The video just released this past week has already captured a good deal of interest.  For those who want to continue to learn more about the influence of Nazism on America – our politics, economics, military, and technologies – I will begin to share selections from the Power Quest Books.  While published in 2012, they are even more relevant now than they were 4 years ago.

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The cover-up arose initially out of what were perceived to be the legitimate needs of national security. Imbued with the anticommunist spirit of the Cold War, intelligence officials decided to fight fire with fire, to enlist Eastern European Nazis with anti-Soviet backgrounds in a guerrilla and propaganda war against the Soviet Union. These Americans were not evil or vicious; they believed that moral ends justified immoral means.

John Loftus America’s Nazi Secret: An Insider’s History, 2011

“I think it’s very dangerous for even an individual to be toying
around with the occult.  When you see nations doing it as
a matter of national policy that really gets scary.”

James Mills, novelist, cited by Alex Constantine

When Did World War II End and III Begin?

Book One of Power Quest, opens the door to the topic that Fascism and Nazism clandestinely escaped Germany after 1945 to be revived in institutions, both governmental and private, throughout the Western Hemisphere.  Ironically, while the ‘Allies’—the United States, England, France, and the Soviet Union—celebrated their victory over the Third Reich, tens of thousands of German scientists, engineers, and spies (who proved too valuable to imprison or execute despite their horrendous war crimes) slipped into the United States, the Soviet Union, and South America. With all due respect to one of the great movies of all time, this story of the survival of Nazism was the true ‘great escape’ of World War II.[i]


It was thanks to meticulous plans developed over a year earlier by Martin Bormann, Hitler’s second-in-command, and complicit American government leaders eager to gain an upper hand over their former Soviet allies. In fact, even while the victors were sorting through the pieces of war-torn Europe negotiating over the spoils, the Nazis were already engaged in winning the next war.  Depending upon your point of view and despite the fact that no one yet has been declared the winner, it’s a victory the Nazis already may have secured.  As asserted in the prequel, upon closer inspection the Cold War wasn’t just the story of how Capitalism conquered Communism; it was the story of how Nazi Germany, despite its near total defeat and the stunning devastation of its greatest cities, spurred the ongoing battle between these two alternative competing ideologies and tainted America in dramatic and permanent ways.

Playing one off against the other, surviving Nazis carved out a path to not only personally thrive but eventually to wage a secret war, until their clandestine reemergence within western ideologies and institutions would be undetectable.  Furthermore, the invasion of Nazism supported by American institutions became so thoroughly ensconced in U.S. bureaucracy, the cover-up continues to the present day, many times led by ‘lieutenants’ unaware of how their dutiful actions undermine the patriotic and idealistic ‘myth’ of American ‘exceptionalism’ and ‘defender of freedom’.  This is not to cast aspersions on what America should represent; however, it underscores our actions haven’t always lived up to our ideals. America’s republic should be a role model for other nations, although it often fails in this mission.  (Our self-interest undergirded by our invincible military leads most nations to see us as an empire builder and aggressor.)

Ultimately, the winners of the last century weren’t just ‘ideologues’, the real victors were the elite bankers, the European aristocracy, numerous multi-national corporations (headed by the ‘Robber Barons’ as Theodore Roosevelt called them), and especially the royal families of the world with their dynastic American counterparts who, conspiring together, gained an insurmountable foothold in their drive to regain or retain the power to rule the world.  This author built the story by exposing the machinations of American/ European politicians and financers pre-, during, and after World War II, and how their actions empowered a ‘utopian’ power quest that still continues.

For readers who haven’t read Book One, allow me to recap these nefarious political and financial dealings since Book Two builds upon the findings of Book One: post-world War II historical falsehoods and operational faults promulgated by both our federal government and large, privately funded institutions in select and strategic ways. In essence, this allowed massive American organizations to prey upon many American citizens without their consent. It also supported an anti-biblical cosmology or worldview which has come to undermine Christian influence in America.


Additionally, whereas Book One was devoted to the personal proclivity of individual Americans to embrace pagan spiritualism and supernatural philosophies as a means to secure private meaning; in Power Quest—Book Two I identify the many dark methods employed by German Nazism (devised and developed through its spiritual occultism) and how these infiltrated America through conspicuous, willing institutions acting shamelessly and inconspicuously. Their utter lawlessness which I will attempt to expose embodies what the New Testament calls “the spirit of Antichrist” and destines America to a disturbing fate which, from this author’s vantage point, is unfortunately already coming to fruition.

The Greatest Story Never Told

Calling upon the words of author Jim Marrs from his book, The Rise of the Fourth Reich (2008), I declared this tale to be the greatest story never told.  “The Germans were defeated in World War II… but not the Nazis.  They were simply forced to move.  They scattered to the four corners of the world.  Many of them came to the United States and penetrated what President Dwight D. Eisenhower termed ‘the military-industrial complex’.”[ii]

I also cited the author, Curt Reiss (an English correspondent who had traveled throughout Europe during World War II), who wrote presciently (in 1944, mind you, one year before World War II ended), that the next world war was already underway. 

For Nazism or Fascism is by no means an Italian or German specialty.  It is as international as murder, as greed for power, as injustice, as madness…If we don’t stamp out the Nazi underground, it will make itself felt all over the world; in this country too.  We may not have to wait ten years, perhaps not even five.  For many years in the past we closed our eyes to the Nazi threat.  We must never allow ourselves to close them again.[iii]

They [the Nazis] had better means for preparing to go underground than any other potential underground movement in the entire previous history of the world.  They had all the machinery of the well-organized Nazi state.  And they had a great deal of time to prepare everything.  They worked very hard, but they did nothing hastily, left nothing to chance.  Everything was thought through logically and organized to the last detail.  Himmler [along with Bormann] planned with the utmost coolness.  He chose for the work only the best-qualified experts—the best qualified, that is in matters of underground work.[iv]

According to Reiss, Himmler had said, “It is possible that Germany will be defeated on the military front.  It is even possible that she may have to capitulate.  But never must the National Socialist German Workers’ Party capitulate.  That is what we have to work for from now on.”  Not only did Reiss see this conspiracy from his perch, The New York Times declared in the early 1950s that “Nazism is not dead in Germany.” Given the time and opportunity, “a form of Nazism could again rise to power.  Materially speaking, Nazism was smashed into a pulp by 1945,” but the “vigorous roots remained.”[v]

Additionally, Book One of Power Quest documented American capitalists had hundreds of millions invested in German corporations ($471 million by 1941 to be exact)—therefore, they had no intention of losing their vast assets.  “Secreting the business know-how, financing, and management out of Germany was in everyone’s best interests—except those who fought and died to stop the fascist war machine.”[vi]

Then Book One brought to light the treasonous role of American industrialists.  The astounding unprosecuted crimes of how American businessmen befriended Hitler, seeing in him a means to keep the Soviet Union bottled up, were blatant and incriminating:

By the mid-1930s, with the government, military, and the German cartels now firmly in hand, Hitler knew it was time to strengthen his influence over international bankers and businessmen.  Despite his declared intentions to nationalize German businesses and curtail the power of international business and finance, Hitler initially had little trouble getting funds from corporate sponsors who saw his National Socialism as a necessary alternative to worldwide Communism. [vii]

Additionally, this author cited several ‘insiders’ who documented the validity of a story that otherwise would be too fantastic to believe. Citing Power Quest Book One:

According to John Loftus, Nazi War Crimes prosecutor for the U.S. Department of Justice, “much of the wealth was passed out of Germany by German banker Fritz Thyssen through his bank in Holland, which, in turn, owned the Union Banking Corporation (UBC) in New York City.”[viii]  Two prominent U.S. business leaders who supported Hitler and served on the board of directors of the Union Banking Corporation were George Herbert Walker and his son-in-law Prescott Bush, father of George H.W. Bush and grandfather of President George W. Bush.

The attorneys for these dealings were John Foster Dulles and his brother Allen.  John later became secretary of state under President Dwight D. Eisenhower while Allen became one of the longest-serving CIA directors before being fired by President John F. Kennedy in 1961.  Both were original members of the Council on Foreign Relations.  Their commitment to German companies and indirectly, to Nazism is well documented by no less than the U.S. government itself. 

John Loftus, author of AMERICAS NAZI SECRET on Alex Jones' Infowars
John Loftus, author of AMERICAS NAZI SECRET on Alex Jones’ Infowars

On October 20, 1942, the office of U.S. Alien Property Custodian, operating under the “Trading with the Enemy Act” (U.S Government Vesting Order No. 248), seized the shares of UBC on the grounds that the bank was financing Hitler.  Also seized were Bush’s holdings in the Hamburg-America ship line that had been used to ferry Nazi propagandists and arms.  Another company essential to the passing of Nazi money was the Holland American Trading Company, a subsidiary of UBC.  It was through Fritz Thyssen’s Dutch Bank, originally founded by Thyssen’s father in 1916, that Nazi money was passed.  The Dutch connection tied the Bush and Nazi money directly to former SS officer and founder of the Bilderberg Group, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, who was once secretary to the board of directors of I.G. Farben, with close connections to the Dutch Bank.  Loftus noted, “Thyssen did not need any foreign bank accounts because his family secretly owned an entire chain of banks.  He did not have to transfer his Nazi assets at the end of World War II, all he had to do was transfer the ownership documents… from his bank in Berlin though his bank in Holland to his American friends in New York City:  Prescott Bush and Herbert Walker.  Thyssen’s partners in crime were the father and father-in-law of a future president of the United States.[ix] [Emphasis added]

We should also mention the leading shareholder of UBC was E. Roland Harriman, brother of Averell Harriman, also an owner and later U.S. ambassador to Russia (so named by Roosevelt in 1943); who along with the Bushes, were members of the Yale secret society Skull and Bones.  It has also been documented as recently as 2003 by the New Hampshire Gazette that the Prescott Bush failed to divest himself of holdings in the Silesian-American Corporation, a Nazi front company providing much needed coal to Germany during the War.[x]  Publisher and historian Edward Boswell recounts the story:

The story of Prescott Bush and Brown Brothers Harriman is an introduction to the real history of our country.  It exposes the money-making motives behind our foreign policies, dating back a full century.  The ability of Prescott Bush and the Harrimans to bury their checkered pasts also reveals… collusion between Wall Street and the media that exists to this day.[xi]

In a recent republication of Loftus’ original work, The Belarus Secret (now titled, America’s Nazi Secret, 2011), furtive details are revealed from recently declassified documents whose publishing Loftus was forbidden by the our government to disclose 30 years ago.


Loftus informs us, by referring to these declassified government documents, that Herbert Walker invited Brown Brothers Harriman, an investment firm, to team with the Harrimans and Rockefellers in their financial strategy (None dare not call it a conspiracy!)  It “had so many corrupt ties to the Nazi regime that it became the only bank in New York State history ever to obtain permission to shred its wartime and prewar files.[xii] [Emphasis added] Aiding their efforts: both Nelson Rockefeller and Averell Harriman were former governors of New York; this former status supplied these elite members of American business the political and legal power to ‘pull this off’ by pulling the wool over the eyes of the public.

Nelson Rockefeller and Averell Harriman were both heavily invested in Brown Brothers Harriman, which in turn owned several subordinate corporations run by Prescott Bush. These corporations were later seized by the wartime U.S. government as Nazi fronts, but were quietly returned to their American owners in the 1950’s. The last of the seized Nazi corporations, the film giant GAF, was released back to its owners during the Kennedy administration.[xiii]

The Union quietly Banking Corporation was seized as a Nazi front by the Alien Property Custodian during WWII, but was quietly returned to its owners in 1951. The overwhelming majority of the UBC stock was held by Roland Harriman, Averell’s brother. However, Prescott Bush and his father in law, Herbert Walker also held a few shares which apparently became the source of the Bush family fortune.[xiv][Emphasis added]


It is not inaccurate to declare that investments in Nazism built the fortunes of many future leaders of America!  Furthermore, the infiltration of Nazis into America and how the U.S. government secretly and energetically made this possible (which will be explored in detail in Chapter 2), originates with the recognition that American industrialists, cooperating with a select few Europeans (in particular, Prince Bernhard of Holland, former Nazi and founder of the notorious cabal, the Bilderbergers), placed power and profit ahead of patriotism.  Winning the war might have been valued by these American ultra-elites, but their holdings in the Thyssen Holding Company and a subsidiary, Union Bank Company assured them that no matter which side won, they would retain their wealth. As financiers say, they were ‘hedged’.  However, their good fortune involved more than a clever financial strategy—intrigue and murder were not beyond them that they might ensure their riches outlived the War.

Army intelligence officer William E. Gowen of New York City recently tracked down a retired Dutch Intelligence officer who told him how the scam operated. At the end of WWII, Prince Bernhardt [future founder of the Bilderbergers] sent a Dutch intelligence unit into the Russian zone of Berlin ostensibly to retrieve the crown jewels, which were buried in the vault of the bombed-out Thyssen Bank.  In reality, Operation Wilhelmina was merely a cover for retrieving several truckloads of corporate stock and ownership papers which were returned to the Netherlands. The Netherlands bank manager quickly recognized that his “neutral” bank was being compromised. He flew to New York City to inform his American counterpart, Prescott Bush, that both their banks were fronts for Nazi money. The bank manager’s body was discovered soon afterwards.  The Dutch intelligence agent was his son. [xv]

Nazi Forward Planning

Likewise, Book One discussed how Martin Bormann, Hitler’s second in command, masterminded Operation Eagle Flight.  On August 10, 1944, Bormann coolly assembled his team of Nazi party members and key German industrialists in Strasbourg (Alsace), a few weeks after D-Day (the allied invasion of German-occupied France on June 6, 1944), and put in place plans that would ultimately create 750 foreign front corporations broken out as follows:  “58 in Portugal, 112 in Spain, 233 in Sweden, 214 in Switzerland, 35 in Turkey, and 98 in Argentina.”[xvi]  Adding more detail to the story here:  Bormann used the carrot and stick effectively.  If the industrialists did not follow the plan, he would use his extensive network of Nazi spies and assassins already present throughout much of the world, to exact judgment.  If they complied, he would provide loan guarantees through the enormous accumulated financial war chest (being secreted out of Germany in a variety of ways).

Also quoted was Paul Manning, a CBS Radio journalist during the War, author of Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile, to confirm these facts:

[Bormann] utilized every known device to disguise their ownership and their patterns of operations:  use of nominees, option agreements, pool agreements, endorsements in blank, escrow deposits, pledges, collateral loans, rights of first refusal, management contracts, service contracts, patent agreements, cartels, and withholding procedures.”  Copies of all transactions and even field reports were maintained and later shipped to Bormann’s archives in South America.[xvii]


However, even these astute and reputable sources don’t stand alone. Other trusted and well-known third-party sources confirm these very same facts (mind you, with no particular ‘axe to grind’).  Several other sources not mentioned in Book One are summarized below.

First, Howard Armbruster confirmed the same Bormann scheme in his book, Treason’s Peace:

A few weeks after the surrender, Democratic Senator Harley M. Kilgore returned from an early postwar trip to occupied Germany with the announcement that he had uncovered proof of the plot to revive I.G. Farben and other German war industries, and that German industrial leaders were already preparing for the next world war.[xviii]

Likewise, the mainstream news services brought this truth to the foreground after secret documents from World War II were declassified.  In May, 1996, Reuters logged this story:

NEW YORK (Reuter)—Realizing they were losing the war in 1944, Nazi leaders met top German industrialists to plan a secret postwar international network to restore them to power, according to a newly declassified U.S. intelligence document.  The document, which appears to confirm a meeting historian have long argued about, says an SS general and a representative of the German armaments ministry told such companies as Krupp and Roehling that they must be prepared to finance the Nazi party after the war when it went underground.  They were also told “existing financial reserves in foreign countries must be placed at the disposal of the party so that a strong German empire can be created after the defeat.”  The three-page document, released by the National Archives, was sent from the Supreme Headquarters of the Allied Expeditionary Force to the U.S. secretary of state in November 1944.  It described a secret meeting at the Maison Rouge (the Red House Hotel) in Strasbourg, occupied France, on August 10, 1944…  Attending were representative of seven German companies including Krupp, Roehling, Messerschmitt, and Volkswagenwerk and officials of the ministries of armaments and the navy.  The industrialists were from companies with extensive interest in France and Scheid [director of Hermsdorff & Schonburg Company, presiding over the meeting] is quoted as saying the battle of France was lost and “from now on… German industry must realize that the war cannot be won and it must take steps in preparation for a postwar commercial campaign.[xix]

The Times of London, later in 1996 added these facts to the narrative, again verifying the South American connection:

The Nazis ‘secretly sent more than $1 billion to Argentinian banks in the last month of the war and scouted the world for sanctuaries for their plundered wealth.  It was reported that Eva Perón may have conspired with the Nazis to set up secret accounts on behalf of her husband to hide hundreds of millions of dollars obtained from looted Nazi gold, cash and art treasures.[xx]

And then, there are the appalling details of how the Fourth Reich financed its survival.  The Associated Press disclosed, also in 1996:

Tons of gold looted by Nazis during World War II—some of it possibly taken from the fillings in Holocaust victims teeth—are stored in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Bank of England in London.  Recently declassified federal documents show that six tons of gold looted by Nazis are stored in the two banks, the World Jewish Congress [WJC] said. The group’s president has written to the two countries asking that the gold be returned to Holocaust survivors.[xxi]


While not as stunning as the discovery of King Solomon’s Treasure in France’s Languedoc region and its subsequent exploitation (as recounted in Book One) which provided a major source of financing for the Nazi post-war program, this documented fleecing of Holocaust victims is undoubtedly equally detestable to the Jewish community.



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