Dr. Douglas Stauffer and I discuss Daniel and "The Coming Prince"
Dr. Douglas Stauffer and I discuss Daniel and “The Coming Prince”

Within the last week or so, not only did I attend the Prophecy in the News (PITN) Prophecy Summit.  I also spent some time with Douglas Stauffer and Douglas Hamp.

PITN posted a 28 minute TV show that I did with “Bible Doug” Dr. Doug Stauffer from a few weeks back.   Here is the link to that show.  CLICK HERE.  We discussed the book of Daniel with particular emphasis on Daniel 9:24-27… the meaning of the “Prince that is to come” and the seven promises Daniel asserts about the meaning of the coming Prince. I believe that there are two princes discussed… Jesus Christ and the Antichrist.  However, much controversy circulates about this passage and that conclusion: Should we distinguish between two princes or not?  Have we misunderstood what Daniel was saying?  Mr. Robert Anderson’s famous book, The Coming Prince lays out the case for why we know the Messiah came circa 30-31 AD based upon Daniel’s 70 Weeks.  Dr. Douglas Stauffer explains the traditional point of view, but exegetes the passage and I do my best to offer up some tough questions along the way.

ThreeCoversSpeaking of being on the way… On my way to Colorado Springs for the Prophecy Summit held for the 4th consecutive year at the Marriott, I drove through Denver.  I did a lengthy interview with Pastor Douglas Hamp on his radio show.  We discussed my book, THE NEXT GREAT WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST and issues stemming from it.  Some of the discussion dealt with the Islamic Antichrist Theory and gleanings from my most recent book, MISTAKEN IDENTITY: THE CASE AGAINST THE ISLAMIC ANTICHRIST. Both books can be found on my author page on Amazon.  Click here to peruse the page.

Doug Hamp and I do not hold to the same view on the Rapture or the nature of how the Millennium begins.  But we have many other beliefs in common and enjoy one another’s company.  In the interview, we begin by talking about the Psalm 83 War, the arguments for and against, and then we launch into issues associated with Gog/Magog and the distinctions between the traditional scenario of the future wars and what our brothers assert who believe the Antichrist will be a Muslim.  Here is link to the show I did with Doug.  CLICK HERE.  Be advised that I was driving to Doug’s house at the end of a 700 mile journey that day and was about 30 minute’s late.  My interview begins almost exactly at the 30 minute mark and we talk for almost 60 minutes (total running time just short of 90 minutes).  Also be advised that there is a bit of echo due to the fact I was sitting across from Doug at his dining room table and we had to mute microphones and do some other technical gymnastics to correct the problem.  For the most part, when I’m talking there is no echo.  As is my custom, I talk too much and therefore there isn’t too much echo!

The next evening I spoke at Victory Fellowship in Englewood (South Central Denver-click on the name of the church for information).  Pastor Clark Carlton and his beautiful and gracious wife Stacy hosted me.  I spoke on two topics.  The first:  “THE U.S. IS IN BIBLE PROPHECY”, and the second, “THE NEXT GREAT WAR IN THE MIDDLE EAST” (which has been provided and downloadable via a link I shared in my last post).  Here is a LINK to that post.  Clark and Stacy provided a near packed house and a great dinner (“finger foods” they said–and I didn’t know I liked them, but fingers never tasted so good!).  My only complaint–they didn’t save me an extra brownie!  Otherwise, I think I hugged everyone in the Church and got such wonderful feedback it really was the highlight of my weeklong trip to Colorado.  If you live in Colorado, you should visit this wonderful, loving congregation.

Blessings to all!  Enjoy the two interviews.  Why is it that there are so many Doug’s teaching about eschatology?  I don’t know why, but it is a persistent phenomenon.

Oh, here is one of the graphics from those presentations.  A picture is worth 1,000 words!



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