifesto for the Church in Babylon (Paperback)
I read this book twice. I believe it is important for people who want to know the truth below the very cracked facade of our beloved country.  Doug Woodward presents the pertinent history that led up to where we are today, shows us the dangerous parallels to another time, and how we are repeating history. He shows us many layers under the surface, and fI ills in a lot of blanks in our awareness of what is happening.  He anchors it all with encouragement from scripture, and the wonderful God that can bring us safely Home though it. I recommend reading it.

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