Were Nazi Scientists Responsible for Early UFO Reports in the United States?
Were Nazi Scientists Responsible for Early UFO Reports in the United States?

Why Nazi Technology Might Be the Origination of the 20th Century Flying Saucer Phenomenon

The Unusual Usual Explanation for UFOs

Many authors suspect American intelligence operations lay behind early UFO claims and counter-claims.   Likewise, these researchers remain convinced the Nazis should be the ‘cause célèbre’ for the 1950s ‘Flap’ and subsequent cover-up.

Joseph P. Farrell in one of his most recent books, Saucers, Swastikas, and Psyops, challenges the popular notion that extraterrestrials explain UFOs.  Instead, he theorizes flying saucer appearances after World War II (1947 onward, at least through the 1960s) [i] are better explained by an unexpected evolution of Nazi technology post-World War II.  The purveyors of this secret capability were scientists smuggled out of Germany, escaping the grasp of both the Americans and the Soviets.  Farrell proposes that an ‘ET explanation’ for flying saucers was a carefully constructed campaign of disinformation by American scientists working with our intelligence services—or, perhaps in a more clandestine fashion—it was a tale concocted by former Nazis (once they began working for the Americans right after the war ended), to divert attention from covert plans for continued German development of advanced technologies, particularly those aeronautical in nature.  Farrell cites a statement made in 1968 by the famous (former Nazi) scientist Dr. Hermann Oberth then working for the United States.[ii]

Today we cannot produce machines that fly as UFOs do.  They are flying by means of artificial fields of gravity.  This would explain the sudden changes of directions… This hypothesis would also explain the piling up of these disks into a cylindrical or cigar-shaped mothership upon leaving the earth, because in this fashion only one field of gravity would be required for all disks.

They produce high-tension electric charges in order to push the air out of their path… and strong magnetic fields to influence the ionized air at higher altitudes… This would explain their luminosity… Secondly, it would explain the noiselessness of UFO flight.  Finally, this assumption also explains the strong electrical and magnetic effects sometimes, but not always, observed in the vicinity of UFOs. [iii]

The epigraph at the beginning of the previous post refers to an even more mysterious, if not highly strange, public statement made by Werner von Braun in January 1961.  To repeat it here for the convenience of readers:

We find ourselves faced by powers which are far stronger than we had hitherto assumed, and whose base is at present unknown to us.  More I cannot say at present.  We are now engaged in entering into closer contact with those powers, and in six or nine months’ time it may be possible to speak with more precision on the matter. [iv]

Returning to the information shared by Oberth in a reputed show of self-deprecation, he indicated (paraphrasing) “we can’t take credit for the many advances we have enjoyed in aeronautics… we have had help.” 

One Fred Steckling upon his retirement at Bell Labs, remembers Oberth clarifying his statement when asked, “From whence did this ‘help’ emanate?”  “Those guys out there from the other planets.” [v]

This same Fred Steckling constitutes a most interesting character in his own right.  He would later propose alien bases had been found on the moon, based on many anomalous features seen in photographs post-moon landing (from 1969 forward). However, Steckling’s outlandish claim hardly stands alone.  In a later chapter of Power Quest, Book 2, I touch upon the evidence for life elsewhere in our solar system—a matter at the forefront of claims a ‘third’ or ‘hidden’ space program exists.  Likewise, this notion involves both Nazis who work visibly within NASA as well as ‘invisible’ (theorized) Nazi scientists lurking outside public view.

Farrell, a controversial figure, prolific author, and Oxford PhD to which this author has frequently turned, points out that Dr. Oberth’s background (prior to his ‘coming to America’) involved the occult.  The reader may recall the opening chapter to Power Quest, Book 1, dealt with the prevalent and undeniable occult connection to Nazism.  This evil esotericism was even presumed by the earliest mediums of The Vril Society, namely Maria Orsic (soon subsumed in the Thule Gellenschaft in 1923) who supposedly channeled contacts originating from the nearby star system, Alderbaran (nearby of course is a relative term, being a mere 65 light years away!)  Thus, the notion of neighborly aliens is hardly a recent development.

Farrell cites a recently published and extensive passage from an accomplished polish researcher, Igor Witkowski, confirming the connection between Oberth and von Braun—but dealing with the mysterious nature of Oberth’s exact job description during World War II.  Oberth was considered by the Americans to be a leading authority in aeronautics.


But Witkowski suggests his area of research was a non-traditional area of flight research—namely, ‘zero point gravity’—aka an ‘advanced’ propulsion system for flying saucers.  In particular, the puzzlement arises when Oberth’s statements are combined with his interest in the occult.  Did he believe in extraterrestrials or was this just a convenient cover story?  It is a matter of record that Oberth made strongly-worded and explicitly clear statements to explain UFOs by resorting to extraterrestrials.   Farrell concludes:

What this quite plainly means is that long before Oberth came to the USA. and made his “Extraterrestrial diagnosis” of the UFO phenomenon, he was clearly involved in a very terrestrial project with explicit anti-gravity capability and potentials.  In other words, when Dr. Oberth was waxing lyrical about intelligences from beyond the solar system, he was obfuscating at best, or lying at worst.  If this is so, then this implies in turn that he was under some sort of orders as part of a larger psychological operation.

The question now becomes, why was he lying, and under whose orders was he doing so?  Or to put it differently, when, where, how, and for what reasons, did the idea of coupling antigravity technology to psychological operations first begin?

A German Flying Saucer Myth?

However, Farrell is quick to point out that while anti-gravity propulsion remains the usual supposition of those who believe in flying saucers explaining their great speed and maneuverability (and which allows for the possibility of interplanetary space travel), the technology behind the first flying saucers was most likely much more terrestrial; namely, they were powered by jet turbines.  The speed consistently estimated by witnesses was ‘about 1,000 MPH’.  This was certainly fast for the 1950s, but hardly Star Trek speed.

While there were various unconfirmed stories about Nazi engineering flying disks during the War, the first credible statement appeared in a French publication in the June 7, 1952 issue, approximately one month before ‘the Flap’ in the District of Columbia.  A Dr. Richard Miethe claimed in France-Soir that he built a turbine-based flying saucer craft for the Germans in 1944. It was known as the V7, whose engines the Russians found in Breslau at War’s end.[vi]

But there is further intrigue:  we learn from Farrell that Miethe was part of a joint West German–CIA sponsored coup against Egyptian King Farouk on July 23, 1952—ironically at the very same time ‘the Flap’ was transpiring in the western hemisphere.  Perhaps it is purely coincidental the flying saucer ‘attack’ on Washington DC happened while the CIA eliminated the Egyptian monarch and paved the way, with the services of former Nazis, to develop missiles for launch against the young State of Israel (only four years old at the time of the Egyptian coup).  Then again, maybe there was cause and effect.  As some evangelical authors have pointed out (namely, Gary Stearman who authored the Foreword to Book One of Power Quest), the timing of many UFO outbursts often coincides with key crisis events in the Middle East.  Go figure.[vii]

Nazi Flying Saucers in Antarctica?
Nazi Flying Saucers in Antarctica?

The CIA failed to recognize another significant fact:  Gamal Abdel Nasser then a lieutenant colonel, was the real force to be reckoned with in Egypt.  He would soon seize power in 1956, throw out the British, and take control of the Suez Canal.  As I have written elsewhere, John Loftus (mentioned earlier, a key member of the Nazi hunting unit in 1979 within the Department of Justice), confirms America was especially duplicitous in regards to Israel.  While publicly supporting Israel, along with Great Britain, America was taking steps behind the scenes to see the young Israeli government brought to an end in the first half of the 1950s, mostly to protect Anglo-American petroleum relationships (already decades in the making) with key oil-producing Arab states.  Israel may be the Holy Land; but the Arabs possessed petroleum vital to our economy.  America has been a friend to Israel through most of Israel’s history–but it hasn’t always been that way, nor is it a totally reliable friend today.

However, Miethe’s account stands as only one piece of evidence which links Nazi technology to the UFO ‘Flap’ of the 1950s.  Farrell mentions a Georg Klein whose testimony is contained in a CIA report dating back to May 27, 1954.

Klein stated that he was present when, in 1945, the first piloted ‘flying saucer’ took off and reached a speed of 1,300 miles per hour within 3 minutes.  The experiments resulted in three designs:  one designed by Miethe was a disc-shaped aircraft, 135 feet in diameter, which did not rotate; another designed by Habermohl and Schriever, consisted of a large rotating ring, in the center of which was a round, stationary cabin for the crew.  When the Soviets occupied Prague, the Germans destroyed every trace of the ‘flying saucer’ project and nothing more was heard of Habermohl and his assistants.[viii]

Additionally, the German ‘myth’ of flying saucers seems to be strengthened by the publication of Luftwaffe Major Rudolf Lusar and his book German Secret Weapons of the Second World War (published in 1959 in the United Kingdom)Farrell extensively quotes a Kevin McClure, a researcher on the UFO-Nazi connection who cited the material from Lusar.  For clarity and succinctness, I will recap the discussion here—paraphrasing Farrell’s analysis and citations.

Lusar indicates that flying saucers have been “whirling round the world since 1947, suddenly turning up here and there, soaring in and darting off again at unprecedented speed with flames encircling the rim of the saucer’s disc.”[ix]  Even though they are usually detected by radar, they have never been officially confirmed.  We learn these flying disks were first undertaken in 1941 and were designed by Miethe, Habermohl and Schriever (along with an Italian identified as Bellonzo).  Some were circular in shape and others were adjustable wing aircraft (think Grumman F-14 ‘Tomcat’).  They could take off vertically and could reach diameters of over 120 feet.  At Prague, the first was test flown on February 14, 1945.  As stated before, it took only 3 minutes to reach a speed of 1,300 MPH with an attitude of almost 40,000 feet.  The design specification called for a top speed of 4,000 km/h (over 2,500 MPH or Mach III).  The high speeds demanded special heat reducing materials.  While well-developed, the project never benefited the Nazis as the Russians reached Breslau confiscating the materials at the end of the War.[x]

Then additional significant information relevant to our study comes to the forefront.  According to Lusar, the Soviets took all the materials and shipped them off to Siberia “where work on these ‘flying saucers’ is being successfully continued’.”[xi]  Lusar claimed that Habermohl was probably in the Soviet Union while Miethe was definitely in the United States.  The evidence mounted that all parties continued to develop the technology since, in 1952 saucers were observed in Asia (Korea) and plainly seen during the 1954 NATO maneuvers over Europe (Alsace).  However, Lusar surmised the U.S. continued to deny the existence of these circular flying machines “because U.S. development has not kept pace with the work of the Soviets.”

If even half of these testimonies are true, we can easily see why military intelligence grew frantic over the Washington Flap.  The fear of Soviet aircraft advancement was plausible.  And it remained an obscure possibility that somewhere (unbeknownst to the American government) Nazi scientists continued to build advanced aircraft—namely, flying saucers which we couldn’t shoot down.  In a word, we were defenseless

Given the many other technologies we knew the Nazis had already advanced, the U.S. had reason to be afraid.  At the very least, our awareness may well have included what has now become the position of some researchers—Germany had ‘the bomb’—but they hadn’t developed an effective method to ‘deliver it’.  Farrell concludes:

All these considerations suggest that the U.S. military came to the realization that it was dealing with some terrestrial entity that was pursuing its own research into exotic propulsion systems and aerodynes [an aircraft heavier than air].  By all documentary indicators explored [in his book]…that entity appears to be some independent Nazi organization… those documents suggest the politically and technologically explosive reasons for an ongoing cover-up:  that Nazi entity had at least a decade’s head start, if not more, on the United States in the development of such technologies.[xii]

The Mastermind of Arcane German Technology

The worries about rogue Nazi scientists escaping the Allies weren’t without precedent.  In fact, the most notorious of all German scientists seemed to disappear into thin air at the end of World War II.  His name was Hans Kammler.

Joseph Farrell - SS Brotherhood of the Bell
Joseph Farrell – SS Brotherhood of the Bell

Kammler was regarded as the greatest evil genius in all the Reich.  Researcher Henry Stevens documents that Kammler operated “in the Skoda Works at Pilsen in what is now the Czech Republic.  During World War Two, this region had been annexed by Germany and was part of the Greater German Reich… Skoda did many things and must be thought of like one of the major technical industrial manufacturing firms in the USA today.” [xiii]

Since Kammler spoke Czech, the location was perfect for him.

The mystery of Hans Kammler stems in part from the silence of the Nuremberg trials regarding his whereabouts and role.  He was barely mentioned.  This is rather odd since he was the highest ranking official outside of Hitler’s ‘cabinet’ and eventually took over responsibility for all top secret weapons research.  Even more provocative:  Kammler had as many as 14 million people working for him, many of them Jews and slave laborers.  This is according to Tom Agoston in his book, Blunder!  How the U.S. Gave Away Nazi Super Secrets to Russia (Mead & Co.)[xiv]  Kammler took over the V2 project from Walter Dornberger, (who later worked for 15 years at Bell Helicopter; we will meet him again in a later chapter).

Nick Cook's The Hunt for Zero Point
Nick Cook’s The Hunt for Zero Point

[Nick Cook’s book, The Hunt for Zero-Point provides considerable detail into Tom Agoston’s uncovering  of an enormous failure of the United States to exploit the technology that was within its grasp… literally boxes of scientific information trucked off from under the noses of our troops after capturing the work done by the Germans at the Skodawerke (Skoda Works) in Pilsen, Czechoslovakia.]

Additionally, in January 1945, only months before the war’s end, Kammler took over all of Germany’s aerospace programs.  On the surface, it would certainly seem that finding Kammler would have been one of the most important of all post-war efforts for which the Allies should have pulled out all the stops.  Nevertheless, Kammler simply vanished.  Furthermore, the Allies didn’t seem bothered by his missing in action.  This can only mean one thing: the threat Kammler posed had been neutralized.  But how?

In April 1945, Kammler disappeared. Some reports suggest that he was assassinated by a member of his staff, acting on orders from Himmler not to allow personnel with detailed knowledge of the rocket program to fall into Allied hands. Others indicate that he may have been killed in action or committed suicide somewhere around Prague. The fact that his exact fate is unknown and that his body was never recovered led to some speculation that he continued his work in the United States after the war, where it is alleged he worked on anti-gravity and other advanced devices.[xv]

Then again, could it be that Kammler was one of those ‘rogue’ Nazi scientists clandestinely operating a laboratory in a faraway land?  Much has been made of Kammler’s Bell Project by Joseph Farrell in several of his books, with one devoted to the topic (The SS Brotherhood of the Bell, 2006).  It is conjectured today that the Nazi Bell may have been a time machine, or even more likely, an experiment to create a wunderwaffe (wonder weapon), drawing massive energies directly from the ‘aether’.  This theorized ‘atmosphere’ exists throughout the cosmos by many physicists including American Nickola Tesla (a person upon which Book one elaborates).

The Nazi Bell -- A Time Machine?
The Nazi Bell — A Time Machine?

Farrell exposes the depth of Nazi research and the role of Kammler, including ordering the death of his entire research team in an apparent attempt to keep the Allies ignorant of his spectacular experiments.  As dramatic as this sounds, it seems that overestimating what Kammler represents is no easy task:

Indeed, one would have to add to Agoston’s list, for such a Soviet general [who could have the impact of a Kammler] would also have had to be in charge of the coordination of all the most post-nuclear and super-secret advanced scientific research and black projects in the entire Soviet Union. It is thus in the person of SS Obergruppenführer Hans Kammler that all the lines meet: the Buna factory and slave labor of the camps, exploited for grizzly medical experimentation and labor in the secret underground laboratories and production facilities, the atom bomb project, and… even more horrendous and monstrous aircraft and weapons development.  If there was a gold mine of information, then it was available in the blueprints and files that were locked in Kammler’s vaults, or even more securely in his brain. It is this fact and Kammler’s extraordinary dossier that make his post-war fate even more problematical. [xvi]

Author Alex Constantine provides ‘insider information’ from Albert Speer, architect and Hitler’s head of new weapons development who distrusted and envied the man responsible for constructing the mass murder center at Auschwitz.  Constantine quotes Speer: “Himmler heaped assignments on him and brought him into Hitler’s presence at every opportunity.  Rumors were afloat that Himmler was trying to build up Kammler to be my successor.  I found Kammler absolutely brilliant, yet cold, a ruthless schemer, a fanatic in pursuit of his goal, as carefully calculating as he was unscrupulous.”[xvii]

So how did Kammler ‘just disappear’?  Why is there no record of his whereabouts?  Why didn’t the Allies care about where Kammler was?  Had Kammler made a deal with the Americans?  Or did he, like Farrell imaginatively hints, jump into the Nazi Bell and fly to a different place and time?

The reality: many Nazis were never called to account; and like Kammler, seemed to disappear into thin air—or the aether—to leverage the metaphor a bit more precisely.

The Extraterrestrial “Cover Story” to Hide the U.S. Vulnerability

To sum up Farrell’s thesis regarding the association of the Nazi saucer stories and their exclusion from the more popular space alien theory of UFOs, we quote Farrell directly, in his own words:

We now propose that the sudden appearance of Nazi suction-saucer [jet propulsion] stories during this crucial period of Cold War tensions was not accidental, but an international psychological operation… designed to do two things:

On the American side, to convince the Soviets that the alleged Nazi technology fell into American hands, and thus, that America had a preponderant technological advantage in air power over the Soviets;

On the Nazi side, the purpose was… two-fold yet again:

To obfuscate the real story of suction saucer development and,

To obfuscate the development of genuine field propulsion technology, namely, the Bell.[xviii] [Comment mine]

To unpack this a bit: from the American point-of-view, it was necessary to cover-up the UFO story to either (1) keep the Soviets guessing about what our military capabilities really were; OR (2) keep Americans from discovering that certain super-smart Nazi inventors were, like mad scientists, still at large in the world experimenting with aeronautical technologies which threatened our country.  Either possibility demanded disinformation be concocted by U.S. intelligence and adopted by the American public.  For those who subscribe to this latter point of view, it seems clear this ‘necessity’ would keep our intelligence services busy for at least the first 15 years after World War II.

On the other hand, if we seriously entertain the notion that ‘captured’ Nazis had covenanted continued belligerence—albeit acting as scientific ‘double agents’—then we can grasp why high-profile German scientists, ostensibly working for the American government after World War II (as they did at NASA), promoted extraterrestrials as the explanation for flying saucers.  This would remove rogue Nazi scientists from suspicion and give ‘hidden Nazi scientists’ time to develop their more advanced propulsion systems based on ‘anti-gravity’ or electromagnetism.[xix]

If the UFO stories are to be believed, these flights might have occurred as early as the ‘Washington Flap’, if not five years earlier at Roswell.  Given the amazing and still esteemed German track record for rapid accomplishment of many engineering feats, not the least of which is advanced weaponry, it is hardly implausible to hold this theory.  Given the alternative—that being a plethora of concealed visits from outer space aliens—one might even say the Nazi explanation ‘stands to reason’ while the alien theory is a bit too ‘far out’.

For those who still believe in the extraterrestrial hypothesis, it is nonetheless instructive to recognize this fact:  postulating extraterrestrials as responsible for the flying saucer ‘invasion’ didn’t commence because we lacked any evidence of terrestrial origins.  Just the opposite is true. It originated because we knew there were terrestrial explanations.   We just couldn’t afford, from a national security standpoint, to admit them.  It was much safer to deny them altogether or to suggest UFOs evinced benign entities visiting us from somewhere else in our solar system (or beyond the reach of our sun’s gravity completely).  Given the choice between space men and rogue German technologists, we choose the aliens—since highly advanced aliens wouldn’t dare annihilate us while the Nazis just might!

The devil we don’t know, in this case, seems safer than the devil we do.  It would seem such extraterrestrial belief is the real leap of faith.

Not that the preferred approach for our government was to openly advocate the extraterrestrial explanation.  It preferred then (and now) to deny them outright.  But when denial was no longer possible, dismissing UFOs as alien visitors out for a Sunday drive was okay.  After all, the worst thing our military could do was admit we had ‘non-friendly’ flying saucers playing keep-away in our air space.

Simply put: the whole story smacks of an intelligence operation.  Never mind that it spawned a ‘good alien hypothesis’ to explain the supposed evolution of humankind.  Likewise, we should also dismiss the fact our government supposed an anti-biblical cosmology closely tied to the occult ‘religion’ the Nazis advocated in their inner circles.  It was all done in the name of national security and keeping our citizens calm.  However ironic, and at odds with its cherished founding principle of the separation of religion from politics, the American government found it politically necessary to create an extraterrestrial religion, even if it hadn’t really participated in developing rituals and ‘a holy book’ to go along with it. [xx]

Certainly, there are many prominent people today who are true believers in extraterrestrials.  One only need listen to Edgar Mitchell, former Apollo Astronaut and New Age explicator extraordinaire.  Constantine offers this not-so-supportive jibe:  “The ubiquitous ‘aliens,’ he [Mitchell] insists, are at the heart of the federal UFO cover-up, visitors from a civilization ‘a few million or even a few billion years older than we are.’  His book The Way of the Exploder is chock-a-block with the astronaut’s rambling metaphysical cover stories.”[xxi]

(I discuss Mitchell and his enthusiasm for extraterrestrials later in Power Quest, Book 2.)

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[i] My view is flying saucers aren’t due to a single phenomenon.  While Nazis may have been responsible for the outbreaks during the first two decades after World War II, by the 1970s other parties may be involved as well.  While I doubt extraterrestrials were responsible, ultra-dimensional entities may have been.  As we will discuss later, one government agency even accepts this fact.

[ii] Oberth, while not working there, recruited Werner Von Braun into the notorious Nazi research and development center for rocket research at Peenemünde, Germany in the 1930s.

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[vii] The evidence offered by J.R. Church and Gary Stearman in several of their television shows and magazine articles connects key events in Israel’s life with UFOs, suggesting something supernatural was in play concurrently with political events surrounding ‘red-letter dates’, such as the 1967 and 1973 wars.

[viii] Farrell, Saucers, Swastikas, and Psyops, p. 76, quoting McClure,

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[x] One of the physical and aeronautical reasons why these aircraft may have reached such incredible speeds was the discovery of what is known as ‘the buoyancy layer’ which is a very thing gathering of molecules ‘stuck’ on the wing surface.  If a means is employed to ‘suck off’ this layer internally through the wing surface and expel it outwardly in some manner, a significant increase in air speed is achieved.

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[xv] See

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[xix] See Paul A. LaViolette, Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion:  Tesla, UFOs, and Classified Aerospace Technology, Rochester, Vermont:  Bear & Co., 2008.  A flying saucer basically creates a gravity ‘wave’ and like a surfer, glides on top.  LaViolette contrasts traditional propulsion to the revolutionary propulsion system theorized by ‘zero point gravity’ or electromagnetism calling upon the science developed by American Thomas Townsend Brown in the 1930s and 40s.  Quoting LaViolette from this book:

A full-scale version of Brown’s vehicle was thought to be able to accelerate to thousands of miles per hour, change direction, or stop merely by altering the intensity, polarity, and direction of its electric charge.  Because the wavelike distortion of the local gravitational field would pull with an equal force on all particles of matter, the ship, its occupants and its load would all respond equally to these maneuvers.  The occupants would feel no stress at all, no matter how sharp the turn or how great the acceleration.  A turbo-jet airplane, by comparison, must produce a twentyfold increase in thrust just to attain a twofold gain in speed.  Whereas jets and rockets attempt to combat the force of gravity through the application of opposed brute force, electrogravitics [as Brown called it] instead attempts to directly control gravity so that this longtime adversary is made to work for the craft rather than against it (p. 45) [Comment mine]

[xx] Constantine adds yet another bizarre (but probably true) data point as further confirmation:

The ‘New Age’ (still dripping with occult beliefs reminiscent of the ‘New Age’ in proto-Nazi Germany), saucer mythology and drugged clairvoyance are blinds for involvement in extreme human rights violations.  The gamut of zany cover stories combine in the enigmatic C.B. Scott Jones, yet another military intelligence officer who, as a Navy pilot in the Korean War, happened to witness a UFO overflight [sic].  It has long been suspected by abduction researchers that Jones is a veteran of electromagnetic mind control operations.  Constantine, op. cit., p. 118.

[xxi] Constantine, op. cit., p. 130.

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